Old Graham Cemetery
(William Graham Cemetery)

This cemetery is no longer in use. Take SC Hwy 410 from Conway to Finklea Crossroads and then take a left on Hwy 917.  Turn right on Hwy 792 just past Lake Swamp Baptist Church.  The cemetery is located on the left in a wooded area just off Hwy 792 across the highway from Dixielane Road (.7 mile from Hwy 917).  It is not visible from the road.  It was cataloged in April 1991 by Ashley P. Cox, Jr. with the assistance of Woodrow Williamson and was revised on 3 Oct 2002 by Harmon Graham.

1. GRAHAM, Darcus Louisa b. June 21, 1835 d. Aug. 19, 1853

2. GRAHAM, Eva (d/o J. Q. & Fannie E. Graham) b. Aug. 26, 1893 d. Jan. 2, 1897

3. GRAHAM, Jane Conner (w/o W. B. Graham) Age 62 yrs. 9 mos. 10 days d. July 10, 1862

4. GRAHAM, William Bellamy (drowned) b. Oct. 11, 1792 d. Nov. 19, 1846

5. GRAHAM, L. D. (Lorenzo Dow) b. May 31, 1840 d. Jan. 22, 1894

6. WATSON, Lillian (d/o D. E. Temperence Watson) b. Dec. 1, 1876 d. Oct. 27, 1879

The following list contains names of those who are buried in the Old Graham Cemetery whose graves no longer have headstones. This list was submitted by Harmon Graham on July 9, 2008.

1. GRAHAM, Prudence Grainger (w/o Lorenzo Dow Graham) b. 1840 d. May 11, 1910

2. GRAHAM, William (h/o Elizabeth Bellamy Graham & f/o William Bellamy Graham) b. Dec. 1748 d. Jul 14, 1824

3. GRAHAM, Elizabeth Bellamy (w/o William Graham)

4. GRAHAM, Abraham J. b. Mar. 8, 1801 d. after 1880

5. GRAHAM, Delilah Floyd (w/o Abraham J. Graham) b. Sep. 7, 1804 d. June 13, 1867

Note: It is believed that John Graham and his wife, Mary, the parents of William Graham, are buried here also. John was dead in 1780.

The land on which this cemetery is located was a plantation owned by John Graham and was situated on Mitchell Swamp.  It comprised 3,300 acres and was granted in 1739 by King George II of Great Britain to Thomas Waring, and then purchased by John Graham in 1766.  On February 23, 1768, John Graham received a Royal Grant from King George III of Great Britain for an additional 500 acres.

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