William R. Royals
Family Bible

The following records come from a Bible in the possession of Mrs. Era Lake Harrelson (Mrs. J. N.) Royals. They were copied in Spring 1982 by Mildred (Mrs. Berkley) Gerald.

William R. Royals was born March 28, 1835
Nancy L. Todd was born June 3, 1847
Mary E. Royals was born Sept 22, 1870 died March 12, 1897
Ellen F. Royals was born April 6, 1875
Nolan L. Royals was born Sept 13, 1874
John D. Royals was born Feb 20, 1877
Gussie A. Royals was born March 29, 1881
Temperance A. Royals was born Jan. 29, 1883
William R. Royals was born Feb. 1, 1885 died Nov. 16, 1886
Joseph R. Royals was born July 17, 188- died Oct. 7, 1890
Helen L. Royals was born Nov. 21, 1889

Mrs. J. N. Royals supplied the following information:
Mary E. Royals married Coad Allsbrooks [Newson Biscoe Allsbrook]1
Ellen F. Royals married Sam Vereen
John D. Royals married Frostie Ann Vereen
Gussie A. Royals married W. D. Cox
Temperance A. Royals married Fenley Holmes
Helen L. Royals married Cleaveland Cox

The Independent Republic Quarterly
Summer 1982, Pgs 11-12

1. Coad Allsbrooks is Newson Biscoe Allsbrook. Information given by Liston Hinson.

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