Susan Dewitt Vereen
Family Bible

Contains records are from the Bible of my great grandmother Susan Dewitt Vereen, who married first to Abraham Melton Bellamy and second to "Captain" John Alexander Brady. Susan's father was Joseph Dewitt Vereen, who also has descendants that still reside in Horry Co. This Bible is in the possession of Mrs. Ethel Johnson, Gainesville, Fla. Submitted by lone Woodall

This Certifies
That the Rite of
Holy Matrimony
was Celebrated Between
Mr. Abraham BELLAMY of Horry Co., S. C.
and Miss Susan VEREEN of Horry Co., S. C.
on April 4th 1861 A D at Horry Co., S. C.
by Mr. E. D. Richardson
Wit: Mr. Abrabam BELLAMY

Abraham BELLAMY Born 31st May 1841 (born in Horry Co.)
Susan BELLAMY Born 15th Oct. 1846 (born in Horry Co.)
John BRADY Born 21st Jan. 1856
Joannah BELLAMY Born 23rd Sept. 1868 (born in Fla.)
Idella M. BELLAMY Born 5th Oct. 1870 (born in Fla.)
Clara Ann BELLAMY Born 29th Apr. 1873 (born in Horry Co.)
Rosa Conroy BELLAMY Born 20th Dec. 1874 (born in Horry Co.)
Laura B. BELLAMY Born 8th Apr. 1877 (born in Horry Co.)
Franklin J. BELLAMY Born 4th Nov. 1878 (born in Horry Co.)
Hamalin W. BELLAMY Born 11th Feb. 1881 (born in Horry Co.)
Zula F. Bellamy Born 27th Dec. 1882 (born in Horry Co.)
William C. BELLAMY Born 27th May 1885 (born in Fla.)
Lillie R. BELLAMY Born 30th Oct. 1888 (born in Fla.)

Abraham BELLAMY & Susan VEREEN M April 4th 1861
John BRADY & Mrs. Susan BELLAMY M January 6th 1898
Taylor FRYERSON & Joannah BELLAMY M Dec. 24th 1885
Edwin LEWIS & Clara BELLAMY X (illegible) 1890
J. L. YATES & Rosa BELLAMY M Mar 27th (illegible)
Charles FELTON & Laura BELLAMY M Mar. (illegible)
F. J. BELLAMY & Lenora DOUGLAS M Feb. 7th 1901
H. W. BELLAMY & Ruby GAMBLE M Jan. 3rd 1904
W. E. DOUGLAS & Zula BELLAMY M May 9th 1901
W. C. BELLAMY & Irene DOUGLAS M May 12th 1907
W. D. McRAE & Lillie BELLAMY M April 15th 1906

The following was added after Grandmother Brady died.

Abraham Melton BELLAMY died Feb. 9, 1891
Susan A. D. BRADY died Sept. 7, 1918
John A. BRADY died Oct. 4 1925
Joanna Dewitt FRIERSON died Mar. 29, 1953
Idelia Margaret BELLAMY died May 26, 1886
Clara Ann LEWIS-DIXON died May 15, 1964
Rosa Conroy YEATS died ?
Laura Belle FELTON died Mar 2, 1900
Franklin James Bellamy died Feb. 29, 1956
Hamlin Winfield BELLAMY died Feb. 26, 1968
Zula Frances DOUGLAS died Sept. 20, 1956
William Cleveland BELLAMY died Apr. 30, 1946
Lillian Rebecca McRAE died Dec. 24, 1973

The Independent Republic Quarterly
Spring 1984, Pg 24-25

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