Horry County, SC

Compiler                                  Surnames
Bigwhip, Princess Jordan, Larrimore, Lovell, Richardson
Blanton, Danny Lee Blanton, Benton, Lee, Ward
Brock, Anthony W. Brock
Bryan, Bob Boyett, Bryan, Bulger, Harrelson, Johnson, King, Perritt, Sasser, Smith, Williams
Brown, Gwen Keith Long, Stevens, Todd, Tyler
Cook, Sue (Montgomery) Brummett, Denton, Montgomery
Cooper, Mike Best, Cooper, Farrier/Farrior, Fennel/Fennell, Ivey, Moseley, Southerland
Daniels, Cecil Todd 1
Farmer, Jim Bellamy, Conner, Cox, Graham, Jordan, Vaught
Grant, Marty Edwards, Floyd, Graham, Johnson, Johnston, Roberts
Green, Tawny McCumbee
Hammond, Vicky Fowler
Harrleson, Tom Duncan, Fowler, Harrelson, Hewitt, Soles, Vick
Horry, Willine Horry
Jenerette, Major Vandon E.
Jenerette, Katherine (Schmidt)
Kirby, James Fain, Kirby
Kirton, Carl A single surname study for all KIRTON families throughout the world.
Lewis, Paul H. Heniford and others
McCracken, Kenneth Odell McCracken
McGee, Marion Banks Banks, Barnhill, Cox, Hardee, Jarrell, Norris, Soles, Ward, West
McElroy, Cheri  
Mosley, Bill Todd 2
Smith, Wade Smith, Graham, Allen, Alford, Baker
Stevens, Randy Gore, Hughes, Stephens/Stevens, Suggs
Stevens, Tamala Anderson, Caines, Mishoe, Nealy, Norris, Stalvey, Stevens, Suggs
Wexler, Mary Ellen Edge, Faulk, Hardee, Todd
Williams, Steve Beaty, Causey, Howell, Lowrimore, Martin, Simmons, Williams
Worthington, Eileen Harper  

1.) Descendants of Thomas Todd  Compiler: Cecil Daniels
2.) Descendants of William John Todd  Compiler: Bill Mosley, 3923 Heartland, Turlock, CA 91382.

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