Stalvey Family Cemetery

Located on Hwy 707, Socastee, behind the home of Lula Stalvey and her son, Joe, Rt. 3, Box 25, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.The following history and information on the Stalvey Cemetery was written originally by Roger Derrick Brock, Jr. as part of his Eagle Scout project. This project was completed in the early 1980s. I participated in the clean-up of this old cemetery, and have made subsequent visits to the site. The most recent visit was on January 16, 1999. On this last visit, I made photos of the various markers, as well as recorded them on video tape. Today, this cemetery is quite neglected and in a state of disrepair. The housing development that is near it was not there when we first made a general clean-up of the site.

History of the Cemetery

The Stalveys of Socastee have traced their family back to 1773 when they settled here at Negro Field Swamp.

In 1818 the Socastee Methodist church was organized and a cemetery was located there. However, the Stalveys started a family graveyard on their property and called it the Stalvey Cemetery.

Mrs. Verdie Stalvey has the records from the old family Bible of the Stalveys and it records that the first person that was buried in this cemetery was George Stalvey, Sr. born on July 11, 1774 and died on December 17, 1841. His wife Martha was the next one recorded in the Bible, she died in 1844. Although there are no markers at these graves these were the first records of anyone being buried in the Stalvey Cemetery. The last person was Leeds Turbeville who died August 4, 1964.

The oldest surviving marker in the cemetery is Rev. Isaiah Stalvey, born on February 4, 1815 and died on April 3, 1878. He was the son of George Stalvey, Sr.. Isaiah was married to Rebecca Hucks and had seven children. She died on October 9, 1852. He later married Sarah M. West and had fourteen more children. He had 21 children in all.

The Stalveys located their family cemetery on a hill close to where they first settled near Negro Field Swamp. Although they settled here in 1773 it was not until 1841 that the record shows anyone being buried there. It is believed that there are about 35 marked and unmarked graves in the cemetery.

Mr. Johnny Bellamy built caskets at his home for some of the people that are buried there.

I have transcribed the information from the various markers myself. The spelling, punctuation, and number of lines from the original marker I have endeavored to preserve.
Contributed by Anthony Brock.

Information in brackets supplied by Jane Causey Singleton, as well as some corrections, September 11, 2006.

J. L. B. HUCKS [C.S.A.]
MAR. 4, 1845
FEB. 7, 1897

Soldier of Christ well done
Rest from thy love employ
The battle fought the victory wone
Enter thy Master's joy

I. Leeds Stalvey
Oct. 27, 1851
Aug. 9, 1917

J. Minick Stalvey [C.S.A.]
Aug. 31, 1845
Aug. 15, 1917

Gone but not forgotten

Come Ye Blessed

Mamie A.

Feb. 1, 1880
Oct. 13, 1903

Rev. George Stalvey, Jr. [C.S.A.]
Born Oct. 1, 1805 Died Feb. 1, 1879
Martha Stalvey
Died 1894

Who would call them back from the
society of Angels and of
the blessed Saviour

Woodmen of the World Memorial

Dr. Edgar A.

Mar. 8, 1872
Jan. 9, 1920

Faithful to his
trust, even
unto death

Leeds Turbeville
Wife of
Edgar A. Stalvey, M.D.
Mar. 11, 1884
Aug. 4, 1964

Jeremiah Stalvey

Born   Jany 28, 1817
Died   October 28, 1882

(The top of this particular marker was missing)
[Sam Hucks - Son of J.L.B. Hucks]
Died October
23rd 1873
[Born September 13, 1871]
Age 2 yrs.
1 month &
10 days
This lovely
Bud So Young
So Fair.
Called Here
But Did No
Trouble Share

The remains

Born  Feb. 4th, 1815
Died  April 2nd, 1878
The deceased left a large
family and many kind
friends who mourn his loss

This catalog was revised 13 October 1992 by Ashley P. Cox, Jr.
Revised on 11 September 2006 by Jane Causey Singleton.

  1. Hucks, J. L. B. 4 Mar 1845-7 Feb 1897
  2. Hucks, Sam [s/o J. L. B. Hucks] 13 Sep 1871-23 Oct 1873
  3. Stalvey, Edgar A. (M.D.) 3 Mar 1872-9 Jan 1920
  4. Stalvey, Jr., George (Rev.) 1 Oct 1805-1879
  5. Stalvey, I. Leeds 27 Oct 1851-9 Aug 1917
  6. Stalvey, Isaiah (Rev.) 4 Feb 1815-2 Apr 1878
  7. Stalvey, J. Minick 31 Aug 1845-15 Aug 1917
  8. Stalvey, Jeremiah 28 Jan 1817-28 Oct 1882
  9. Stalvey, Leeds Turbeville [w/o Edgar A. Stalvey, M.D.] 11 Mar 1884-4 Aug 1964
  10. Stalvey, Mamie A. 1 Feb 1880-13 Oct 1903
  11. Stalvey, Martha [w/o Rev. George Stalvey, Jr.] d. 1894

The following list are names of those who are buried in the Stalvey Cemetery whose graves no longer have headstones.
This list was submitted by Jane Causey Singleton.

1.  Stalvey, Catherine (b. 1812 d. 1875) Wife of Peter James Elkes Stalvey.
2.  Stalvey, Sr., George (b. 11 Jul 1774 d. 17 Dec 1841).
3.  Stalvey, Martha (b. abt 1776 d. 1844) Wife of George Stalvey, Sr.
4.  Stalvey, Peter James Elkes (b. 1803 d. 1869) Father of Asbury Stalvey who was b. 1 May 1839 d. 5 Nov 1872 & was buried at Lakeside Cemetery in Conway, C.S.A..
5.  Stalvey, Rebecca Hucks (b. abt 1818 d. 9 Oct 1852) 1st Wife of Rev. Isaiah Stalvey who was the Son of George Stalvey, Sr.. The 2nd Wife of Rev. Isaiah Stalvey was Sarah M. Stalvey (b. 11 Aug 1831 d. 27 Mar 1896). She is buried at Socastee United Methodist Church.

Transcribed with permission from Waccamaw Records.

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