Henrietta Paisly Deed

Notes made from the SC Code, v. 11. In v. 11, p. 77: Act No. 2789, 1839, An act concerning the office and duties of clerks, registers of mesne conveyances, and commissioners of locations, Section xxv:

"The Clerk is authorized and required, on the petition of any male free person of color over the age of fifteen years, to appoint any respectable freeholder of the District in which such free person of color shall reside, guardian of such person, on his acceptance in writing, of such trust, and giving a certificate of the good character and correct habits of such free person of color, and the Clerk shall file such proceedings in his office, but need not record the same as heretofore required by law."


Horry County Deed book B, p. 539:

South Carolina )
Horry District ) Know all men by these presents that I Josias T. Sessions for an in consideration of five dollars to me in hand paid by Robert Munro trustee for Henrietta Paisly a free colored woman, to transfer all my right title and interest to the within lot no. 35 to the said Henrietta Paisley her heirs and assigns forever witness my hand and seal this 20th Sept 1836 in presence of us
Neel McMellan
Josias T. Sessions
James Beaty


South Carolina )
Horry District ) Personally appeared James Beaty who being duly sworn saith that he was present and saw J. T. Sessions sign and deliver the within instrument for the use and purposed therein contained and that Neel McMellan subscribed with deponent as witnesses to the same.
Sworn to before me this 20 Sept 1836
S. M. Stevenson James Beaty
(Recorded 25th Sept 1836)

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