Folly Cemetery

    This cemetery is located near the end of Folly Road before you get to the Intercostal Waterway, and is about 200 yards off of the road near the Hague Marina. I visited this cemetery twice, on December 24, 1998 and on January 16, 1999. I recorded the markers found in this cemetry on video tape. There are a number of persons buried here, but like many old cemeteries the graves were either not marked or the markers are no longer extant. Several of my relatives were buried here.

Contributed by Anthony Brock


Eliza Hurl Mishoe
Wife of
Joseph Mishoe

Joseph Mishoe

E. Sadora S. Mishoe
Goldfinch Funeral Home

(This particular marker was one of those temporary iron markers
you see stuck in the ground by the funeral home. The death
date portion was broken and the numerals had fallen off.)

F.M. Mishoe

His Wife
Lillian McCormick

John David Mishoe
March 22, 1881
May 11, 1949

Lucindia McCormick Mishoe
September 1, 1877
May 27, 1946

To live in hearts we leave
behind is not to die.

Thomas D. McCormick
April 3, 1901
Dec. 7, 1950

Gracie V. McCormick
Nov. 22, 1898
March 1, 1941

Sophronia E. Stalvey
Wife of
Dennis P. Mishoe
Aug. 25, 1916
May 16, 1944
All things to the glory of God.

Florence Kathleen Mishoe
Oct. 25, 1908
July 3, 1923
God's finger touched her
and she slept.

Harvey A. Mew
Feb. 26, 1908
June 7, 1981
In Loving Memory

Prentice Lee Buchanan

Retha Mae Mishoe Buchanan

(The parents' name and the year dates were difficult to read)

Infant of
Mr. & Mrs.
P. Buchanan (this is the name I made out)
June 15, 1939 (actual year hard to read)
Mar. 29, 1940 (actual year hard to read)
At Rest

George D. Russ
Jan. 7, 1909
Jan. 26, 1964

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