1800 Horry County Census Records
Introduction to the Transcript

Transcribed by Jim Farmer; April 1983

1800 Census of Georgetown District, South Carolina

for All Saints Parish (Waccamaw County) and Kingston County

Copied from microfilm records of the

Kurth Memorial Library

Calder Square, Lufkin, Texas

The following transcript was taken from a microfilm copy of the United States Federal Census of South Carolina for 1800. The pages transcribed record the households in the area of South Carolina that today includes modern Horry County. There is also part of modern day Georgetown County included in the census record but the division is not certain enough to leave out the Georgetown County residents. A map is included to suggest where the census was taken.

The transcript is as exact as possible and is in the format of the original. The names of each household are listed in the same order and the spelling is the same as that written by the census taker unless it is unclear. In the cases of unlegible writing a (?) has been included and sometimes an alternate spelling given, especially in cases of radical possibilities. In the cases of complete obliteration, a ___ has been used to show the unknown letters. One final difference: in the spellings of abbreviated first names with superscripts,the names have been kept abbreviated but the superscripts have been dropped to the normal line for easy of typing. Examples include: Willm, Robt, Benja, Richd, and Alexr. These represent, respectively: William, Robert, Benjamin, Richard, and Alexander.

The numbers written for each age group are also the same except for the inclusion of zeros where the census taker left blanks. The order of the age groups is:

Males Females

0-10.10-16.16-26.26-45.45- ..0-10.10-16.16-26.26-45.45- ..Free.Slaves

Where the page has been torn or for another reason the number is not clear, a question mark ( ? ) has been typed in the column. In the column for slaves, an underline mark ( _ ) delineates a ones, tens, or hundreds place, if it is believed there should be a number there even though it could not be read. Therefore note that the numeric placeholder was not blank and the household included tens or hundreds of slaves.

The other differences between the original and this transcript include the locations of various comments.- The original record shows the county names in the margins. The margins also included some of the comments about the entries. For example, at William Allstons entry (page three of the original), his name was in the name-block while the statement "slaves of the estate of" fell in the margin. The transcribing has modified this for ease of typing. Another change is the location of the totals found on every other page of the original. They would also be out of alignment due to spacing with the typewriter, but the intention should be clear.

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