John Alexander McDermott

John Alexander McDermott was born at Floyd's Cross Roads, near Green Sea, Horry County, South Carolina, March 26, 1860. His father was Charles McDermott (October 17, 1828 - July 17, 1902). His mother was Sallie Floyd. Mr. McDermott married (1) Mellie Bryant, born October 17, 1867, died September 11, 1889; married (2) Mary Vance Coleman, born August 7, 1864, died February 24, 1929. One little girl, Carrie Maud, and a little boy J.A., Jr., were born to the first marriage. Both died young. Mr. McDermott died November 9, 1930. Members of the family are buried in the cemetery at Green Sea, South Carolina.

As a young man Mr. McDermott was active in county politics. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1895. He served as Clerk of Court of Horry County 1892 - 1900. He served in the State Senate 1900 - 1903. He served as mayor of the town of Conway 1917 - 1918. He served as chairman, Draft Board, during World War I.

Mr. McDermott was an active member of the Conway Baptist Church.

He owned much land and was a large planter. At one time he was a merchant at Conway and later operated a mule sales stable. He was a prominent citizen of the town of Conway and highly respected by all.

Men of the Times, 1902, by J.C. Garlington.
Family Bible
Cemetery gravestones, Green Sea, South Carolina

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