Horry District Taxpayers 1845-1846

The following information is copied from the tax books of Sheriff William I. Graham. Apparently, only cultivated land is returned for taxes. The tax on 100 acres is listed at six cents. Certain taxpayers list slaves as part of their property. There is a column for professions and a column for lots in town (Conwayborough). The total tax is listed but not copied here. Some pages are torn out of the books. We have tried to compile a list from the two books. The handwriting is not easy to read. It is almost impossible to distinguish between the capital "I" and the capital "J". The capital "M" and the capital "W" is also confusing. When we are not familiar with the initials, we have read them the best we can. We are asking the present owner of the books, Tom Price, to place them in the State Archives:

Anderson Robert, Sr. 100 acres
Anderson, William T. 100 acres
Anderson, Henry 3,529 acres, 14 slaves, town lots
Anderson, Samuel N. 2,243 acres, 3 slaves
Anderson, Levi 1,600 acres
Anderson, Robert, Jr. 404 acres
Anderson, Arthur 260 acres
Anderson, David R. 369 acres, 1 slave
Anderson, Moses 344 acres
Anderson, Joshua 350 acres (Estate)
Anderson, David 1,640 acres, 3 slaves
Anderson, Robert ? 225 acres (Estate)-James McCracken, adm.
Anderson, S. S. 160 acres
Anderson, Henry N. Land transferred to Henry Anderson
Anderson, James 1,050 acres
Anderson, Solomon C. 144 acres
Anderson, Silas A. 250 acres
Alford, W. T. 113 acres
Alford, Arthur 275 acres
Alford, Suthern 521 acres
Alford, Mary T. 1,228 acres
Alford, D. W. 100 acres
Alford, Daniel H. 164 acres
Allen, Enoch 350 acres
Allen, Luther 200 acres
Allen, 200 acres, Luther Allen, guardian
Allen, Nathan 34 acres
Allen, Ervin Land taken by an older survey
Allen, Robert 100 acres
Allen, 150 acres, Luther Allen, guardian
Allen, Christiana 133 acres
Belleme, Elizabeth 2 slaves, Seth Belleme, guardian
Belleme, Mary 8 slaves
Buck, Henry 6,600 acres, 93 slaves, 1000 stock in trade, lots in town
Booth, John J. 397 acres, 1 slave
Booth, James N. 300 acres, 1 slave
Booth, Thomas W. 150 acres, 1 slave
Belleme, Abraham 932 acres, 18 slaves
Belleme, Richard 1,360 acres, 16 slaves
Belleme, John G. 448 acres
Belleme, Daniel 850 acres, 11 slaves
Belleme, William 1,437 acres (estate)
Belleme, William A. 4 slaves
Belleme, Joseph I. 1,000 acres, 6 slaves
Beaty, Thomas 183 slaves
Beaty, John H. 1,743 acres, 3 slaves
Beaty, B. D. 693 acres
Beaty, Thomas A. 7,377 acres, 21 slaves
Beaty, James 4382 acres, 21 slaves
Barker, Benja G. 1,200 acres
Barker, Joseph N. 500 acres
Bullock, Charles 400 acres, 5 slaves
Bullock, Chary 400 acres
Bullock, Elisha 450 acres, 1 slaves
Bullock, Zadoc 439 acres
Boyd, William 505 acres
Boyd, Daniel 800 acres
Boyd, Simon 1400 acres
Boyd, Elizabeth 250 acres
Boyd, Thomas 100 acres
Brunston, John H. Land transferred to Mary Brunston
Bufkin, Henry 731 acres
Bufkin, Benja 150 acres
Blackbern, Daniel 1,025 acres
Butler, James 550 acres
Butler, John M. 250 acres
Bell, Freaman 367 acres
Barnhill, James 700 acres
Barnhill, Alexander 200 acres
Barnhill, Jackson 100 acres
Blanton, Moses 250 acres, (estate), signed by Mary Blanton
Blanton, Noah 150 acres
Blanton, James C. 150 acres
Branton, Samuel 59 acres
Baker, Steward C. 50 acres
Baker, James (minor) 100 acres, I. I. Baker, guardian
Baker, James F. 440 acres, 1 slave
Baker, Johnathan I. 870 acres
Brown, Joshua, Sr. 230 acres
Bruton, Benja 1 slave
Blackwell, Washington 300 acres
Barker, Mercy 500 acres
Brunston, Mary 400 acres
Blanton, James (minor) 100 acres, Joshua Blanton, guardian
Brown, Alex 487 acres
Brown, Daniel 270 acres
Beach, Hugh 100 acres, A.B. Skipper, guardian
Banzel, N.I. 250 stock in trade
Chestnut, Winaford 1 slave
Crawford, A. H. 601 acres, 4 slaves
Crawford, David E. 488 acres
Crawford, Abigail Land transferred to A.H. Crawford
Causey, Zebedee 302 acres
Causey, John 502 acres
Causey, Abraham 100 acres
Causey, William G. 600 acres
Cooper, Timothy 1,628 acres
Cooper, Aaron 280 acres
Cooper, William 300 acres
Cooper, Bartly 80 acres
Chesnut, Robert, Sr. 1,643 acres
Chesnut, Robert, Jr. 435 acres
Chesnut, John 304 acres, 1 slave
Chesnut, Ready 610 acres, 1 slave
Chesnut, Daniel 561 acres, 5 slaves
Carrel, W. 800 acres (estate)
Carrel, Charles 68 acres
Carrel, Archibald 75 acres
Carrel, Johnathan 200 acres
Carrel, Samuel D. 325 acres
Carrel, Matthew 75 acres
Cooper, Iles 400 acres
Carter, W.C. 713 acres
Carter, Elmore 466 acres
Carter, Jessee 200 acres
Carter, William 2,776 acres, 1 slave
Cannon, Jessee 341 acres
Cannon, John 66 acres
Cannon, Reading 433 acres
Cox, Jordan 1,007 acres, 11 slaves
Cox, Ann 78 acres, 4 slaves (estate) Thomas Cox, adm.
Cox, N.J. 300 acres
Cox, John I. 250 acres
Cook, Samuel 330 acres
Cook, Isaac B. (minor) 50 acres, Thomas I. Cook, guardian
Cartrett, Richard 364 acres
Cartrett, Pettiway 1,202 acres, 2 slaves
Cartrett, Hesikiah 725 acres
Cannon, H.G. 500 acres, 1 slave
Clarke, J.E. (minor) Land taken away by an older survey
Congdon, C.C. 500 acres (estate)
Clarady, William A. Land returned in All Saints Parish
Cade, John H. 1,100 acres, 1 slave
Coleman, L. 163 acres
Clewis, Curton 50 acres
Curtis P. 1 slave
Durant, Bethel 2,460 acres, 9 slaves, lots in town
Durant, Sarah 1 slave
Durant, John (estate) 594 acres, 24 slaves, H.H. Durant, adm.
Durant, H.H. 783 acres, 3 slaves
Durant, Francis Land transferred to C. Clewis
Danields, W.D. 1300 acres
Denings, Olif 25 acres, 8 slaves
Dawsey, Thomas 150 acres (estate)
Dorman, Benja 600 acres, 4 slaves
Dorman, John 1,110 acres
Dorman, Thomas 860 acres
Dimery, John, Sr. 600 acres, William I. Ellis, guardian
Dimery, Daniel 300 acres, J.J. Kirton, guardian
Dimery, John, Jr. 150 acres, W.I. Ellis, guardian
Dimery, James 150 acres, W.I. Ellis, guardian
Earl, William 360 acres, 4 slaves
Edwards, John 260 acres
Elliott, Samuel 1,800 acres
Elliott, Henry, Jr. 800 acres, 3 slaves
Elliott, Henry, Sr. Land transferred to Aaron Elliott
Elliott, Aaron 3,580 acres
Elliott, Zacariah Lots in town
Ellis, William J. 2,700 acres, 1 slave
Elvis, George 320 acres
Enzor, John 990 acres, 2 slaves
Enzor, Henry 175 acres
Fowler, John A. 50 acres (estate)
Fowler, Jacob 240 acres
Fowler, Edmun 450 acres
Fowler, Richard 320 acres
Fowler, Wright 150 acres
Fowler, George 200 acres
Fowler, Isaac 200 acres
Fowler, Nathaniel 100 acres
Fowler, Enos 50 acres
Fowler, William M. 743 acres
Fowler, James 125 acres
Firk, George 300 acres, 1200 stock in trade, lots in town
Floyd, Lemuel, 865 acres, 14 slaves
Floyd, Pugh 1,838 acres, 11 slaves
Floyd, L.H. 1,631 acres
Floyd, alfred P. 1,063 acres, 3 slaves
Floyd, Right 550 acres, 2 slaves
Floyd, Frederick 550 acres
Floyd, James 3,012 acres, 10 slaves
Floyd, Elizabeth 2 slaves
Floyd, Hugh, Sr. 100 acres, 7 slaves
Floyd, Jackson 252 acres
Floyd, Hugh, Jr. 1,040 acres
Floyd, Joseph Land returned in Hugh & Frederick Floyd's name
Floyd, Francis 495 acres, Hugh Floyd, trustee
Floyd, William 500 acres
Foley, Stephen 1,100 acres
Fipps, Elijah 200 acres
Floyd, Hugh & Frederick 580 acres, (minors), Joseph Floyd, guardian
Faulk, William R. 172 acres
Giles, Hugh 535 acres
Grainger, John, Jr. 372 acres
Graham, Jane 6,257 acres, 20 slaves
Graham, William 240 acres, 7 slaves
Graham, Joseph, Jr. 210 acres
Graham, John 500 acres (estate) James Beaty, ordinary
Graham, Elizabeth 620 acres, 6 slaves
Graham, William B. Land & Negroes transferred to Jane Graham
Graham, A.J. 1,760 acres, 14 slaves
Graham, Joseph, Sr. 648 acres, 1 slave
Graham, Robert 737 acres, 5 slaves
Graham, Francis Lots in town
Graham, John 1000 acres, 2 slaves
Graham, E.W. 790 acres
Graham, James 150 acres
Graham, William I. 750 acres, 3 slaves
Graham, John w. 180 acres
Graham, Joseph B. 250 acres
Garrald, Henry 1,580 acres, 1 slave
Gerrald, Benja 892 acres, 10 slaves
Garrald, Richard 564 acres, (estate) Wm. S. Reeves, adm.
Garrald, William 275 acres
Garrald, Zilpha 1,457 acres, 14 slaves
Garrald, Thomas 200 acres
Garrald, Pinckney 475 acres, 6 slaves
Garrald, Lewis 253 acres, 8 slaves
Guiton, John 500 acres
Guiton, Anderson 240 acres
Green, Richard 3,660 acres, 26 slaves
Grainger, Samuel, Sr. 2,858 acres
Grainger, G.B., Sr. 880 acres, 4 slaves
Grainger, Hugh, Sr. 949 acres, 2 slaves
Grainger, Argent 190 acres
Grainger, Matthew 1,500 acres
Grainger, Hugh, Jr. 755 acres
Grainger, Thomas W. 200 acres
Grainger, John Sr. 2,400 acres
Grainger, Frederick 2,260 acres
Grainger, A.I. 436 acres
Grainger, John N. Land transferred to John & Hugh Grainger
Grainger, Merideth 125 acres
Gore, John G. 850 acres, 3 slaves
Gore, John 1 slave
Gowen, Garot 3,661 acres (estate) James beaty, ordinary
Gore, Charles 461 acres, 3 slaves
Gause, Judeth E. 3 slaves
Gaus, John Land sold by Sheriff
Gaus, William 50 acres
Griffin, William 1,150 acres
Griffin, Joseph 2 slaves
Grissett, R.G.W. 2,150 acres, 22 slaves
Grant, I.H. 2 slaves, professions
Grantham, Edward 315 acres, 2 slaves
Gasque, Nathan 400 acres
Goodbolt, Josse 147 acres
Griffin, Elizabeth 100 acres
Garrald, Henry Jr. 800 acres
Hardee, Daniel 200 acres
Hardee, J.B. 250 acres
Hardee, Joseph I. 400 acres
Hardee, Joseph W. 843 acres
Hardee, C.P. 100 acres
Hardee, Elizabeth 50 acres
Hux, Joseph 400 acres
Hux, Thomas 240 acres
Hux, David 128 acres
Hux, David Mac 100 acres
Hux, Sarah 200 acres
Hux, C.W. 837 acres, 2 slaves
Hux, William R. 214 acres
Hux, A.B. Land transferred to Hugh Beach
Hux, John R. 100 acres
Hux, John W. 150 acres
Hardee, William Sr. 1,859 acres
Hardee, Andrew 590 acres
Hardee, William A. 550 acres, 4 slaves
Hardee, A.I. 300 acres, 2 slaves
Hardee, Thomas L. 1,300 acres, 2 slaves
Hardee, John P. 150 acres
Hardee, Calvis 200 acres
Hardee, Robert Land transferred to John Hardee
Hardee, William b. 700 acres
Hardee, Isaac Sr. 720 acres, 2 slaves
Hardee, Jessee J. 190 acres, 1 slave
Hardee, John W. 494 acres
Hardee, John Sr. 400 acres
Hardee, Isaac I. 144 acres
Hardee, John Jr. 100 acres
Hardee, Henry 303 acres
Hardee, Seth S. 410 acres
Hardee, John 590 acres
Hughs, Elly 100 acres, 2 slaves
Hughs, Jordan 200 acres (estate) signed Elly Hughs
Hughs, Abraham 100 acres
Hughs, L.F. 374 acres
Hughs, Cader 2,280 acres
Harris, William H. 175 acres
Harris, Honor 1 slave
Harris, John H. Land transferred to William S. Reaves
Howell, Calib 600 acres
Howell, James 293 acres
Hardwick, Nathan 50 acres
Hardwick, Samuel 1,114 acres
Hardwick, Mary (minor) 120 acres, Nathan Hardwick, guardian
Hardwick, Lewis M. 250 acres
Hardwick, Alexander 735 acres
Holmes, Daniel P. 502 acres
Holmes, James 700 acres
Holmes, T.H. 3 slaves, lots in town
Holmes, Benja 127 acres
Harrelson, Jessee 100 acres
Harrelson, Josiah 543 acres
Harrelson, John 774 acres
Holt, J.C.A. (minor) 200 acres (Egbert Harrelson, guardian)
Holt, Egbert 150 acres
Heniford, John 100 acres
Hickman, William 3,798 acres, 15 slaves
Hickman, William I. 500 acres, 1 slave
Hodges, John, Sr. 100 acres
Hodges, Josiah 316 acres
Hodges, thomas 100 acres
Hodges, Mosses 100 acres
Hodges, John, Jr. Land transferred to Elizabeth Hodges
Henderson, William 100 acres
Hemingway, H.D. 150 acres, 5 slaves
Hemingway, Thomas 1,000 acres, 11 slaves
Housen, Anson 500 acres
Housen, Robert
Hooks, Patrick, Sr. Land returned to Patrick Hook's Jr. name
Hooks, Patrick, Jr. 780 acres
Herring, Reaves
Howell, John 150 acres
Hewie, T.J. 150 professions
Hardee, John, Jr. 310 acres
Hodges, Elizabeth 65 acres
Hammonds, John 150 acres
Hart, M. G. 4 slaves
Inman, (part of page cut out)
Jordan, W. W. 560 acres
Jordan, Henry D. 1,613 acres, 2 slaves
Jordan, James D. 30 acres
Jordan, John D., Sr. 300 acres
Jordan, John D., Jr. 1,027 acres
Jordan, Adam 100 acres
Jordan, James S. 525 acres
Jordan, Isaac 100 acres
Jordan, H. W. 963 acres
Jordan, John G., Jr. 576 acres
Jordan, John G., Sr. 135 acres
Jordan, Joseph 166 acres
Johnson, G. D. 1,000 acres, 10 slaves
Johnson, John L. 200 acres
Johnson, James 200 acres, 2 slaves
Johnson, Daniel M. 7 slaves
Johnson, Daniel 1,227 acres
Johnson, Matthew 296 acres, 3 slaves
Johnson, Phillip 680 acres, 1 slave
Johnson, Meshac 1,300 acres
Johnson, William H. 4,900 acres, 27 slaves
Johnson, James R. Land transferred to Marke Reynolds
Johnson, William 300 acres, 2 slaves
Johnson, Elizabeth 12 slaves (William Woodbury, guardian) and Margaret, minors
Johnson, Samuel C. Land and Negro returned in Marion District
Johnson, Elizabeth 2 slaves
Johnson, John A. 271 acres, 1 slave
Johnson, Joseph Sr. 80 acres, 2 slaves
Johnson, Joseph B. 20 acres
Johnson, James R. E., minor 2 slaves
Johnson, Thomas M. 41 acres, 2 slaves
Johnson, E. S. 500 acres, 3 slaves
Johnson, Allen 2,012 acres (estate)
Jones, E. B. 753 acres
Jones, J. R. 410 acres
Jones, Ezekiel 20 acres
Jones, Joseph N. 200 acres
Jenerett, James 664 acres, 2 slaves
Jenerett, Samuel 400 acres, 1 slave
Jolly, Reubin 648 acres
Jolly, S. S. Land transferred to L. Coleman
James, William, Sr. 453 acres
James, Edwin C. 300 acres
Jernigan, Elias 500 acres
Jernigan, Jessee 521 acres
Jernigan, Abraham 100 acres
Jernigan, Alfred 649 acres
Jenkins, Mary A. 640 acres, lots in town
Jenkins, E. B. 449 acres
Johnson, Joseph, Jr. 935 acres, 2 slaves
James, Malikiah 200 acres
James, William H. G. 100 acres
Johnson, Sarah A. 1 slave
Johnson, James R. E., minor 2 slaves, Daniel M. Johnson, guardian
King, Abraham 175 acres
King, Solomon 17 slaves
Kirton, S. W. 1,269 acres, 1 slave
Kirton, J. P. 1,000 acres, 9 slaves
Kirton, I. I. 1,325 acres, 2 slaves
Lowrimore, R. J. 196 acres
Lowrimore, William J. 350 acres
Lowrimore, William H. 100 acres
Ludlum, J. J. 436 acres, 3 slaves
Ludlum, William g. 150 acres
Lewis, E. H. 880 acres
Lewis, Richard, Sr. 400 acres
Lewis, J. M. Land taken by an older survey
Lewis, Susanah 310 acres
Lewis, Patrick 1,095 acres, 15 slaves
Lewis, Henry 200 acres
Lewis, William 150 acres
Littles, Alexander 50 acres
Long, Isaac G. 1,850 acres, 4 slaves
Lee, John, Sr. 600 acres, 5 slaves
Lee, John, Jr. 200 acres, 1 slave
Lee, John S. 1,000 acres
Lee, Willis, 800 acres, 2 slaves
Lee,Joseph C. Land transferred to John Grainger
Lee, Joseph 360 acres
Lambert R. N., (minor) 900 acres, James Lambert, guardian
Ludlum, J.N. 290 acres
Mishoe, Elijah 500 acres
Mishoe, Robert 752 acres
Mishoe, John W. 200 acres
Mishoe, Barnabas 100 acres
Mishoe, P. W. 200 acres
Mishoe, N.M., (minor) 100 acres, N.M. Mishoe, guardian
Minson, William 368 acres
Malloy, C. F. 504 acres, 8 slaves
Maning, John 3,954 acres, 38 slaves
Marten, Matthew R. 997 acres
Marten, John Sr., 100 acres
Marten, David 32 acres
Marten, William N. 27 acres
Marten, Isaac, Jr., 367 acres
Marten, A.S.H. 120 acres
Marten, Isaac, Sr., 369 acres
Marten, John 50 acres
Marten, William D. 202 acres
Mincy, Dread 500 acres
Mincy, Bryan 2,710 acres, 1 slave
Mincy, Isaac 400 acres
McQueen, William 2,653 acres, 25 slaves, lots in town
Murrel, Charles 3 slaves, lots in town
Moore, Levi 4,200 acres
Moore, Samuel, (minor) 50 acres, Samuel Moore, guardian
McCracken, John 55 acres
McCracken, Margaret 500 acres (estate) John McCracken, admin.
McCracken, (estate) Land transferred to L.F. Hughes & James P. McCracken
McCracken, Robert, Jr. 500 acres
McCracken, Robert 162, acres, (estate) James McCracken, admin.
McCracken, James, Sr. 1,640 acres, 4 slaves
McCracken, Ann 1 slave, James McCracken, guardian
Marlow, Reuben J. 170 acres
Marlow, Joseph 63 acres
Murrell, James W. Taken by an older survey
McDowell, John 2 slaves
McDermit, I.A. 350 acres (estate)
Mishoe, Hugh Land transferred to William N. Marten
McDaniel, David 1,013 acres
McDaniel, William 100 acres
Magby, Olif 150 acres
Mains, Robert 100 acres
McDasniel A., (minor) 150 acres, Benj. McDaniel, guardian
McQueen, Daniel J. 700 acres
McCracken, James P. 187 acres
McCracken, James, Jr. 275 acres, 2 slaves
Norman, Samuel W. 1,440 acres, 5 slaves
Norman, Jane 2 slaves, lots in town
Norace, Bigerous 163 acres
Norace, Charles D. 200 acres
Norace, Solomon W. 250 acres
Powell, R.M. 550 acres
Prince, Nocholas 1,000 acres, (estate) signed J.J. Prince
Prince, Lot 50 acres
Prince, John 135 acres
Prince, John L. 310 acres
Prince, Nicholas, Jr. Land transferred to John Right, Lot Travis and Prince
Prince, J.J. 20 acres
Prince, Nicholas 500 acres, (estate)James Beaty, ordry.
Prince, Solomon 34 acres
Prince, John Returned in name of Nicholas Prince Estate
Paul, John 150 acres
Paul, Mosses 263 acres
Parker, Samuel 330 acres
Parker, John G. Transferred to Benja Stevens
Parker, Isaac, 140 acres, (estate) 1 slave, James Beaty ord.
Parker, Isaac 4,850 acres, 7 slaves
Parker, E. H. 2,300 acres
Parker, Robert J. 100 acres
Parker, Wade H. 2 slaves
Pitman, Edward 1,550 acres, 1 slave
Pitman, Stephen 100 acres
Pitman, Eli 915 acres
Price, R.E. 1,030 acres
Powell, J.J. 150 acres
Powell, James B. 200 acres
Powell, Felix 3,844 acres, 1 slave
Powell, E.C. 200 acres
Powell, a.F. 465 acres
Powell, F.A. 100 acres
Powell, Abraham 652 acres
Patterson, John 1,747 acres
Pope, Samuel 896, s000 stock in trade
Priget, Lawson 100 acres
Pipkin, Daniel, minor 350 acres, James Pipkin, guardian
Page, Return 509 acres
Potter, James 100 stock in trade
Prince, Travis and ? (minors) 100 acres, Nicholas Prince, guardian
Rabon, William C. 200 acres
Royals, Daniel 485 acres
Royals, Begerus 150 acres
Rabon, William, Sr. 986 acres
Rabon, Abraham 300 acres, 1 slave
Rabon, George, Sr. 500 acres
Rabon, William H. 200 acres
Rabon, George H. 113 acres
Rabon, John 522 acres
Rabon, George C. 150 acres
Reynolds, Isham 2,130 acres
Reynolds, Marke 434 acres
Readmon, John 1,392 acres, 5 slaves
Robertson, J. H. 879 acres, 3 slaves
Rhods, Alfred 100 acres
Ray, Christina 510 acres
Ray, Eli Land transferred to I. J. Reaves
Reaves, John J. 500 acres
Reaves, Sarah 500 acres, 2 slaves
Reaves, William S. 3,665 acres, 4 slaves
Roberts, James H. 200 acres
Roberts, James J. 278 acres
Russ, William 225 acres
Roberts, James N. 250 acres
Richwood, J.J.
Reaves, J.S.B. 800 acres, lots in town
Sellers, Joel 200 acres
Smith, Burrel 1,000 acres
Sampson, Samuel stock in trade
Skipper, A.H. 75 acres
Strickland, W.R. 576 acres
Smith, Solomon 100 acres
Sessions, B.T. 500 acres
Sessions, Thomas Land transferred
Sessions, J.T. (estate) 5,199 acres, 13 slaves signed Francis I. Sessions
Sessions, F. I. 1,460 acres, 1 slave
Sessions, A.D. 220 acres
Sessions, Robert 263 acres
Sarvis, Harry 1,227 acres, 10 slaves
Sarvis, C. B. 2,2275 acres, 19 slaves
Sarvis, Rhody 100 acres
Sarvis, William I 565 acres
Sarvis, John 100 acres
Sellers, Sion 409 acres, 1 slave
Sellers, Leven I. Land transferred
Sellers, John A. 143 acres
Stuber, William Land returned in Marion District
Stevens, Enoch 1,555 acres, 4 slaves
Stevens, Benja 2,213 acres, 7 slaves
Stevens, Isaac 943 acres
Stevenson, B.P. 720 acres, John Dorman, guardian
Strickland, Solomon 4,336 acres, 1 slave
Strickland, Matthew (estate) 1,225 acres, 3 slaves
Strickland, M.W. 1,103 acres, 5 slaves
Strickland, Elias 921 acres
Strickland, Alston 895 acres
Standlan, Drysdel 250 acres
Squires, John 225 acres
Squires, Henry D., minor 350 acres, John Squires, guardian
Smith, Abraham 250 acres, 6 slaves
Smith, John, Sr. 550 acres
Smith, Jessee M. 2,102 acres
Smith, Harbert 200 acres, 4 slaves
Smith, Augustus 800 acres, 9 slaves
Smith, John, Jr. 100 acres
Smith, William 112 acres
Smith, Alva 1,583 acres
Smith, Benja.
Smith, O'Brian 1,200 acres
Smith, Reubin
Smith, Benja. 250 acres
Smith, Thomas Land Transferred
Smith, Pinckney 400 acres
Smart, Samuel 600 acres
Smart, James 1,050 acres
Skipper, A.B. 264 acres, 3 slaves
Skipper, J.M.D. 243 acres
Skipper, Joel B. 595 acres
Skipper, Peter 162 acres
Skipper, John Land Transferred
Skipper, Ebenezer 3,590 acres, 2 slaves
Skipper, Matthew R. 136 acres
Skipper, A.C. 100 acres
Skipper, David A. 100 acres
Skipper, Abraham B. 425 acres, 3 slaves
Suggs, William 2,455 acres
State, Asa 100 acres, 2 slaves, James Beaty, Ordin.
Smith, E. (torn)
Singleton, James (torn)
Small, John, Sr. (torn) 260 acres
Small, William, Jr. (torn) 100 acres
Small, John, Jr. (torn)
Stroud, John 50 acres
Stroud, Meaoy 231 acres
Soles, May 75 acres
Stone, Sarah 162 acres
Sudam, Alexander 240 acres
Shelly, Daniel 400 acres
Stacy, John Stock in trade
Thompson, John R. 655 acres, 3 slaves
Thompson, James 500 acres
Thompson, Joseph 350 acres, 4 slaves
Thompson, Martha 130 acres
Thompson, John 663 acres
Tindal, I. (estate) 450 acres, B.M. Tindal, admin.
Tindal, Solomon 352 acres, 1 slave
Tindal, Mary 350 acres
Tindal, John 318 acres
Todd, Thomas D. 1,970 acres
Todd, Mathias W. 1,188 acres, 4 slaves
Todd, William, Sr. 200 acres, 1 slave
Todd, James 923 acres
Todd, Thomas (estate) 100 acres (torn)
Todd, Richard T. 298 acres
Todd, John 500 acres
Todd, Richard M. Land transferred to the estate of G. Gowen.
Todd, Silas 150 acres
Todd, William, Jr. (estate)650 acres, James Beaty, Ordin.
Todd, William S. 331 acres
Tyler, John 241 acres
Tyler, Lewis 80 acres
Tyler, Hugh 320 acres
Tyler, Elias 700 acres
Tyler, Solomon 790 acres
Tompkins, Aaron 130 acres
Tompkins, James & Margaret 249 acres, James Tompkins, guard. (minors)
Tompkins, Eli 696 acres
Tompkins, Willis Land Transferred to Isham Reynolds.
Tompkins, John (minor) 100 acres, William Tompkins, guardian
Tompkins, Loveless 100 acres
Tompkins, Cockram 107 acres, John Reynolds, guardian
Todd, Joseph I 811 acres
Vereen, Samuel P. 1,163 acres, 7 slaves
Vaught, John 1,558 acres
Woodward, John, Sr. 3,030 acres, 1 slave
Woodward, Elizabeth 800 acres, 9 slaves
Woodward, James G. 50 acres
Williams, John 50 acres
Williams, Jacob H. 499 acres
Williams, William G. 500 acres
Williams, William (estate) 1,068 acres
Williams, William J. 211 acres
Williams, Henry 200 acres
Walker, Jessee 240 acres
Walker, John 594 acres
Wallace, Ivy 200 acres
Wise, John 980 acres
Wise, James 244 acres
Williams, Solomon (estate) 500 acres, signed Calib Howell
Williamson, James 2,150 acres
Williamson, Curtis 293 acres
Williamson, Jessee 375 acres
Ward, Isaac 34 acres
Ward, William N. 185 acres
Walch, Henry 200 acres
Willard, Channcy 2 slaves
Watters, John 695 acres
Watts, G.B. 63 acres
Watts, Phillip 200 acres
Wats, Levi Land transferred to Daniel Blackbern
Watts, Alexander land transferred to Richard Watts
Watts, Richard 150 acres

All Saints Parish
All Saints Parish is that portion of Horry District lying between the Waccamaw River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Tompson, James 250 acres
Todd, William, Sr. 500 Acres
Green, Richard Land returned in Georgetown District
Beaty, Thomas A. 552 acres
Beaty, James 400 acres
Beaty and Sessions 70 acres
Hardee, Andrew 50 acres
Hughs, Cader 350 acres
Parker, Isaac 200 acres
Housen, Anson Returned All Saints Paris in S. Belleme's name
Buck, Henry 3,900 acres

NOTE: In those days of poor transportation, taxpayers seem to have paid their taxes in the county of residence, regardless of where the property was located. The sheriff of Horry District in 1846, records the following taxes collect in Horry but for other districts.

Georgetown District

Small, J. (estate) 400 acres
Green, Richard 900 acres
Woodward, E. Returned in Georgetown District

Marion District

Maning, John 140 acres
Skipper, A.B. 325 acres
Sessions, J.T. (estate) 42 acres, F.I. Sessions, admin.

St. Stevens Parish

Hughs, L. F. 950 acres

Free Negroes (1846)

Dimery, Daniel
Dimery, John, Jr.
Dimery, James
Dimery, Mary
Dimery, Robert
Dimery, Daniel H.
Dimery, David
Tomkins, Willis
Tomkins, Cockram
Lambert, Sally
Lambert, Ellick, dead
Muckleduff, E.
Grissett, G.B.
Hughs, John
Beach, Hugh

NOTE: Each free Negro was charged a tax of $2.00
NOTE: In the handwriting of Sheriff Graham, the initial "I" and the initial "J" are identical. The above translation is merely our guess, where the initials are not known. The tax book for the year 1846 was used for the body of the above transcript. The tax book for 1845 was used to supply information torn or defaced in the 1846 book. Additional tax information can be obtained by referring to the books themselves.

Copied by Cynthia Ammons Detwiler

Contributed by Glenda Moore on Monday, February 15, 1999.

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