Hulda Ronemous

Hulda Ronemous
137 Mark Lane
Smyrna, Ga. 30082

The family roots of Hulda Ronemous lie deep in Horry County, SC. Her search into her anscestry began in 1935 when her work within a County and Law office included investigating court house records. That was the beginning of her own genealogy research and she says in her book "with absolutely no training for the task I kept trying to gather information when I had the opportunity."

Over the years her anscestral digging "spots" (among others) include the State Archives in SC and Ga, and Federal Archives in Ga. She also explored holdings at various libraries in Conway and Charlestown, SC , Richmond VA, Atlanta, Ga, the DAR library in Washington and the Mormon (LDS) Library in Utah.

Her hope that younger generations could use her years of research as a foundation for their own gave her inspiration to write a book. So, in 1992 with failing vision and arthritic hands and at the age of 83 she learned to type on the computer. Her book: "Rob & Joe" McCracken & Williamson Anscestors in Eighteenth Century South Carolina, is the result of the strong, determined, unconquerable drive of this grand lady.

At this writing Mrs Ronemous lives in Symrna, Ga. Her health is poor and while she can no longer work on her genealogy she continues to be an inspiration to those who contact her. Anyone wishing to order her book may do so by sending $20.00 (this includes postage) to the address above. When asked about the low price(it is hardcover and full of Horry family names, census records etc., not to mention postage to ship it is included) she replied that she wanted anyone who wanted it to be able to afford it.

I was proud to learn this invincible spirit who overcame the odds and wouldn't say "I'm just to old to learn or my health is to bad" is my cousin. May she be an inspiration to us all.

Contributed by Wanda Martin March 1999

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