Don Burroughs Gore
December 30, 1917 -

From Loris Centennial 1887 - 1987 Souvenir Book

Fifteen members of the Joe L. Gore family seated at the table three times a day during the Hoover administration included six brothers, five sisters, mother and father, grandmother and grandfather.

There was a lack of material things in their lives but Don B. Gore's mother left him a priceless legacy - a passion for honesty. She told her children, "if you will treat your fellowman right and be honest, you will get by."

That is the attitude on which Gore runs his business, Carolina Southern Tire Co. "When I opened the doors of my business," Gore said, "my motto was 'To be honest with the customers and give them dollar value for dollar received.' Some people said you couldn't be a Christian and stay in business, but that is not true."

Gore grew up about 15 miles in the country from Loris on 905 in the Mt. Leon community. His mother was Bertha Todd and his father, Joe L. Gore, was a country schoolteacher.

Gore finished grammar school at Leon and attended Loris High School from 1934 to October 1936. At that time he joined the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and was sent to Boonville, NY. When his service was over, he returned to the farm. He married Addie Blanton in 1938. They have three sons: Douglas, Curtis and Donnie.

Gore worked at Charleston Navy Yard ftom 1941 until 1945, when he went into the U.S. Navy. In 1946 they moved adjacent to the Loris fire tower where Mrs. Gore assumed the job as "lookout" for the tower and Gore went to work with Ford's Fuel Service driving a fuel tanker. After five years he was employed by Carolina Furniture Co. and continued working there until December 1969 (19 years).

On May 1, 1970 three partners opened Carolina Southern Tire Co.: Don B. Gore, his brother-in-law, Milton Dutton, and Dr. Ben B. Ward from Shallotte, NC

Gore's son, Donnie, and his wife were living in Danville, VA, where he was employed with R.J. Reynolds Co. His wife was from the Columbia, SC area and wanted to move closer home. Donnie asked his father about going into business with him. In 1976 father and son bought the interest of the other two partners. "I'm at the point where I feel I need to slow down. If it were not for Donnie, I couldn't" said Gore.

Since father and son went into partnership, they have added to the business and it has grown. They added a front end machine, custom muffler shop and have diversified, going into automotive service, brakes, front end, etc.

"In service work, we can do almost anything but overhaul motors or transmissions," Gore explains.

"We have a following of young people in out area. We have a time payment plan and the young people have been most cooperative and seldom go back on their word. I talk with the young person just as though he were my child. I tell him, 'The record you make is yours. If it is good, you made it, if it is bad, you made it.' I offer them a listening ear as well as my service."

Gore recalls in 1952 that there were only a few stores open on Main Street. When Loris Manufacturing Plant and Talon moved in, the flow of money was much better and Loris began to grow.

He remembers when Hurricane Hazel struck in October 1954. He was working with Carolina Furniture Co. on the road in the northern part of the county and was almost pinned in with trees falling in front and behind. Having no radio, he did not realize there had been a hurricane until he returned and discovered minor damage in Loris and the beaches torn up.

One of the most exciting times in Gore's life was when he had the opportunity to go into business for himself. He had always worked for the other person and given his best on the job.

Gore is a former member of the Lions Club, Merchant's Association and Masonic Lodge. He has been Worshipful Master of the Loris Lodge two years, served as Jr. Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge of S.C. and District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge for two years. He is a York Rite & Scottish Rite Mason, also a Shriner. Gore is presently on the Planning and Development Board of Loris.

"I think Loris will continue to grow. Probably not too many years from now Loris and North Myrtle Beach will be connected with businesses. There are a couple of new golf courses under construction. With that, there will be retired people looking for property.

"I think there is a good potential in Loris. People here are very nice and cordial to those moving in, trying to make them feel welcome. I think Loris is one of the best places to live.

"The Loris Bog Off draws a huge number of people. Many merchants and others spend a lot of time and money into that to get people into town. This is about the number one promoter that Loris has."

Gore says Loris has been good to him and he has tried to share his abilities in return.

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