First United Methodist Church Cemetery (Conway)

One of the most beautiful spots in Conway is the Conway Methodist Church Cemetery at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Main Street. The above picture shows the sanctuary that was built in 1844. It was replaced in 1898 by the Gothic style brick sanctuay which stands on the same spot today.

  1. Bell, Samuel  1823-1869  (b. Pitt County, N. C.)
  2. Bell, Sarah Adeline - 1827-1872 (b. Greene County, N. C., wife of Samuel Bell
  3. Collins, Benjamin Grier  1845-1929
  4. Collins, Laura C.  1849-1938  (wife of Benjamin Grier Collins)
  5. Collins, Nina Grier  1891-1900  (daughter of B. G. and Laura J. Collins)
  6. Congdon, Charlotte A.   -1845  (age 30 years, wife of George R. Congdon; a native of this place)
  7. Congdon, George R.  -1839  (age 31 years, native of Warwick County, Kent, Rhode Island)
  8. Congdon, William  -1820
  9. Cooper, Harriette  1802-1894  (age 92 years, 26 days, wife of Timothy Cooper)
  10. Cooper, Timothy  1803-1871  (age 68 years, 6 months, 6 days)
  11. Currie, Mrs. Fannie  1835-1896  (wife of William Currie)
  12. Currie, William  1817-1884  (b. Richmond County, N. C.)
  13. Ervin, Caroline Singleton  1830-1865  (wife of Rev. A. Ervin)
  14. Hardwicke, Johanna C.  (a marker in wall of Fellowship Hall)
  15. Hardwicke, M. A. C.  1828-1899 (wife of W. E. Hardwicke)
  16. Hardwicke, P. W.  (marker in wall of Fellowship Hall)
  17. Hart, Amanda Irene  1835-1855  (daughter of Joanna Josephine Green Hart)
  18. Hart, Joanna Josephine Green  1825-1860
  19. Hart, M. G., M.D.  -1854 (native of Orangeburg District, S. C.)
  20. Hart, Sallie J.  1816-1863  (daughter of Joanna Josephine Green Hart)
  21. Higgins, Mrs. Clara B.  1829-1894
  22. Higgins, Frederick A.  1852-1887 Johnson,_  (inf. daughter of J. P. and E. D. Johnson)
  23. Lewis, Isaac T.  1828-1882
  24. Lewis, Mrs. Louarkie H.  1831-1913  (wife of Isaac T. Lewis)
  25. Littlefield, Abby  -1849 (10 months)
  26. McAnge, Lula  1855-1862  (daughter of Wm. and Fannie P. McAnge)
  27. Norton, Capers  1890-1890  (daughter of Dr. E. and E. P. Norton)
  28. Richard, Isaac Eugene  1902-1903
  29. Skipper, Abijah H.  1821-1895 (Abijah Hollingsworth Skipper was the s/o Joel B. Skipper & h/o Sarah Caroline Smith Skipper.  He served as sheriff of Horry County)
  30. Snowden, Coleman Onis  1874-1878
  31. Spivey, Dessie  -1896  (daughter of D. A. and E. C. Spivey)
  32. Spivey, Hessie  -1896  (daughter of D. A. and E. C. Spivey)
  33. Spivey, Sadie Belle  1899-1899  ("Little Ittie", daughter of D. A. and E. C. Spivey)
  34. Thompson, B. A.  -1851 (age 65 years)
  35. Wood, The Rev. Malcolm V., M.D.  -1874  (our pastor, son of the Rev. L. & A. E. Wood, died August 27, 1874, age 28 years, 6 months and 15 days)

The Independent Republic Quarterly
Vol.9 No.3; July 1975; pp 5-6

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