James Duffie Duncan, Sr.
April 18, 1891 - February 27, 1973

From Loris Centennial 1887 - 1987 Souvenir Book

J.D. Duncan was born on a farm eight miles out of Loris in the Mt. Vernon community, the son of Amanda Wade and Andrew Jackson Duncan. Duffie Duncan developed keen business sense when he was young.

He was first associated with the fertilizer business when he bought it from Dan W. Hardwick for his crop . In 1922 he figured he could save some money by buying fertilizer in carload lots, so in 1924 he set up a business in the old George Butler building in Loris. The business prospered so much that the Duncans left the farm in 1932 and moved into Loris.

Duncan married Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bryant in March 1918 and they had two children, Mrs. Esta Murph and J. D., Jr. In 1942 he became the mayor of Loris for the first of several terms. The present town hall was built during his mayoralty. His son died in 1965. Duncan died in 1973 and his daughter, Mrs. Murph in 1985. Mrs. Duncan, now 97 years old, is a resident of the Extended Care Facility of the Loris Community Hospital.

Businesses established by Duffie Duncan still operate in Loris. The J.D. Duncan Hardware closed and the equipment division became Duncan Farm Equipment, Inc. (Thomas H. Murph and James T. "Jim" Murph, Sr., Duncan's son-in-law and grandson) which closed January 2, 1982, ending 43 years under the management of three generations.

With its closing Jim Murph formed Gold Key, Inc., a real estate, development, insurance and auction company. Two and a half years later the headquarters were moved to the Cherry Grove Section of North Myrtle Beach. He lives in Loris with his family, wife Jen ny and sons, Tommy and Timmy.

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