J. Robert Suggs

1902 - Aug. 28, 1960

As a boy J. Robert Suggs slipped away from home to work as a mechanic's helper in a local garage. In 1924-25 he was stock auditor for Ford Motor Company, Jacksonville, FL. He declined offers to work with Ford Motor Company in foreign countries.

He was transferred to Charlotte, NC, where he worked until his father's death. Returning to Horry County, he engaged in farming and other interests until 1938.

In 1934 Suggs was employed as sales manager by the late Col. H.L. Buck of Conway, who owned the Chevrolet dealership in Loris. Early in 1935 Suggs elected to go into business for himself. He organized the first Dodge-Plymouth agency in Loris, despite the discouraging predictions of his friends. Suggs Motor Exchange first located in the old Mishoe building.

In 1940 he organized Suggs Pontiac Company, the first Pontiac dealership in Loris. He moved to the old Webster Ford dealership building owned by Charles D. Prince. When this building was sold to F.F. Floyd during World War II, Suggs moved to the Mishoe garage. Realizing the need for a modern building, Suggs built the building which still houses the Pontiac dealership. During a long and active career of community service Suggs was on numerous agriculture committees, the City Council, the County Board of Commissioners, chairman of the welfare board for seven years, served as president of the Civitan Club, master of Masonic Lodge 205, and helped organize the Chamber of Commerce and served as its president. He was a member of Loris Baptist Church.

Suggs married Thelma Babb of Princeton, SC, and had two children, Johnny and Barbara. He died Aug. 28, 1960. The family continued to run Suggs Motors until 1970. Mrs. Suggs still resides in their home on Main Street.

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