1800 Horry County Census Records
Notes on Annotation

Transcribed by Jim Farmer; April 1983

The 1800 Horry County Census has been annotated with references to the earlier 1790 Federal Census. In order to compare names and keep up with varieties of spellings, the households of the 1800 census that seem to have been mentioned in the 1790 census are marked with an asterisk, i.e., * , after the numerical information.

Please note that while names in the two censuses may have appeared similar, it does not necessarily mean that they represent the same individual. The comparison is shown only to suggest changes in spellings and corrections of erroneously read censuses, as well as show any early migration pattern.

Also as an aid to the researcher, any alternative spelling found in the 1790 census is given after the asterisk. This includes variations in first names, middle names, and especially in surnames. The one difference found in the names that has not been shown in the annotation of the 1800 census is the lack of "Senior" in the 1790 census compared to the l800 census. This later change is too misleading to try to use in relating names over a ten year period so it has been disregarded. Not until late in the 1800's did Junior come to mean "son of the Senior". Early use was only for distinctions between like named individual's found within the same legal precinct.

The other annotation found in the following transcript is on the last pages where the 1800 census had been damaged, making the slave column unreadable. Where a 1790 "match" could be made the 1790 slave count for the individual has been included.

It is the intent of the annotation to overcome any errors made in this transcript and provide some continuity in the Horry County records at the time prior to the county's formation.

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