Joseph J. Todd
Family Bible

The following records come from a Bible in the possession of Mrs. Era Lake Harrelson (Mrs. J. N.) Royals. They were copied in Spring 1982 by Mildred (Mrs. Berkley) Gerald.

Joseph J. Todd was born Oct 4, 1816
Mary Elizore Hardee was born Oct 12, 1820
Joseph J. Todd and Mary Elizure was married Nov 29, 1838
Thadieus Sabiskie Todd son of Joseph and Mary Elizuer Todd was born 5 Feb 1840
Isaac Harrison Todd son of Joseph J. and Mary Todd was born June 14, 1842
Julius Jasper Todd son of Joseph J. and Mary Todd was born Feb 12, 1844
Joseph Jackson Todd son of Mary and Joseph Todd was born Sept 14, 1845
Nancy Lucretia Todd daughter of Joseph J. and Mary Elizure Todd was born June 3, 1847
William Lafayett Todd son of J. J. Todd and Mary Lizure his wife was born Feb 15, 1849
Mary Jane Todd daughter of J. J. Todd and his wife was born July 17, 1851
Maranza Ann Lenora Todd daughter of J. J. Todd and his wife Maranza Ann was born Oct 22, 1875
Sinca Frank Todd was born April 18, 1878 son of J. J. Todd and his wife M. A.
Joseph J. Todd died Feb 25, 1901 age 84 years 5 mo 21 days
William J. Todd died Sept 21, 1840 age 42 years I mo 5 days
Jane Milligan died Aug 29, 1853 age 53 years 3 mo 1 day
Captain William Todd died Aug 30, 1858 age 83 years 1 mo 16 days
Ann Todd died Sept 7, 1859 age 84 5 mo 20 days
Thomas L. Todd died Sept 1, 1887 age 84 11 mo
Maranza Ann died June 10, 1888 age 46 years 5 mo 27 days

The Independent Republic Quarterly
Summer 1982, Pg 11
Reprinted by permission.

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