James Calvin Bryant
March 08, 1846 - May 12, 1916

Following is an article in the Loris Centennial 1887 - 1987 Souvenir Book.
By Sue Cannon Canady
James Calvin Bryant, a very successful merchant and a leading citizen of early Loris, was one of six children born in Marion County, SC, to Stephen D. and Martha F. Bryant. The 1850 County census records show J.C. Bryant, as he was later known, as being born on March 8, 1846; however, his tombstone, located in the Green Sea cemetery, shows his birthdate as 1843. No records have been found concerning Bryant during his early years until he enlisted in the Civil War on March 3, 1863. It is believed he may have the year of his birth by the time he enlisted in Elliott's Brigade, Co. H, 23rd Regt. in Wilmington, NC. Young Bryant served only six months before he was listed as because of sickness. He continued to be reported absent because of sickness until he was admitted to Jackson in Richmond, Virginia. On February 13, 1865, Bryant discharged because of sickness.

On October 5, 1866, J. C. Bryant was married to Nancy S. Mincey by the Rev. Martin and records show on August 2, 1867 he purchased 100 acres of land for $150. It is believed this land was in the Green Sea Township because in 1881 he built the Old Bryant Home in Green Sea. Records of 1880 show Bryant living on 100 acres of land in the GreenSea Township.

Between 1866 and 1881, J. C. and Nancy Bryant became the parents of eight children and they lived in the Green Sea Township until he purchased property in Loris on December 29, 1899. The first house the Bryants lived in in Loris was located where the Leder Potter Department Store now stands. The Bryants lived in this house until about 1907 when he purchased the farm and home where Mrs. Lena (Roscoe) Bryant now lives. They lived in the Lena Bryant home until Nancy Bryant died in 1914. After his wife's death, J. C. Bryant lived with his daughter and son-in-law, Eva Mae and Dan W. Hardwick. Their home was where Mrs. Ruby Floyd Stanley now resides on Walnut Street.

J.C. Bryant was a clever businessman and was a leader in many of the early businesses in Loris. He was an active leader in the building of the Methodist Church. It is said that Bryant furnished, cut, and delivered the lumber used to build the church which was later moved and given to the local black members of the Methodist Church. As long as he owned the J. C. Bryant Lumber Company, Bryant supplied, cut, and delivered firewood to the local Methodist preachers.

Concerning the first bank in Loris, the Horry News printed, "Subscription books for the Bank of Loris opened at the J.C. Bryant Store on May 31, 1907. A new brick building, the first in Loris, was erected to house it. Located on the corner of the main intersection, the building is now vacant." This first brick building in Loris is the same building that houses the Mauro Realty Company. J.C. Bryant was vice president of the first Bank of Loris.

The Horry News also printed an article stating the J. C. Bryant Lumber Company was established in 1910 and operated until 1922. On July 13, 1911, the Horty Herald printed the following article -- "The J.C. Bryant Company and P.C. Prince are both making arrangements to erect large business houses which will be ornaments to out town and a credit to the builders. Work on the storehouses will certainly be commenced by January 1, next year."

In September, 1902, J. C. Bryant helped sponsor a basket picnic for anyone interested in promoting the idea of building a tobacco warehouse. $1,500.75 was received and the warehouse had its opening sale on July 26, 1905.

Charley Watson, a very prominent black citizen of Loris, knew J.C. Bryant personally and has left us with valuable information concerning him. Watson was born in 1888 in the Green Sea Township and worked for J. C. Bryant during his boyhood years at Green Sea and later moved to Loris to work for him here. He was quite fond of Bryant and became his constant companion as he cared for the ailing Bryant through his years as an invalid and until Bryant's death in 1914. Charley Watson continued to live in Loris until his death a few years ago.

At his death, J.C. Bryant left an estate valued at $42,158.06 to his six surviving children and two surviving children of his deceased daughter.

An article on the front page of the Horry Herald on May 18, 1916 stated, "Man of Affairs Has Passed Away. President of the J. C. Bryant Company of Loris For a number of Years. Mr. J. C. Bryant, for many years the president of The J. C. Bryant Company, a leading mercantile concern located at Loris, departed this life on the afternoon of May 12 at an advanced age. He had been unable, owing to ill health, to attend to any active affairs for some time before his death. He was a veteran of the Civil War, a past Master in the Masonic Fraternity and was a consistent and faithful member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was successful in business and was a leading citizen of his time. He is survived by several children, all grown to womanhood and manhood. The interment took place at Green Sea, the old home place of Mr. Bryant on last Saturday at 4:00 p.m."

James Calvin and Nancy Mincey Bryant's children, Mandy Mellie, Simpkons D., Francis Elmina, James Aldolphus, Warren Carl, Eva Mae, Jennie E., and Nancy Adeline, have left many descendents in the Loris area. Mandy Mellie married John A. McDermott and they were the parents of two children, Maude who died as a child and Johnny who died shortly after his birth. Mandy Mellie Bryant died about the time of the birth of Johnny. Simpkons D. Bryant married Emma Jenkins and they were the parents of Nell who married Bernard Peal, Albert who married Oleta Fore, and Elise who married a Mr. Humphery. Francis Elmina Bryant (Fannie) married J. Quincey Graham and they were the parents of Blanche who married Doc Prince, Ernest who married Sarah ?, Ruth who married H. Clay Hughes, James who married Janie Marsh, Fannie who married C. P. Brewer, Ruby who was first married to Poe Hickman and after his death to John Spell, Gladys who married Frank Barbour, Joe who married Lucille Carter, and Clarabelle who married Pete Nocek. James Aldolphus Bryant married Blanche Harrelson and they were the parents of Roscoe who married Lena Carter, Douglas who married Frances McCorkle, and Hubert who married Doris ?. Warren Carl Bryant married Rebecca Elizabeth Watson and they were the parents of James Thomas who married Dorothy Jennings, Frosty Belle who married Quince Grainger, Warren Ralph who married Emma Shelley, William Penn who married Janie Weaver, Ethel Bernice who married Averet Hayes, Edwin Earl who married Vera Shelley, John Calvin who married Cornell Allen, Cordelia who married John Alexander, Robert Eldridge who married Austin Grainger, Bruce who married Essie Mae Thompkins, and Rebecca who married Raymond Loch. Eva Mae Bryant married Dan W. Hardwick and they were the parents of D.W. who never married and Nathan Everett who married Nell Winesette (after Nathan's death, Nell married Tom Stanley). Jennie E. Bryant married D.F. McGougan and they were the parents of John Monroe who married Velma Bell and James who married Sarah Powell, Nancy Adeline Bryant married Albert F. Cannon and they were the parents of Dorothy Genevieve who never married, Frank Cannon who married Grace Fowler, Cecile Elouise who never married, and James Bryant Cannon who married Suedell Norris.

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