Sidney Mitchelle Bellamy
1908 -

From Loris Centennial 1887 - 1987 Souvenir Book; 1987

She was called "Sugar Heels" until she was old enough to start to school, so she named herself Sidney for her father, John Sidney Hickman and Mitchelle for a riverboat that frequented the area where she was born at Wortham's Ferry, a few miles from Little River, in 1908. "I was the fourth child and I guess they just forgot to name me," said Mrs. Sam Hickman.

Sidney Mitchelle Bellamy Hickman was the last of four children born to her parents, John Sidney (1876- ) and Eva Mae Hardee Bellamy (1881- ). Her two brothers, John Clyde (1899) and Andrew Claude (1901) are now deceased and her sister Eva Mae Bellamy Fennell (1904), now lives at the Methodist Home in Orangeburg.

Mrs. Hickman's grandparents, Lucien (1853) and Sara Lee (1851), were the parents of nine boys (one girl died at birth), and they were farmers in the Longs area. J. Sid Bellamy was a merchant with Hal Buck's General Merchandise Store in Conway before moving to Wortham's Ferry. In his store there he sold everything from fertilizer to ladies' hosiery. He was also licensed to operate boats and tugs from Wortham's Ferry to Conway.

Later Sid Bellamy moved with his family to the thriving little town of Loris and operated Bellamy's General Store in the block where the National Bank of South Carolina is now located.

Before moving to Loris Mitchelle attended grammar school at Pumpkin Center and she remembers Jeff Long was the teacher. "We had to walk a mile and a quarter to school, except when it rained or snowed. Then we got to ride in the Dort car. Of course, we called it "Darned Old Rattletrap". Loris teachers whom Mrs. Hickman recalled were Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Bullock, Mrs. Ruth Halfacre Hughes and Miss Margaret Fitzhugh.

"On August 22, 1927, I was married to Sam Hickman (1906), son of Dorcas Ann Stanley and William Davis Hickman. For many years Sam worked with the Federal Land Bank and we lived in Anderson, Greenwood, Mullins and Athens, GA. Our two children, Sidney Ann and Hannah, were both reared in Loris and are graduates of Winthrop College."

Mrs. Hickman was librarian at the Loris Branch Library for almost a decade, retiring in 1971 after there was positive evidence that a new Loris Library building would be constructed. She enjoyed her association with the patrons and encouraged the use of the library and its facilities. Her work showed her dedication to the youth, the elderly, the sophisticated reader, and the less-learned reader.

Both of Mrs. Hickman's children married local men. Sidney Ann is the wife of James Russell Gore (Jimmy), son of the late Kermit Gore and Florine Gore Whittington of Loris. Jimmy is a dentist in Greenville. They had four children, including twins, one of whom is deceased. Hannah is married to Donald Hardee, son of Roy Lee Hardee, Sr. They have three children.

Over the years Mrs. Hickman and her late husband. Sam, contributed in many ways to their church, the First Presbyterian Church of Loris. For recreation today she enjoys working in the yard with her flowers and plays bridge twice a week with friends.

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