CONVEYANCES 1803-1810, 1838-1839

Abstracted by Catherine H. Lewis


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1 James Bone vs William Jordan. Judgment 2 May 1804

4 Adms. of Henry Clark [Richard Green & John Clark] vs. Hannah Clark & Maria Clark, a minor [William Hemingway, guardian] Division of property. Heirs: John Clark, Masters Hankins and Mary his wife] Commissioners appointed: Thomas Fearwell, Benjamin Gause, Henry Durant, Anthony Pawley & William Waller. Judgment signed 10 May 1804.

7 Robert Conway vs Thomas Dawsey. Slander, filed 1 Nov 1802, judgment for Conway 28 Jul 1804.

10 Archd. Taylor vs David Anderson. Trespass. Filed 8 Aug 1804. Judgment for plaintiff 18 Dec 1804.

13 Thomas Grainger vs Joseph Graham. Trespass. Filed 4 Feb 1803; judgment for Graham 6 Jan 1805.

17 Willliam Russ Junr vs John Graham Filed 4 Jun 1802, suit re cattle, Graham found not guilty. 6 Jan 1805.

19 Josias W. allston [exec. of est. of Daniel Morral] vs Thomas Hughes [Jr.] Debt. Filed 5 May 1804, judgment for Allston 23 Jan 1805.

21 Noah Lee vs Samuel Willson & John Green. Trespass [debt] filed 5 May 1804, judgment for plaintiff 23 Jan 1805.

24 Robert Livingston vs James Prince. Trespass [assault] filed 6 May 1804, judgment for Prince 16 Feb 1805.

26 Thomas Dawsey vs Joseph Jenkins. Trespass [libel] filed 16 Feb 1805, judgment for Dawsey 3 Jun 1805.

30 Mary McCoy vs John Bellamee, Junr. Assault, filed 18 Feb 1805, judgment for plaintiff 3 Jun 1805.

32 Cynthia Hardwick [widow of Aaron Hardwick] vs Jas. Charin and wife and others [land of Aaron Hardwick, decd. [1799] Ch: Nancy, wife of Daniel Fain, Martha, minor, Cathrine, wife of Jeremiah Baxter, Mary, wife of Joseph Charin, all living in NC. Suit for 1/3 of estate. Commissioners: Richard Green, Sr., Joseph Cox, James Woodward. Order 22 Oct 1804. Division signed 18 Mar 1805.

37 Cynthia Hardwick vs. Jeremiah Baxter & wife & others. Judgment for costs. 3 Jun 1805. John Kenny and Mary, his wife [late Mary Sutton, admx. of John Sutton, decd.] vs S. Owen Rees & Cathrine, his wife, extx of John Jacob Geiger, decd. Debt, incl. note of Reub Ley, judgment for Kenny 4 Jun 1805.

40 William Tilly & wife vs Thos. Fearwell, guardian of Elizíth, John & William Wilson, minors. Writ for partition of estate of Alexander J. Wilson. Commissioners Richard Green, Senr., Benjamine Gause, John Durant, Geeorge Durant & William Waller. Heirs: William Tilley & Martha, his wife, Elizabeth, Margaret Wilson, John Alexander & William, minors. 1/3 for Martha. Order 22 Oct 1804. Division 21 Jun 1805. Judgment 22 Jan 1806

45 Joseph Cannon Grainger & Susanna, his wife vs Moses Harrelson, admr. of John Lewis, decd [1803] Writ of partition 22 Mar 1805. Heirs: John Cannon Grainger & wife Susanna, Ann, wife of Moses Harrelson, siste, Mable [decd] wife of Arthur Herring, sister and her three children: John, Elizabeth & Susanna [last actually a sister of John Lewis] Commissioners: William Norton, William Strickland, John Hallam & Josiah Lewis. Judgment signed 22 Jan 1806.

51 Meridith Watson vs Samuel Wilson & Henry Durant. Trespass [debt] filed 23 Jan 1806, judgment confessed 27 Mar 1806.

53 [Capt.] Henry Durant vs Anthony Pawley. Trespass [debt] filed 18 Fewb 1806, judgment for plaintiff 8 Apr 1806.

56 Robert R. Sessions vs John Dewitt. Trespass [failure to deliver] filed 23 Jan 1806, judgment for plaintiff 29 Apr 1806.

58 John Wilson vs John Clark. Trespass [debt] filed 9 Sep 1806, judgment for Wilson 27 Nov 1806.

60 Archibald Taylor vs David Anderson [non settlement of judgment], judgment signed 5 Feb 1807.

63 [John] Waldo & [John] Davis vs Samuel Willson. Debt, filed 28 Jun 1806, judgment 12 Feb 1807.

65 Archibalt Taylor vs Samuel Brown, admr. of Henry Close, decd. Debt filed 20 Feb 1807, judgment signed 11 Sep 1807.

67 Jessie Barfield & Jane his wife [d/o Francis Floyd, decd.] vs Izabel Taylor, admx. & Hugh Floyd & Samíl Floyd, Admrs. Writ of partition 22 Oct 1804. Commissioners: Benjamin Lewis, Samuel Foxworth, John Ford, Joseph Ford, Willis Rawls. Heirs: Izabel, widow and 7 children: Jane, Hugh, Theophilus, Johnston, Cathrine, Izabel & Francis [minors, Jane & Hugh, execs.] Division signed 20 Mar 1806. Order signed October term 1807.

75 Daniel Johnston vs Thomas Dawsey. Debt, filed 23 Feb 1804. Non suit [Johnston did not appear in court.]

77 John Sarvis vs Silvius Sweet, Richard Green the elder, John Durant, Thomas Akin Smith & John Beaty. Horse stealing, filed 28 Jun 1806. Judgment for defendants 27 Nov 1807.

79 Anthy Pawley vs Richard Green. Trespass [debt for wagon] filed 24 Feb 1806, jdugment for plaintiff 23 Nov 1807.

82 [Major] Burwell Vick [endorsee of John Taylor, Sr.] Promissory note, 24 Jul 1807, plea filed 27 Oct 1807, judgment for plaintiff 23 Nov 1807.

85 John Moncrieffe, adm. of William McLeod, decd. vs Anthony Pawley. Debt, filed 24 Jul1807, judgment for plaintiff 23 Nov 1807.

88 Stephen M. Foxworth & Elizabeth, his wife vs William H. Grice. Debt for slave, filed 20 Feb 1807, judgment for plaintiff 23 Nov 1807.

92 Reuben Hartsfield, adm. for Samuel Treadwell vs William Johnston. To recover for sale of slave, filed 28 Jun 1806, judgment for plaintiff 23 Nov 1807.

94 Lewis Daniell and Henry Durant, late trading as Daniell & Durant.vs John Willson. Debt, filed 24 Jul 1807. Judgment for plaintiff 23 Nov 1807.

97 William Thomas vs John Graham, Junr. Assault with swords, staves, sticks and fists, filed 24 Jul 1807, judgment for plaintiff 23 Nov 1807.

98 John Waldo and John Davis vs Jeremiah Vereen. Debt, filed 20 Feb 1807, judgment signed 23 Nov 1807.

101 Abraham Bellamy vs James G. Cochran. Debt, filed 24 Jul 1807. Confessed. Judgment 23 Nov 1807.

104 John Belleme vs John Gales & James G. Cochran. Promissory note, filed 24 Jul 1807. John Gale died after filing. Confessed by John G. Cochran, judgment 23 Nov 1807.

107 Harriot Fleming, admx. of Matthew Fleming.vs George Durrant Collect judgment, order signed 27 Mar 1807, judgment signed 23 Nov 1807.

108 John Coleman vs. Willis Rawls & John Grainger. Debt, filed 27 Sep 1807, judgment for plaintiff 30 Jan 1808.

111 Thomas Garrell vs Benjn. Lewis, adm. of [Miss] Elizabeth Garrell, decd. Debt for support of Elizabeth, filed 17 Aug 1807, judgment for defendant 30 Jan 1808.

114 Elizabeth Mansfield, indorsee of David Anderson vs Isaiah Sessions. Debt, filed 16 Feb 1807, judgment for plaintiff 30 Jan 1808.

118 Ebenezer Singleton vs Eleanor Singleton. Fraudulent sale of slave, filed 20 Feb 1807, judgement for defendant 25 Jul 1808.

120 William Parker vs James G. Cochran. Debt, filed 6 Aug 1808, judgment for plaintiff 30 Dec 1808.

123 Peter Lewis vs Robt. Livingston & Jeremiah Vereen, Sr. Debt, filed 15 Jul 1808, judgment for plaintiff 31 Dec 1808.

126 Marion & McRae vs Capt. James Smith, Junr [Aaron & Farquhar McRae, lately trading as Marvin & McRae] Debt [record not complete]

[Here typescript begins.]

127 Stephen Britton of Marion Dist. to Thos. Mims, Senr. of NC 20 lbs. 450 acres in Marion (gr. to John Jordan) on Pee Dee + 200 acres (gr. to Thos. Smith, Jr.) + 71 acres (gr. to John Dinnam) + 482 (gr. to Stephen Britton), bd. by Shadrach Simons, James Pauley, Isaac Smart) + 365 on Little Pee Dee (gr. to Stephen Britton), bd. by John Smith & Thos. Touchberry, Taylors Lake. 14 Mar 1800. S/ Stephen Britton. W/John Smith, Moses Britton. PS/John Smeath[!] 28 Mar 1803. Recd. 28 Mar 1803.




134 Commission [for sale of lots] to William Hemingway. $51. 5 lots (25, 26, 138, 223, 239) 10 Jan 1803. S/Wm. Hemingway, Thos. Livingston, Wm. Williams, Robt. Conway, Thos. Fearwell. W/Thomas Grainger#, Richard Green. PS/9 Apr 1803. Recd 21 Apr 1803. Commission to Jacob Anderson. $26.50. 3 lots (128, 127, 126) 20 Jan 1803. S/see above. W/Thos. Grainger, Thos. Akin Smith#. PS 9 Apr 1803.

135 John Graham, Sr. to John Graham, son of Gilbert Graham. 20 lbs. 100 acres NE Little Pee Dee (gr. 21 May 1772) 2 Aug 1796. S/John Graham. W/Samuel Foxworth#, Thos. Hardee. PS?13 May 1803. Recd 13 May 1803.

136 James McCracken. Stockmark: crop & hole in one ear, undersquare in the other, brand 61. 13 May 1803. Recd 11[!] May 1803. Commission to William Hemingway. $37.25. 1 lot (380). 14 May 1803. S/see above. W/Richard Green, Jr.#, Peter Gause. PS/14 May 1803. Recd. 8 Jul 1803.

138 Samuel Foxworth of Kingstown Co., planter to Zachariah Lewis. $50. 100 acres on Mitchell Swamp waters of Little Pee Dee (gr. to Jacob Crowson 1 Oct 1787, conveyed to Foxworth 29 Aug 1795). 19 Mar 1801. S/Saml. Foxworth. W/Bethel Durant#, Isaac Ludlam. PS/29 Mar 1801. Dower: Mary Foxworth 20 Mar 1801. Recd. 8 Jul 1803.

139 Benjamin Sellers of Prince George Parish to Lewis Sowl. Quitclaim to 100 acres on Huggins Cr. branch of Mitchel Sw. waters of Little Pee Dee (part of 644 acres gr. to BenjaminSellers 2 Jul 1792) [n.d.] S/Benj. Sellers. W/Ezekial (x) Duncan#, Saly [Sarah] Smith. PS/8 Jan 1796. Recd 8 Jul 1803.

John Paul and Mary Paul, his wife, planters to James Tindle [Tindall, Sr.], planter. 10 shillings [option] 829 acres on Hunting Sw. waters of Little Pee Dee. 26 Dec 1795. S/John (x) Paul, Mary (x) Paul. W/Richard (x) Barnes#, Jacob (x) Morrow. Receipt. PS/Marion District 13 Jul 1803. Recd 19 Jul 1803.

140 John Paul and Mary Paul, his wife, planters to John Tindle, planter. 40 lbs sterling [same as above] 25 Dec 1795. PS/[see above] Recd. 9[!] Jul 1803.

142 Samuel White, planter, to William Williams, junior, planter. 27 lbs. sterling. 100 acres (part of gr. of 500 acres to James White 4 Jan 1790) NE side Little Pee Dee on Hunting Sw., bd. by John Parkers, James Tindal. 9 Dec 1799. S/Samuel White. W/John McCracken, Martin &. (x) McCall#. Receipt. PS/13 Jan 1800. Recd 20 Jul 1803.

143 James Tindal to William Williams. 5 lbs. 100 acres on Hunting Sw. (part of 444 acre tract) bd by Misres Hankenson, E side Hunting Sw. Lettle sipress, path by Wm. Snows big tarkiln, John Parker (surv. for James Tindal 27 Dec 1801) 20 Jan 1802. S/James (x) Tindal. W/Ebenezer Rhame#, John (x) Tuchbery. PS/23 Jul 1803. Recd 20 Jul 1803.

Commissioners to Bethel Durant. $21.75. 5 lots (281, 295, 309, 323, 310) 5 Oct 1802. S/Robt. Conway, Saml. Foxworth, Thos. Livingston, Willm. Hemingway, Thos Fearwell. W/Benjn Porter#, John Durant. PS/10 Jan 1803. Recd 27 Jul 1803.

144 John Jordan. Stockmark: crop in one ear & undersquare in the other; branc 2J. 1 Oct 1803. Recd. 3 Oct 1803.

Wm. Jordan, Junr., son of Wm. Stockmark: swallowfork and underbit in 1 ear and crop and underslope in the other; branc WJ. 1 Oct 1803. Recd 3 Oct 1803.

145 Thomas Hux of Kingstown Co., planter, to James Jordan. 30 lbs. sterling. 423 acres (gr. to Moses Floyd, Sr. 5 Mar 1792) in big prong of Chinners Sw. watters of Little Pee Dee, bd. by Ezekiel Chinners, Moses Floyd, Sr. 25 Sep 1801. S/Thomas Hux. W/William Jordan, Jr.#, James Baker, John Alford, Sam (x) Carrel. PS/28 Jun 1802. Dower: Elizabeth (x) Hux. 5 Oct 1801.

146 Plat survey by David Rowland, D.S., for Moses Floyd and Thomas Hux [see above] 23 Jun1 796. Recd. 3 Oct 1803. Thomas Hux to James Jordan. 30 lbs. sterling. 1 acre (gr. to Ezekial Chinners 7 Nov 1791, part of 100 acres sold to Aaron Cooper by quitclaim 16 Oct 1792) 5 Oct 1801. S/Thomas Hux. W/William Jordan, Junr.#, John (x) Baker. PS/28 Jun1802. Dower: Elizabeth (x) Hucks 5 Oct 1801. Plat Surv. by D. Rowland, D.S. 28 Sep 1801. Recd 3 Oct 1803.

147 Thomas Booth to William Johnson. 70 lbs sterling. 4 Negroes. 13 Aug 1796. S/Thomas Booth. w/John Hughes, Junr.#, Adoniram Treadwell#. PS/13 Aug 1796. Recd 10 Oct 1803.

148 John Hughes, Sr. to Robert Conway, trustee for Elizabeth Johnston and her four children: Prudence, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary. L/a and 5 lbs. 250 acres on Palmater Sw. + 220 acres on Brunson Sw. + livestock, household and kitchen furniture, reserved for lifetime use. 8 Oct 1803. S/John (x) Hughes. W/Samuel Lewis, John Mesho#, Mary Lee. PS/ 10 oct 1803. Recd 15 Oct 1803.

149 James Jordan. Stockmark: crop and underslope in each ear, split in right year; brand JJ. 14 Oct 1803. Recd 15 Oct 1803.

John Marphery, schoolmaster, to Simon Godwin, planter. 20 lbs. sterling. 200 acres (gr of 607 acres 2 Jul 1792), bd. Little Limbrick of Bullet Bay 6 Jan 1798. S/John Marphery, Martha Marphery. W/William Strickland#, Arnold Godwin, Milley (x) Cook. PS/30 Aug 1799. Recd 22 Oct 1803.

150 Robert Chestnutt, planter, to Simon Godwin, planter. $300. 50 acres NE of Little Pee Dee on Mill Br. (gr. to William Hullum, Sr. 2 Jul 18=787, purch. 1 Aug 1789) + 307 acres (part of 607 acres gr. to John Marphery) +336 acres (gr. to Robert Chestnutt 7 Jul1794) 13 Apr 1801. S/Robert Chestnutt. W/John Hullum#, Arnold Godwin, Timothy Hatcher. PS/22 Oct 1803. Recd. 22 Oct 1803.

151 Biggars (x) Norris. stockmark for 14 yrs.: smooth crop in right ear, undersquare in left; brand BN. 24 Oct 1803. Recorded 24 Oct 1803. Samíl Foxworth. Stockmark: crop and hole in left ear, underbit in right; branch 60. 24 Oct 1803. Recd 24 Oct 1803.

152 Commission to John Wilson. $36. Lot 18. 5 Oct 1802. S/Wm. Hemingway, Thos. Fearwell, Robt. Conway, Saml. Foxworth, Thos. Livingston. W/Wm. McQueen, Ezekial Chinnours#. PS/10 Jan 1803. Recd 24 Oct 1803.

153 Mary Lee to Joseph Johnston. 20 Lbs. Part of gr of 486 acres to Andrew Johnston 3 Nov 1788, sold to William Johnston 27 Nov 1793, on Parmeto Sw. [n.d.] S/Mary Lee. W/John Hughes, Junr.#, David Causey. PS/24 Oct 1803. Recd 24 Oct 1803.

154 Stephen Anders, Planter, to Thomas Mims, planter. $16. 300 acres, bd by Jacob and William Williams, S side Palley Sw. 8 Aug 1803. S/Stephen Andres. W/Jacob Williams, Martin M. (x) McCall. PS/25 Oct 1803. Recd 25 Oct 1803.

155 Robert Sessions to Bethel Durant. $150. 212 acres (from gr. of 900 acres toAlexr. Cramahe 24 Dec 1735 on Kingstown Lake Swamp. 11 Oct 1803. S/Robert Sessions W/Wm. Hemingway#, John Durant. PS/7 Nov 1803. Resurvey [plat] statement 8 Oct 1803. Recd. 7 Dec 1803.

156 Commission to John Willson. $30. Lot 18. 5 Oct 1802. S/Wm. Hemingway, Thos. Fearwell, Robt. Conway, Saml. Foxworth, Thos. Livingston. W/Wm. McQueen, Ezekial Chinnours#. PS/10 Jan 1803. Recd. 24 Oct 1803.

157 Commission to Jeremiah Crouch. $58.75. 3 lots, #41, 251, 63. 5 Oct 1802. S/Wm.Hemingway, Thos. Fearwell, Robt. Conway, Saml. Foxworth, Thos. Livingston. W/Benjn Porter#, John B. Conway. PS/11 Jan 1803. Recd. 14 Dec 1803.

158 Jeremiah Crouch to Anthony Pawley of Georgetown District. $100. 3 lots in Conwayborough, #41, 251, 63. 12 Dec 1803. S/jeremiah Crouch. W/Lewis Daniel#, John B. Conway. 12 Dec 1803.

Thomas Crowson to Anthony Pawley of Georgetown Dist. $80. Lot 5. 12 Dec 1803. s/Thos. Crowson. W/Henry Durant#, Lewis Daniel. PS/12 Dec 1803. Dower: Silvia Crowson 13 Dec 1803.

159 Arthur Alford to John Conway, trustee for Clarkey Alford, Warren Alford, levy Alford & Arthur Alford, Jr. L/a for wife and 3 children and for 5 shillings. Whole est. of 94 acres, bd by John Sarvis, Andrew Pleym = 100 acres bd. by John Dennis, Jeremiah Crouch, Maple Sw. + 130 acres bd. by William Singleton, John Prince, Moses Floyd + 100 acres on Spring Br., bd. by Frederick Sessions + livestock, slave, household goods. Retained lifetime use and control. 4 Jun 1803.

S/Arthur Alford. W/ [Capt.] Thos. Crowson#, John Mesho. PS/26 Sep 1803. Recd. 15 Dec 1803.

161 Robert Nesmith of Williamsburgh Co. to William Carlile. $115. 476 acres (gr. to Thos. Berry and Mary Berry 28 Aug 1790 in Kingstown Township), SW Waccamaw, 2 m. on Potato Bed Ferry Rd., bd. by Capt. Wm. Snow. 19 Nov 1803. S/Robt. Nesmith, Elizabeth Nesmith. W/Lemíl Nesmith#, Robert Morris#. PS/19 Nov 1803. Rec. 16 Dec 1803.

John King to Peabody Keyes. $200. 450 acres. SE Waccamaw R. (gr. of 7 Feb 1797) 21 Jun 1803. S/John King. W/Stephen Lafton, Nathan Ellis#, Will Gaus. 17 Dec 1803. Recd. 22 Dec 1803.

162 John King to Peabody Keyes. $200. 220 acres. SE Waccamaw (gr. 7 Jun 1790) 21 Jun 1803. S/John King. W/Stephen Laftin, Nathan Ellis#. 17 Dec 1803. Recd. 22 Dec 1803.

163 Sintha Hardwick to dau. Elener Singleton and husband Benjamin Singleton. L/a. Her dower right to 136 acres, est. of Aaron Hardwick. S/Sintha (x) Hardwick. W/John Rogers#, Richard Stevens. PS/30 Jan 1804. Rec. 30 Jan 1804.

Jeremiah Baxter to John Roberts. $35. Rights of self and wife Cate [second eldest d/o Aaron Hardwick with 3 other daus.] in est. of Aaron Hardwick. 31 Oct 1801. S/Jeremiah Baxter. W/Etienne Rouguia, James Beaty#, Nathaniel (Nathaneal) Denes (Dennis). PS/30 Jan 1804. Recd. 30 Jan 1804.

164 Fain, Daniel of Warren Co., NC to John Rogers. $35. Rights of self and wife Nancy [eldest dau. of Aaron Hardwick] in est. of Aaron Hardwick. 31 Oct 1801. S/Daniel Fain. W/Etienne Rouguie, James Beaty#, Nathaniel Denes (Dennis). PS/30 Jan1804. Recd. 30 Jan 1804.

Ezekial Chinnours to Aaron Cooper. Quitclaim to 100 acres, N side Chinners Sw. (part of 1000 acre gr. to Ezekiel Chinners 7 Nov 1791), bd. by Ezekiel Chinners and Moses Floyd land. 16 Oct 1792. S/Ezekial Chinners, Sarah Chinners. W/Joseph (x) Cooper#. PS/19 Apr 1793. Recd. 2 Feb 1804.

165 Aaron Cooper to Thomas Hux. Quitclaim to 100 acres [see above] 26 Aug. 1796. S/Aaron (x) Cooper, Mary (x) Cooper. W/Joseph (x) Hux [Junr.], William Hux. PS/18 Oct 1796. Recd. 2 Feb 1804.

Moses Floyd, Sr. to Thomas Hux. 16 lbs sterling. 423 acres (gr. to said Floyd 5 Mar 1792) NE side Little Pee Dee, big Prong of Chinners Sw., bd. by Ezekiel Chinners. 5 Feb 1796. S/Moses (x) Floyd, Mary (x) Floyd. W/Joseph Hux#, George Lewis. Receipt. PS/18 Oct 1796. Recd. 2 Feb 1804. 167 Moses Floyd, Sr. to James Jordan. $60. 570 acres (gr. 5 Mar 1792), SW Waccamaw, N side Maple Sw. on Pasture Br., bd. by Joshua Long, Mr. Plyme, Adam Jordan. 4 Dec 1798. S/Moses (x) Floyd. W/Adam Jordan#, Loruhannah Floyd. Dower: Mary (x) Floyd 23 Apr 1800. PS/23 Apr 1800. Recd. 2 Feb 1804. [plat next page]

168 Moses Barker, Henry Norman, Isaac Chinnours and Matthew Brinson to Elish Stevens, son of Joshua Stevens, decd. Release for 3 slaves, furniture, stock, note, etc., property of Oliver Stevens, decd., now in care of Edward Wilson in NC. 5 Nov 1789. S/Moses (x) Barker, Henry Norman, Isaac Chinnours, Mathew Brinson [Jr.] W/John Russ, Franís McCall#, James Singleton. PS/24 May 1799. Recd. 7 Feb 1804.

Richard Stevens to Elisha Stevens. Quitclaim to 135 Acres (gr. 6 Mar 1797), bd. by Matthew Brinson, Elisha Stevens. 28 Nov 1797. S/Richíd Stevens. W/Richard [Richíd] Hemingway#, Mary Hemingway. PS/4 Dec 1797. Recd. 4 Dec 1797.

169 [Plat] Survey for agreement between Richard Stevens and Elisha Stevens, made by Wm. Hemingway 3 Apr 1803. W/Moses Milikin 10 Sep 1803. Recd. 7 Feb 1804.

170 William McDowell to Daniel Jordan. 25 lbs sterling. 180 acres (partof 744 acre gr. to Rich. Woodbery 3 Oct 1791) on Browns Sw. 22 Oct 1803. S/William McDowell. W/George Stalvey, John B. Conway#. Dower: Susanna (x) McDowell 22 Oct 1803. PS/23 Mar 1804. Recd. 23 Mar 1804.

171 William Lewis to Loammi Floyd Lewis, his wife. 50 lbs. 250 acres, SE Little Pee Dee on Treadwell Cr. (gr. 5 Jun 1786). S/William (x) Lewis, Winniford (x) Lewis. W/Charles Skipper#, William Skipper. PS/14 Nov 1797. Recd. 23 Mar 1804.

172 Volontine Rowell of Prince George Parish to David Rowland, DS, quitclaim to 1918 acres, south part of 6877 acre gr. to Rowell 5 Nov 1792, SW side Little Pee Dee, N side Buck Sw. on Cypress Br., by by land gr. to Volontine Rowell, William Allen, Daniel Blew and Peter McArthur, gr. to John Bazen, John Coward, Wm. Herring, and Wm. Coan, Herron Herring. 2 Jan 1793. S/Volontine Rowell. W/Jesse Coward, James Rowell#. 1 Jun 1793. Recd. 23 Mar 1803. Volontine Rowell to David Rowland, DS. Quitclaim to 3324 acres, N part of tract gr. 5 Nov 1792, SW side Little Pee Dee, N side Big Reedy Cr., S side Maple Bay, bd. by Isaac Highot, Lot Rogers, Thos. Brown, Joel Ridgel, NE by Shadrach Rogers, Hepsebeth Hays, Martin Manen, Moses Manen, Volontine Rowell. 4 Jan 1793. S/Volontine Rowell. W/James Rowell#, Lewis (x) Coward. PS/1 Jun 1793. Recd. 23 Mar 1804.

173 Moses Floyd to Davis Rowland, DS. Quitclaim to 23 acres, pt. of gr. 5 Mar 1792, NE side Little Pee Dee, N side Treadwell Cr. 22 Jan1794. S/Moses (x) Floyd. W/George Lewis#. PS/23 May 1799. Recd. 23 Mar 1804. [plat next page]

174 Moses Floyd to David Rowland, DS. Quitclaim to 1000 acres gr. 5 Mar 1792, NE side Little Pee Dee on little prong of Chinnours Sw., bd. by Thomas Booth, Abraham Skipper, George Lewis & Constantine Newton, Sr. 9 May 1795. S/Moses (x) Floyd#, Mary (x) Floyd. W/Moses Floyd, Jr., Jesse (x) Cannady. [plat] Resurvey by David Rowland 9 May 1795. PS/23 May 1799. Recd. 23 Mar 1804.

175 Isome Coward of Liberty County to David Rowland. 10 lbs. sterling. 120 acres, bd. by Peter Campbell, Neal Carmeal, Little Pee Dee, NE side Little Pee Dee. 21 Sep 1796. S/Isom Coward. W/James Rowell#, Stephen (x) Herring. PS/23 Sep 1796. Recd 23 Mar 1804.

176 Moses Floyd, Sr. to David Rowland. 10 Lbs. 246 acres, NE side Little Pee Dee on Savanah Cr., bd. by Timothy McReady, Arthur Skipper,Moses Floyd (part of 2777 acres gr. 5 Sep 1791) 9 Nov 1797. S/Moses (x) Floyd. W/George Lewis#, Abraham Skipper, Loruhannah Floyd. PS/20 Dec 1797. Recd. 24 Mar 1804.

177 Moses Floyd, Jr. to David Rowland. $40. 115 acres (part of gr. to Moses Floyd Sr. 5 Mar 1792) NE side Little Pee Dee, S side Mill Sw. including Gunter Old Field, bd. by Constantine Newton, David Rand, George Lewis. 12 Apr 1799. S/Moses Floyd, Jr. W/William McQueen#, Benjamin (x) Fatheree. [plat] PS/12 Apr 1799. Recd. 23 Mar 1804.

178 John Graham, Juner to Moses Floyd, Juner. 20 lbs sterling. 28 acres (from 516 acre gr. to Wm. Dawsey, Jr., conveyed to Thomas Dawsey, then to Graham), NE side Little Pee, S side Elvis Sw., bd. by John Graham, Jr., Moses Floyd. 26 Apr 1799. S/John Graham, Jr. W/David Rowland#, George Lewis. PS/23 May 1799. Recd 213 Mar 1804 [plat]

179 Loammi Floyd of Burke Co., GA, to David Rowland. $100. 250 acres (gr. to Reuben Treadwell, conveyed to William Lewis, then to Loammi Floyd 5 Jun 1786) NE side Little Pee Dee on Treadwell Cr., bd. by Timothy McReady, Ebenezer Skipper, Thomas Crawford. 9 Jan 1801. S/Loammi Floyd. W/Reuben Heartsfield, James Booth#. PS/2 Feb 1801. Rec. 23 Mar 1804.

180 David Rowland to James Dawsey of Liberty Co. 10 shillings. 500 acres, NE side Little Pee Dee, S side Lake Sw., bd. by James Dawsey, Wm. McQueen, Daniel McQueen (from gr. to Rowland 5 Sep 1796) 25 Jan 1797. S/David Rowland. W/John Hullum, Richard Galivant [Gallevant, Gallivant]#. PS/25 Jan 1797. Recd. 23 Mar 1804.

Richard Galivant of Kingstown Co. to James Dawsey. $30. 50 acres on Little Pee Dee, bd. by William Dawsey, Sr., Wm. Greer, Samuel Corking, land held by Richard and his father James Gallivant 26 years (conveyance from Samuel Corking lost in war) 27 Dec 1798. S/Richard Gallevant, Mary Gallevant. w/Ebenezer Skipper#, Milla [Milley] Elvis. Receipt. PS/2 Feb 1799. Recd. 23 Mar 1804.

181 John Rogers to Lewis Hines. Quitclaim to lands gr. to Bereah Grant 18 Jan 1733. 300 acres (from gr. of 375 acres to James Minor 1742). 30 Jul 1803. S/John Rogers, Senr. W/Wm. Hemingway#, Thos. Sessions. PS/30 Jul 1803. Recd. 23 Mar 1804.

182 Lewis Hines of New Hanover Co., NC, planter, to Thomas Sessions, Senr. of Bladen. 520 Spanish milled dollars. 675 acres. 2 tracts in All Saints Parish, Horry District, NW side Little River (one gr. of 300 acres to Bereah Grant 13 Jan 1733, bd. by Little River marsh, vacant land; one gr. of 375 acres to James Minor 22 Aug 1742, bd. by Little River marsh, Beriah Grant, vacant land, conveyed by Sheriff at Georgetown 3 Apr 1798 as theproperty of Masters Hankins & purchased by John Rogers, Senr, conveyed by him to Lewis Hines. 30 Aug 1803. S/Lewis Hines. W/Isaiah Sessions#, John Haselton. PS/30 Jan1804. Recd. 30 Mar 1804.

183 John Rogers to Daniel Bellum and Richard Green. L/a to Masters Hankins and his family and 5 shillings. 500 acres on Little River (gr. to Dennis Hankins 1775) and 500 acres (gr. to William Nesbit 3 Feb 1775), 400 acres (gr. to Charles Hart 5 May 1735) in trust for Masters Hankins and wife Mary and at their deaths to their living heirs. 24 Mar 1804. S/John Rogers, Senr. W/Henry Durant, Saml. Willson#. PS/24 Mar 1804. Recd. 24 Mar 1804.

184 John Parker & wife Elizít to William Snow. 35 lbs. 150 acres on Hunting Sw. (part of gr. to John Parker 5 Nov 1798), bd. by Capt. William Snow, Jas. White, Senr., now Capt. William Williams. 20 Nov 1803. S/John Parker, Elizabeth (x) Parker. W/Wiulliam Williams, Mary Williams, John Manning#. Recept for 10 shillings from Wm. Snow. S/John Parker. W/John Manning# 24 Mar 1804. Recd. 26 Mar 1804.

185 Jesse Smith, planter, to John Paterson, planter. 5 lbs. sterling. 122 acres E side Buck Cr. on Deep Br. waters of Waccamaw River (gr. to Jesse Smith 7 oct 1786). 22 Dec 1803. S/Jesse (x) Smith. W/Mary Smith, Wm. Hemingway#. PS/26 Mar 1804. Recd. 27 Mar 1804. Mary Lingard and Capt. Henry Peyton of Charleston. Indenture to Peter Lewis, gentleman. $2. Option for one yr. on 1200 acres on Waccamaw Neck, bd. by sea beach, George Pawley, ____ Clerk, unknown and vacant land (gr. to james Lingard 21 Dec 1769) S/Mary (x) Lingard, Híy Peyton, Violetta Peyton. W/Thos. Griffith, Saml. Parker, C. D. Dwight. Rect. Recd. 4 Apr 1804.

186 Mary Lingard, Capt. Henry Peyton and Violetta, his wife, of Charleston to Peter Lewis, gentleman. 200 lbs. sterling. [see indenture above] 21 Feb 1804. S/Mary 9x) Lingard, Hy Peyton, Violetta Peyton. W/Thos. Griffith, C. D. Dwight#. PS/21 Feb 1804. Recd. 4 Apr 1804. Dower: Violetta Peyton __ Feb 1804.

190 William Tilley, Martha Willson and John Willson. Marriage agreement between Tilley and Martha Willson. Marriage & 5 shillings.l Conveys to John Wiullson 7 slaves and bed and furniture. Use reserved to Tilley and Martha Willson. 18 Apr 1804. S/Wm. Tilley, Martha Willson. W/Peter Gause#, Hannah Clark. Receipt. PS/23 Apr 1804. Recd. 23 Apr 1804.

191 Adam Jordan [father] to Robert Jordan, Junr. [son] 50 lbs. 75 acres SW Jenkins Sw. (part of gr. to Adam Jordan, Sr.) 9 Aug 1803. S/Adam Jordan, Mary (x) Jordan. W/Thos. Jordan, Wm. Snow#. Receipt. PS/23 Apr 1804. Recd. 23 Apr 1804.

192 William Timmons of Georgetown District to John Tindall of Georgetown Dist. 10 lbs. 300 acres, bd. by Green, Daniel McQueen (part of 2000 acres, surv. forWilliam Timmons, NE side Little Pee Dee) 1 Dec 1800. S/William Timmons. W/James Woodward#, Thmas Williams. PS/5 Dec 1800. Recd. 30 Apr 1804.

193 John Richardson of Kings Town County to Joseph Hux, Sr. 16 lbs. 1000 acres (part of 2000 acre grant in Gunters Island, surv. for Shadrach Simmons 6 May ;1791, gr. to Wm. Hemingway 17 Aug 1791), bd. by Cross Br., conv. by Hemingway toJohn Richardson. 16 Aug 1797. S/John (x) Richardson. W/Thomas Dawsey, William Richardson, Isom Pouns#. Receipt. PS/3 Feb 1801. Recd. 7 May ;1804 [plat, p. 194]

194 Robert Conway of Kingstown County, planter, to Jane Cawsway. 1000 acres (gr. 1 Aug 1791) 20 Sep 1799. S/Robt. Conway. W/Benjn Porter#, John Dicks. PS/26 Sep 1800. Dower: Juliana Conway 25 Sep 1791. Recd. 8 May 1804.

195 David Causey, planter, to Zebedee Causey. $22. 185 acres (part of 1958 acres gr. to David Causey 6 May 1793) NE side Little Pee Dee River, N side Brown Swamp. 5 Sep 1803. S/David Causey. W / Josiah Lewis, John Tompkins, Samuel Lewis#. PS/25 Nov 1803. [plat] Recd.8 May 1804.

196 James Beaty to Henry McDildue. $58.50. 73 acres (part of 275 acre gr. to John Beaty, father of James Beaty), bd. by road from Conwayborough to Potatoe Bed Ferry, Wm. Snow. 19 Jul1803. S/James Beaty. W/John Manning#, John Clark. PS/31 Mar 1804 [plat] Dower: Elizabeth Beaty 19 Jul 1803. Recd. 8 Mar 1804.

198 Ezekiel Chinnours. Stockmark (used for 14 years): underbit in the right ear, 2 splits in the left, brand HC. Recd. 4 May 1804.

Anthony Pawley, Esqr. of Conwayborough to John McAlpin, carpenter. L/a. 1 lot (#41): fee simple title to the first heir of John McAlpin at age 21. 11 Jul 1804. S/Anthy Pawley. W/Elam Lee#, John (x) Tindal, Jr. PS/11 Jul 1804. Recd. 11 Jul 1804.

199 James Woodward of Kingstown, planter, to Maurice Smith. 20 lbs current money. 100 acres, part of large tract near Halfway Br. Bridge. 24 Aug 1803. S/James Woodward, Mary (x) Woodward. W/Henry Bishop#, Herbert (x) Smith. PS/28 Jul 1804. Recd. 28 Jul 1804.

200 James White, Senr. Quitclaim to Elizabeth White, planter. 10 lbs sterling. 400 acres on Hunting Sw. (gr. to Thomas White, decd., 19 Feb 1791), bd. by James Batcheler. 4 Mar 1796. S/James (x) White. W/Isaac Smart#, John McCracken. Receipt. PS/19 Mar 1796. Recd. 23 Aug 1804.

201 Elizabeth White to dau., Ann McCracken. L/a. 1/3 of 400 acres gr. to late husband, Thomas White, 5 Sep 1791, by by A. Jordan, Sr., Inkin Sw. If Ann has no issue, reverts to her brothers John and Robert JcCracken. 10 May 1804. S/Elizabeth White. W/Willm. Davis, John McCracken, Wm. Snow#. Receipt for 5 shillings. PS/22 Aug 1804. Recd. 23 Aug 1804.

Elizabeth White to son, John McCracken. L/a. 1/3 of tract [see above], the part with my dwelling & buildings, reserving lifetime right. If no heirs, reverts to brother and sister. 10 May 1804. W/Elizabeth White. W/Wm. Snow#, Willm. Davies, Hester Davies. Receipt for 5 shillings. PS/22 Aug 1804.

202 Elizabeth White to Robert McCracken. L/a. 1/3 of tract [see above], on Hunting & Inkin Sw. W/Wm. Snow#, Willm. Davies, John McCracken. Receipt for 5 shillings. PS/22 Aug 1804. Recd. 23 Aug 1804.

203 John Durant, Sheriff H. D. to Anthony Pawley, merchant. [John Parker owned 200 acres (gr. to John Flowers 7 Jul 1788, NE side Little River, incl. island called the Creek landing) and 240 acres (gr. to James Tindall 6 Feb 1792 on Cypress Br. waters of Little Pee Dee). He owed Enoch Allen $79.36 for which Allen got judgment for debt plus $13.38 Ĺ costs. Land was sold by Sheriff Durant to Anthony Pawley.] S/John Durant, SHD. W/John Woodward, Jr.#, Gilbert McAlpin. PS/7 Sep 1804. Recd. 7 Sep 1804.

204 Commissioners to John Gerrell. $25.25. l lot (#131). 8 Sep 1804. S/Wm. Hemingway, Thos. Fearwell, John Graham, Thos. Livingston, Robert Conway. W/Thos Crowson#, Thomas Grainger. PS/8 Sep 1804. Recd. 10 Sep 1804.

205 James Cochran of Brunswick Co. NC to Benjamin Gause, Esq. of SC. 220 lbs sterling. 250 acres (1/2 tract of 250 acres sold by Paul Trapier, Esqr. of Georgetown to Samuel Grier & Joseph Grier to be equally div. between them and sold by John Grier, son of Samuel, to Robert Reynolds, and by Bryan Gause, adm. of Robert Reynolds to James Cochran, bd. by Waccamaw, Thames Blythe, vacant lands. 3 Sep 1804. S/James Cochran. W/John Gause, Junr. Thos. Hemingway. Recd. 2 Oct 1804.

205 James Cochran of Brunswick Co. NC, planter to Benjamin Gause, Esquire. Indenture. 220 lbs sterling. [see above] Yearís lease. 12 Apr 1797. S/James Cochran. W/John Gause, Junr., Thos. Hemingway#. Receipt. PS/12 Jun1 797. Recd. 2 Oct 1804.

209 Thomas Fearwell of Georgetown Dist., planter, to Benjamin Gause. 40 lbs sterling. Quitclaim to 1330 acres on Waccamaw (gr. 7 May 1792) 28 Oct 1794. S/Thos. Fearwell. W/Thomas Durant#, John Durant. Receipt. PS/28 Oct 1794. Recd. 2 Oct 1804.

John Graham, Jr. to David Rowland. $200. 556 acres NE side Little Pee Dee on Mill Swamp, bd. by Moses Floyd, Junr., Thomas Dawsey, William Dawsey, Senr., surv. for John Dawsey (3 grants: 40 acres to William Dawsey, Senr. 5 Sep 1791, 448 acres to William Dawsey, Jr. 7 Sep 1789, 28 acres to Moses Floyd 5 Mar 1791). 21 May 1801. S/John Graham, Junr. W/Richard Gallavant#, Daniel McQueen. PS/11 Oct 1802. Dower: Mrs. Dotey Graham 26 May 1804. Recd. 3 Oct 1804.

210 Commissioners to Thomas Livingston. $33.25. 2 lots (#15, 39) 5 Oct 1802. S/Robert Conway, Thos. Fearwell, Wm. Hemingway, Thos. Livingston, Samuel Foxworth. W/Samuel Price#, John Beaty. PS/11 Oct 1804. Recd 11 Oct 1804.

211 Robert Newcombe of Bladen Co., NC to John White of ďOrieĒ Dist. 7 lbs 14 sh 8 pence sterling. 100 acres. Part of tract of 1550 on Little PD gr. to Bradley Rhame 6 Feb 1792. 23 May 1804. S/Robert Newcombe. W/Thomas (x) Mims#, James (x) Mims. PS/22 Oct 1804. Recd. 24 Oct 1804.

212 Jesse Marlow to Thomas Norros, Sr. $50. 50 acres on Camp Swamp adj. Thomas Norras, Jr., plat dated 10 Nov 1795. 20 Oct 1802. S/Jasey © Marler. W/John Thomas, Fitch (x) Harris#. 27 Apr 1803. Recd 22 Oct 1804.

213 James Smith, Jr. of NC to Darby Smithart of Malbury Co., NC all (no. acres not specified) tract in Horry Dist. 8 Jun 1803. S/James Smith. W/Theophilus (x) H. Harris, John Smith#. 8 Jun 1803. Recd 23 Oct 1804.

Bethel Durant. Cattle mark, swallow fork & bit in one ear, crop and underbit in other, brand ďBDĒ 29 Oct 1804. Recd. 5 Nov. 1804

Dennis Hankins, Esqr., of Prince George Parish, Craven Co., to Alexius Mador Foster (Floyd?) 5 lbs. 300 acres, gr. 15 Jun 1775, bd. by Joseph Allston & vacant land. 26 Jan 1776. S/Dennis Hankins. W/John McEwin, Henry Goodman. Receipts S/Dennis Hankins. Recd. 10 Jan 1805.

215 William Henry Lewis to Ettienne Rouquie. 10 lbs. sterling (acres not specified), bd. by Darby Pendergrass, vacant. 20 Mar 1793. S/Wm. Híy Lewis, Rachel Lewis. W/John Harris [Jr.]#, Thomas Ready. Rect. S/Wm. H. Lewis. PS/John Harris, Jr. 9 Oct 1795. Recd. 10 Jan 1805

216 Etienne Rouquie & Mary his wife to John Frink. 12 lbs. 100 acres in All Saints, surv. for Wm. H. Lewis 10 Jul 1786 bd. by Darby Pendergrass, vacant. 20 Jul 1795. S/Ettienne Rouguie, Mary (x) Rouguie. W/Abrhm Bellamee, John Harris#. Rect. dated 30 Jul 1795. PS/8 Oct 1795. Recd. 10 Jan 1805

217 Alexander Montgomery of All Saints to John Frink. 7 lbs sterling. 60 acres, part of tract gr. to Thomas Ready 5 Jun 1786 for 100 acres. 1799. S/Alexr. Montgomery. W/Charles Fullwood#, John Bessant, Jr., James Brown. Rect. Dower: Sarah (x) Montgomery, wife. 17 May 1799. PS/11 May 1799. Recd. 10 Jan 1805.

218 William Henry Lewis to Thomas Frink. 30 lbs sterling. 200 acres gr. 5 Jun 1786. 12 May 1801. /Wm. H. Lewis. W/John Frink#, Charles Lewis. Receipt. PS/21 Dec 1801. Dower: Rachel Lewis 12 Jun 1801. Recd 10 Jan 1805.

219 William Henry Lewis to Thomas Frink. 40 lbs sterling. 500 acres (part of tract of 3700 acres gr. to Benjamin Goddin 9 Nov 1735). 12 May 1801. S/Wm. H. Lewis. W/ John Frink#, Charles Lewis. Receipt. Dower: Rachel Sewis, wife 12 Jun 1801. Recd. 10 Jan 1805.

220 John Graham, etc. Commissioners to John Baxter Conway. $27.50. 2 lots (89, 102) in Conwayborough. 8 Sep 1803. S/ Thos. Fearwell, John Graham, Thos. Livingston, Robt. Conway, Wm. Hemingway. W/Thomas Grainger#, James Newton. PS/30 Jan 1805. Recd. 30 Jan 1805.

221 Peter Lewis of Georgetown tp John Grteen of Allsaints.. 200 lbs sterling. 200 acres on Waccamaw Neck, gr. dated 21 Dec 1769, trans. to Peter Lewis Feb 20/21, 1804 by Mary Lingard, Henry Peyton and Violetta Peyton, heirs of John Lingard. 12 Jan. 1805. S/Peter Lewis. W/Robert Nesbitt, Samuel Miller#. PS/15 Feb 1805. Dower: Harriott Lewis, wife. Recd 15 Feb 1805.

222 Philip Phillips, William Lewis & Ruth Lewis of Marion District to William McQueen. $68. 522 acres originally gr. to John Russ of 773 acres) in Horry District (formerly Georgetown), bd. by Thomas Dawsey, Samuel Dawsey, BEnjamin Treadwell, Arthur Moore, James Lewis, Enos James, vacant. 29 Nov 1804.

S/Ruth (x) Lewis, Phillip Phillips, William Lewis. W/Gosshue (Goss) Sweet(e)#, John Bradley, Benjamin Wall. Receipt. PS/29 Nov 1804. Recd 16 Feb 1805.

223 Ezekiel Hill of Brunswick Co., NC to Josiah Lewis of Kingstown Co.. $1. 500 acres (gr. 1 Sep 1800) on Brown Swamp. 3 Oct 1801. S/Ezekial (x) Hill. W/Jas. Addison, Benj. Sellers#. PS/19 Dec 1801. Recd. 23 Feb 1805.

224 John Harris, planter, of Georgetown District to Robert Harris, planter. 100 lbs. 210 acres (part of 500 acres gr. to Thomas Bell 1754) bd. by Waccamaw, Moody, Vacant. 10 Sep 1800. S/John Harris. W/John Bellamy, Fitch Harris#. PS/5 Mar 1805. Recd. 5 Mar 1805.

225 John Brinson, planter, quitclaim to Robert Harris, planter. 62 acres (middle 1/3 part of 200 acres gr. to Edwards Conner in 1786) bd by Waccamaw at Red Bluff. 29 Jul 1803. S/John (x) Brinson, Louise (x) Brinson. W/Fitch Harris, Hugh Thompson#, George Britton Smith#. PS/J. B. & wife ďLoviceĒ Brinson 18 Aug 1803. Recd. 5 Mar 1805.

Sarah Cox of All Saints Parish to Thomas Ready. 36 lbs sterling. 153 acres, N side Waccamaw River at Councel Bluff (gr. 1 Jun 1789). 20 May 1799. S/Sarah (x) Cox. W/Thomas Hemingway#, Matthew Brinson, Senr. Receipt. PS/1 Jun 1799. Recd. 5 Mar 1805.

226 John Graham, Sr., planter, to William Graham, planter. $200. 660 acres on Mitchelís Swamp waters of Little Pee Dee (part of gr. to Thomas Waring in Feb 1739 of 3300 acres, tr. to John Moor 10 Apr 1744, to William Coachman, to John Graham, father of John Graham, Sr. 19 Jun 1766) Hoop Hole tract between where Wm. Graham now lives & John Johnstonís old plantation on Mitchel Swamp. 30 Jan 1804. S/John Graham, SSenr, Martha (x) Graham (his wife). W/Arnold Godwin, Mary Graham#. PS/23 Aug 1804. Dower: Martha Graham 23 Aug 1804. Recd. 22 Mar 1805.

227 Thomas Grainger, carpenter to William Graham, Esq., planter. 5 lbs. 430 acres on Pleasant Meadow Swamp (part of tract gr. to Thomas Grainger 7 May 1798 of 500 acres), bd. by William Graham, John Cannon Grainger, unknown. 16 Apr 1801. S/Thomas (x) Grainger. W/Samuel Foxworth#, Stephen W. Foxworth. PS/19 Aug 1801. Dower: Dewtry Grainger, wife. 19 Apr 1894.

228 John Bellamee, Junr. of Horea District, planter, to William Bellemee. (no amt.) 900 acres NW side Waccamaw River near mouth of Buck Cr. (whareon I know live) 1 Nov 1803. S/John Bellame. W/Wm. Thompson#, Stephen Faircloth. PS/22 Mar 1805. Recd. 23 Mar 1805.

229 George Smith and wife Susannah to Frecderic Sessions. 20 shillings. 150 acres in Craven Co., W side of Waccamaw River on Maple Swamp, bd. by James Chakles, vacant (gr. 26 Jul 1774) 17 Aug 1779. S/George Smith, Susanah (x) Smith. W/Henry Bishop#, George Smith, Jesse (x) Hillard. 17 Aug 1779. Receipt. PS/15 Nov 1796. Recdf. 23 Mar 1805.

230 George Smith and Susanah, his wife to Frederic Sessions. 500 lbs. 150 acres, bd. by James Chapel, vacant (gr. 26 Jul 1774) S/George Smith, Susanah (x) Smith. W/Henry Bishop#, George Smith, Jessey (x) Hillard. 17 Aug 1779. Receipt. PS/15 Nov 1796. Recd 23 Mar 1805.

231 George Smith & Susanah his wife to Jesse Hillard. 10 shillings. 150 acres in Craven Co. W side Waccamaw River on Maple Swamp (gr. 26 Jul 1774) 17 Aug 1779. S/George Smith, Susanan (x) Smith. W/Henry Bishop#, George Smith, Fred. Sessions. PS/15 Nov 1796. Recd 23 Mar 1805.

232 George Smith and Susanah his wife to Jesse Hillard. 500 lbs. current money. 150 acres, gr. 26 Jul 1774. 17 Aug 1779. S/George Smith, Susanah (x) Smith. W/Henry Bishop#, George Smith, Fredk. Sessions. Receipt. PS/15 Nov 1796. Recd. 23 Mar 1805.

233 Jesse Hilliard and wife Ashe to Frederic Sessions. 10 shillings. 150 acres bd. by Frederic Sessions, vacant (gr. 26 Jul 1774). 31 Nov 1785. S/Jesse (x) Hilliard, Ashe (x) Hilliard. W/John Sessions, Jos. (Joseph) Sessions#. PS/8 Sep 1798. Recd. 23 Mar 1805.

234 Jesse Hilliard and Ashe, his wife to Frederic Sessions. 100 (lbs?) 150 acres in Craven Co., W side Waccamaw River on Maple Swamp (gr. to George Smith 26 Jul1774). S/Jesse (x) Hilliard, Ashe (x) Hilliard. W/John Sessions, Joseph Sessions#. PS/8 Sep 1798. Recd 23 Mar 1805.

235 John Bessant, Senr. and Ann Bessant to John Bessant, Junr and James Bessant. L & A 150 acres. 12 Jan 1805. S/John (x) Bessant, Senr. Ann (x) Bessant. W/John Smith, Needham Stasnaland#. PS/22 Feb 1805. Recd 23 Mar 1805.

236 Michael Lynch of Georgetown District to John Bessant, Jr., planter. 10 lbs. sterling. 100 acres on Waccamaw River on Bessants Swamp, bd. by John Bessant, Robert Bell, Ruth Frink, vacant. 27 Sep 1798. S/Michael (x) Lynch/ W/John Bessant, Senr., Frances Dr. Price, James Bessant#. Receipt. PS/23 Mar 1805. Dower: Elizabeth Lynch, wife 23 Mar 1805. Recd. 23 Mar 1805.

237 Ebemezer Rhaims and Sarah his wife. 5 lbs sterling to William Williams. s/o Abemilick Williams. 240 acres (gr. to Jeremiah Rhaims, Ebenezer Rhaims and Bradley Rhaims, 1000 acres, 7 Jul 1784) 29 Mar 1805. S/Ebenezer Rhame, Sarah Rhame. W/John Rhames#, Hardy (x) Rogers. PS/17 Apr 1805. Recd 28 Apr 1805.

238 Winifred Parker, widow of Thomas Parker, Junír. $1.00 to Josiah Lewis. 33 acres (1/3 gr. to T.Homas Parker, Jr., of 100 acres) on Brown Sw. 10 Jan 1805. S/Winefred (x) Parker. W/William Johnston#, John Parker. PS/12 Mar 1805. Recd 13 May 1805.

David Causey. $50 to Josiah Lewis. 165 acres (part. of grant of 1958 acres 6 May; 1793), bd. by Ezekial Chinnours, Robert Conway. 19 Feb 1805. S/David Causey. W/Owen Causey#, Samuel Causey, Jesse (x) Canaday. 12 Mar 1805. Dower: Sarah Causey, wife, 12 Mar 1805.

239 Richard Stevens of Kingstown County. For natural affection toward son-in-law William Todd. Ĺ of 800 acres (plat 17 Feb 1800), other half to son-in-law Silas Lee, and livestock. 11 Jan 1801. S/Richíd Stevens. W/ Silas Lee, Elizabeth (x) Lee, Juley (x) Stevens. PS/28 Mar 1801. Recd 17 May 1805.

240 Richard Stevens. L/a to Jacob Stevens. 700 acres (gr. 1 Apr 1793), livestock, tools, furniture, bd. by Thomas Livingston, William Magil, John Grear, est. of John Cheasborough, Silas Lee. 7 Dec 1804. S/Richard (x) Stevens. W/William Todd, Junr.#, Robert Chestnutt. PS/21 May ;1805. Recd 23 May 1805.

241 John Parker. 20 lbs to George Jayroe. 200 acres. NW side Hunting Sw., bd. by William Show, James Batchelor, Jas. White (pt. of 450 acres gr. to John Parker 5 Nov 1798) 27 Oct 1804. S/John Parker, Elizabeth (x) Parker. W/Isaac Smart#, Wm. (x) Flowers. Receipt. PS/24 May ;1805. Recd 25 May 1805.

242 Hannah Clark of Conwayborough. 15 lbs to Asaac Smart, planter. 213 acres, undivided 1/3 of grant to late husband Henry Clark of 640 acres on Pauley Swamp. 24 May 1805. S/Hannah Clark. W/John McCall#, George Jayroe. PS/24 May 1805. Recd 25 May 1805.

William Waller and Elizabeth Waller, wife. $26.50 to Coleman Gause Rhame of Conwayborough. 1 lot, Ĺ acre, #48. 30 Apr 1805. S/Wm. Waller, Elizabeth Waller. W/Benj. Gause#, Bethel Durant. PS/10 Jun 1805. Recd 10 Jun 1805.

243 Richard Stevens of Kingstown Co. l/a to son-in-law Silas Lee. Ĺ tract of 800 acres, plat certf. 17 Feb 1800 by Wm. Hemingway, Surveyor [other half to son-in-law William Todd], plus livestock. 11 Jan 1801. S/Richard Stevens. W/William Todd, Junír.#, Ann Todd, Juley (x) Todd. PS/28 Mar 1801. Recd. 3 Jun 1805.

244 John Jordan, Hannah Anderson, Henry Durant, tripartite indenture for the marriage of Hannah and Henry Durant. For $1 paid Henry Anderson by Hannah Durant all the property from her late father Robert Anderson (slaves, Household goods, and land) in trust. 16 May 1805. S/John Jordan, Hannah (x) Anderson. w/ Robert R. Sessions#, Benjamin Porter. PS/3 Jun 1805. Recd 6 Jun 1805.

246 John Abercromby of Charleston to Archibald Taylor of Georgetown. $105. 1000 acres in Craven Co., bd. SE by Thomas Fearwell and Thomas Brown and land not laid out, NE on Kingstown, E. on Waccamaw R. 29 Aug 1804. S/John J. Abercromby. W/John Taylor, Jr., Thos. Dewitt#. PS/29 Aug 1804. Dower: Mary Abercromby, wife. S/Sarah Abercromby. 1 Sep 1804. PS/Thomas Fearwell. Recd. 10 Jun 1805. Plat s/Mat. Drake 10 May 1734.

248 Benjamin Moy(s) to Benjamin Moy of Brunswick Co., NC, indenture. 7 Aug 1804. 50 lbs. 500 acres between Buck Creek & Coxes Sw., bd. NE by gr. to Thames Thompson, Jr., NW by Stephen Blackburn, SW vacant or unknown. S/William Moys. W/ Isaac Simmons#, Stephen (x) Blackman, John Blackman. PS/8 Feb 1805. Recd. 16 Jul 1805.

Benjamin Moy. $100 to Isaac Simmons, Planter. 500 acres lying near Little Buck Creek, bd. NE by James Thomson, Sr., NW on Stephen Blackburn, SW by vacant or unknown. Gr. to William Moy. 8 Feb 1805. S/Benjamin Moy. W/Augustus Hines, James Stanaland, Thomas Moy#. Receipt. PS/Thomas Moy. 8 Feb 1805. Recd. 16 Jul 1805.

249 Frances Forster of Allsaints Parish. $250 to Matthias Vaught. 500 acres, orgi. gr. 8 Jul 1774 to Anthony Gardner. 2 Feb 1805. S/Frances Forster. W/William Parker, John Vaught#. Receipt. PS/23 Jul 1805. Recd. 30 Jul 1805.

250. Thomas Askin Smith. $7 to William Hemingway. 1 lot #28 in Conwayborough. 12 May 1803. S/Thomas Akin Smith. W/Richard Green, Sr.#, Thomas Fearwell. PS/14 May 1803. Dower: Jean Smith, wife. 12 May 1803. S/Jane Smith. Recd. 30 Jul 1805.

251 Elisha Tilghman of Allsaints. l/a to niece Mary Rogers. Negro boy named Tom. 28 Sep 1805. S/Elisha (xE) Tilghman. W/William Hemingway#. PS/[n.d.] Recd. 3 Oct 1805.

252 Coleman Nichols of Bladen Co., NC, planter. gw/a to son Elias Nichols. 200 acres in Georgetown District, SC., NE side of Little Pee Dee on Honey Camp Br. of Lake Sw. 27 Sep 1803. S/Coleman Nichols. W/William Strickland#, Beedy Strickland, Ephram Nichols. PS/22 Oct 1805. Recd. 23 Oct 1805.

253 Solomon Sessions, Senior. 100 acres lying on a lake adj. Waccamaw near Kingstown, conv. by Needham Moore to my son Joseph Sessions. Quitclaim to John Cox (incl. a building by Christopher Holmes who occupied land but had not title) for 150 acres, part of 650 acre gr. of 1735 acres to William Cripps 23 May 1735 on Tillyís Sw. 13 Nov 1800. S/Solomon Sessions. W/Wolomon Sessions, Jr.#, Isaac (x) Evans, James Holmes. PS/15 Nov 1800. Recd. 22 Oct 1805.

254 Thomas McKelduff, Sr., late of Kingstown, now of Fairfield District. 28 lbs, 11 sh, 5 p. by David McKelduff, late of Horry District, for cancelling debt. Quitclaim to William McKelduff, s/o David. 250 acres on Crab Tree Sw., bd. NW by Adam McKelduff, NW and other sides vacant, gr. to Thomas McKelduff 2 Aug 1768. S/22 Oct 1804, Thomas (x) McKelduff. W/Jacob Anderson, James Baker#. PS 22 Oct 1805. Recd. 24 Oct 1805.

255 Mary Tindal. $30 to Redden Cannon. [no acreage specified] all land inherited from father James Tindal. 12 Oct 1805. s/Mary (x) Tindal. W/William Williams, John Manning#. PS/2 Nov 1805. Recd 2 Nov 1805.

256 Jeremiah Tuchbary. $30 to Redden Cannon. Title to est. of James Tindal, deceased [no acreage]. 24 Oct 1805. S/Jeremiah Tuchbery. W/William Williams#, Martin (x) McAll. Rect. PS/5 Nov 1805. Recd. 5 Nov. 1805. Dower: Mary Russ, widow of Edmund Russ. 6 Apr 1805. S/Mary (x) Russ.

257 John Russ of Marion District. $200 to James McCracken, planter, of Horry District. 1040 acres, part of 1920 acre tract gr. to Benjamin Moore and Edmund Russ, 5 Apr 1790. On NE side of Little Pee Dee, N side Brownís Sw., quitclaimed to him 3 May 1793, conv. by Edmund Russ to John Russ 2 Oct 1795. 17 Oct 1805. s/John Russ. W/Simon Edwards, John McCrackne#. PS/25 Nov 1805. Dower: Charity Russ, w/o John. 30 Nov 1805. S/Charity (xCH) Russ. Recd. 25 Nov 1805.

258 Robert McCracken of Prince George Parish and John McCracken. Indenture to sell, 1 Sep 1785. 14 lbs, 5 sh, 8 p to John McCracken. 325 acres (pt. of 852 acres gr. to John Hammerton, Esq. in Kingstown Township, bd. by Doctír Brisbane on one side, SW by John Hammerton, and other sides by vacant land, conv. by William Waties to Thomas Pamor 28 Jan 1744. Conv. to John Coachman, to Stran Conyers, to Willís Ridgill, Sr., to Willím Ridgill, Jr., to Robert McCracken. S/Robert McCracken, Elizabeth McCracken. W/Adam Jordan, Robert Jordan. Recd. 25 Nov 1805. Deed for above 2 Sep 1785. s/Robert McCracken, Elizabeth Mc____. W/Adam Jordan#, Robert Jordan. Receipt. PS/28 Oct 1800. Recd. 25 Nov 1805.

260 John Rogers. Quitclaim to John Frink, planter. 100 acres W side Waccamaw near lands of Joshua Stevens, known as Camp Branch, gr. to John Rogers and Bryant Gause. 2 Feb 1796. S/John Rogers. W/Alex Montgomery#, Sara (xS) Montgomery. Receipt for 10 sh. PS/25 Nov 1805. Recd. 26 Nov 1805.

261 Joseph Graham, Sr., planter. $250 to Benjamin Stephenson. NE side Little Pee Dee on Pleasant Meadow Sw., all sides vacant at time of survey (orig. gr. to William Hill 2 May 1770, conv. to James Lewis 17 Jan 1774, left to George Lewis, s/o James, conv. to Joseph Graham, Sr. 17 Dec 1791) 5 Jan 1805. S/Joseph Graham, Senír. W/John B. Conway, Henry Dicks#. PS/5 Jan 1805. Dower: Margarett (xH) Graham, w/o Joseph. 5 Jan 1805. Recd 8 Jan 1806.

262 Robert Sessions. $120 to George B. Smith. 20 acres on Maple Sw. (gr. to William Carlisle 7 Jul 1800). 30 Dec 1805. S/Robt. Sessions. W/Melinton Smith, Jesse (xD) Alford. PS/3 Jan 1806. Recd. 23 Jan 1806.

James Newton and Elizabeth Newton, wife. $20 to John Hughes or John Beach. 150 acres (pt. of orig. gr. to Moses Floued, NE side Little Pee Dee on Newtonís Sw.), bd. S and W by Constantine Newton, N and E by John Garrell, Daniel McQueen, John Hughes the younger. 6 Dec 1805. S/James Newton, Elisa (x) Newton. W/Reddick Skipper. PS/10 Feb 1806. Recd. 10 Feb 1806. 263 Andrew Hardy, planter. $80 to Thomas Ready, planter. 210 acres (pt. of gr. to Wm. Hendrick in 1732) on S side Conwayborough to Star Bluff Ferry, bd. N by road, E by vacant land, S and W by Thomas Ready. 20 May 1805. S/Andrew Hardy, Junír. W/Robert Harris#, William Hardee. PS/19 Feb 1806. Recd. 17 Feb 1806.

264 David Anderson. l/a to John Anderson, son. 500 acres (gr. to George Smith, Junír 4 Apr 1796, conv. to David Anderson 24 Nov 1794!) and 635 acres (pt. of gr. to Moses Floyd 5 Mar 1792, conv. 14 Sep 1793) plus livestock. 6 Mar 1806. S/David Anderson. W/Joseph Cox, John Treadwell#. PS/6 Mar 1806. Recd. 6 Mar 1806.

265 David Anderson. l/a to Robert Anderson, son. 442 acres gr. 2 Sep 1793 and 200 acres (pt. of gr. to Moses Floyd 5 Mar 1793, conv. to John Alford 6 Dec 1802, to David Anderson 7 Jul1 804) plus livestock. 6 Mar 1806. S/David Anderson. W/Joseph Cox, John Treadwell#. PS/6 Mar 1806. Recd. 6 Mar 1806.

John Clark. $350 to Peabody Keyes, planter. 500 acres (gr. to Charles Horton 9 Feb 1732) on SE side Waccamaw River, bd. SW by Robert Conway, SE and NE land gr. to Thomas Fearwell, NW on River. 6 Dec 1805. S/John Clark. W/Jean Ludlam, William (x) Smith. PS/4 Mar 1806. Dower: 4 Mar 1806. S/Hannah Clark. Recd. 6 Mar 1806.

266 John Sarvis, Senír, planter. $50 to Benjamin Dorman, Planter. 150 acres between Little Pee and Waccamaw (pt. of gr. of 1100 acres to John Sarvis, Sr., 4 Mar 1793). 17 Mar 1804. S/John Sarvis. W/Arthur Alford, Wilther (x) Sarvis#. PS/24 Mar 1804 Wiltha Sarvis. Dower: Hannah Sarvis 24 Mar 1804.

267 Richard Garrell. $200 to Samuel Garrell. 106 acres on Lake Sw. (gr. to Richard Garrell 7 Nov 1796). 15 Mar 1804. S/Richard Garrell, Ann Garrell. W/David Anderson, Benjamin Garrell#. PS/1 Feb 1806. Recd. 27 Mar 1806.

268 Richard Garrell. $300 to Samuel Garrell. 333 acres on Lake Sw (gr. to Richard Garrell 5 Feb 1798). 15 Mar 1804. S/Richard Garrell, Ann Garrell. W/David Anderson, Junír., Benjamin Garrell#. PS/1 Feb 1806. Recd. 27 Mar 1806.

269 Benjamin Garrell. $200 to Samuel Garrell. 215 acres on Little Pee Dee (gr. to Benjamin Garrell 2 Feb 1801). 1 Jun 1804. S/Benjamin Garrell. W/John Durant, Jonathan Lewis#. PS/15 Mar 1805. Recd. 27 Mar 1806.

270 Henry Long of Horee Distree. $76 to Samuel Garrell. 76 acres on Lake Sw. (gr. to Andrew Hardee 1 Oct 1787, conv. to Henry Long 1 Jan 1793). 15 Dec 1804. s/Henry (x) Long. W/Jonathan Lewis#, Moses Harrelson. PS/15 Mar 1806. Recd. 27 Mar 1806.

271 William Owens and John Williamson, executors of David Owen, dec. $27.75 to Samuel Garrell. 138 acres (pt. of 500 acre gr. to David Owens 2 Feb 1801) on Little Pee Dee.. 18 Jan 1806./ S/William Owen, John Williamson. S/Samíl Porter#, Solomon Owens. PS/17 Jan 1806. Recd. 27 Mar 1806.

272 William Henry Lewis, surviving executor of Samuel Price. 350 lbs to Francis (or es) Marshall and Ann Marshall of Georgetown. 270 acres on Gauseís Swash; land fell to Rebecca Green by death of her father Charles Lewis, Lot #4, bd. NW by Samuel Price and Lot 1, NE by Lot 3, SE on Swash; and 157 acres bd. by vacant land, E by sea, S by Samuel Price, W by George Pawley, NE on vacant land, SW on Charles Lewis, SE on seashore; and 400 acres on Waccamaw Neck, bd. NE by gr. to Daniel Morrall, S land formerly William Gauseís, SE l;and formerly held by Gause & Fitzpatrick, other side vacant; and 300 acres situated on seashore, bd. SW by Samuel Priceís land, NW by Hunterís land, SE by John Lesesne, NE vacant. 1 Feb 1805. S/Wm. H. Lewis. W/Robert Collins, William Grant#. PS/15 Nov 1805. Recd. 27 Mar 1806.

274 Moses Floyd of Claibourn Co., Miss., tract in Kingstown Co. on Mill Sw. (conv. by deed from Moses Floyd, Sr.), 3 miles from Galivants Ferry on Little Pee Dee. S/Moses Floyd. W/Jere Coleman, John Jenkins#. PS/15 Apr 1805. Recd 29 Mar 1805.

Indenture between Jeames Lewis of Craven Co. and David Marler for 5 sh. to sell 100 acres with buildings (pt. of 200 acre tract on Buck Sw), NW side of Waccamat, that part lying on NE side Buck Sw. 8 Aug 1772. S/James Lewis, Charity (x) Lewis. W/William Mesho, David (x) Marler. Receipt. PS/David Marler, Jr. 14 Nov 1772. Recd. 14 Apr 1806.

275 Indenture James Lewis and Charity Lewis, w/o James, and David Marler, planter. 50 lbs. Transfer of above (274) land. 8 Aug 1772. S/Jas. Lewis, Charity (x) Lewis. W/William Mesho, David (x) Marler. PS/David Marler, Jr. 14 Nov 1772. Recd 14 Apr 1806.

277 Indenture 8 Nov 1804 between David Barnhill, Mary Marler and Obedience Marler, and Jesse Smith. $150. 100 acres on Buck Sw. (part of gr of 200 acres to James Lewis, sold to David Marler the elder, devolved to David Marler, Jr., their father. s/David (x) Barnhill, Mary (x) Marler, Obedience (x) Marler. W/Absalom Sessions#, Abel (x) Hux, William (x) Suggs. PS/27 Mar 1806. Recd. 14 Apr 1806.

278 Joseph Prince of Kingstown. 20 lbs to Jesse Smith. 350 acres bd. SE on Thompson Savannah branch and land gr. to Jesse Smith, SW on Pleasant Meadow, pt of James Cushon Jrís land, NW by Benjamin Smith & unknown, NE by Gasguoins br. and gr. to Nicholas Prince, is part of 500 acres gr. to Jospeh Prince 7 May 1798. 28 Dec 1799. S/Joseph (xP) Prince. W/Richard Todd#, Nicholas (xN) Prince. PS/28 Dec 1799. Recd. 14 Apr 1806.

279 Ebenezer Rhame. To wife Sarah Rhame. L/a and for property that was hers. 1/3 of estate of late John Hux to be theirs for her natural life and thereafter to her children. 21 Dec 1805. S/Ebenezer Rhame. W/John Beaty#, Jacob (x) Alford. PS/26 Apr 1806. Recd. 26 Apr 1806.

280 Samuel Grier of Prince Georgeís Parish, planter. 130 lbs to Robert Conway, shop-keeper. 2 Negroes, Peter & Chloe. 9 Feb 1792. S/Samuel Grier. W/John Wilson#. PS/29 Apr 1806. Recd. 29 Apr 1806.

Plat for 1 acre bd. by John James, James Newton for Methodist Church. S/Josiah Lewis John James and Patience James of Kingstown Co., Chinnours Sw. L/gw to Methodists: James Hullam, Richard Green, Jesse Sikes, Abraham Skipper, Thomas Kirton, Robert Jordan and Thomas Humphreys, trustees. 1 acre, part of 300 acres gr. to John James 2 Feb 1786 in Georgetown District, SE corner. 23 Feb 1802. S/John James, Patience (x) James. W/Samuel Lewis, Josiah Lewis#. PS/25 Feb 1802. Recd 5 May 1806.

281 Israel Thompkins of Kingstown Co., Planter. $1. to Thomas Kirton for Methodists: Thomas Kirton, Richard Green, Abraham Skipper, James Hullam, John John [sic] James, George Lewis, Thomas Humphreys. 2 acres, part of 337 acres gr. to James Newton 5 Dec 1796, sold to Israel Thompkins 7 Nov 1798, part thst ďgoes around a corner of John Jamesí land, in trust that they erect a place of worship for Methodist Episcopal Church. 23 Feb 1802. S/Israel (x) Thompkins. W/Josiah Lewis#, Samuel Lewis. PX/25 Feb 1802. Recd 5 May 1806.

282 Plat for above 3 acres. 2 Feb 1802. S/Josiah Lewis. Recd. 5 May 1806. John Beaty of Conwayborough. $60 to Daniels & Durant, merchants. 240 acres gr. to him 3 Mar 1794 on Bay Br. waters of Waccamaw River. Bd. NE, NW & SW by Jacob Andersonís land and other side by vacant land. 4 Sep 1785. S/John Beaty. W/George Durant, Joshue Norman#. PS/16 May 1806. Recd. 16 May 1806.

283 John Sarvis, Senír. Quitclaim to Benjamin Dorman. 160 acres situated W side of Waccamaw River, part of 1100 acres gr. to him 4 May 1793, bd. W by land sold by John Sarvis to John Lews [sic], E by Benjamin Dorman. 26 Dec 1805. S/John Sarvis. W/John Cannon Grainger#, Henry (x) Anderson, Junír. PS/27 Mar 1806. Recd. 17 May 1806.

284 William Carlile & Elizabeth, his wife, planter. $100 to Robert Sessions. 200 acres on Maple Sw. gr. to him 12 Jun 1800, bd. SW & NW by William Graham, NE gr. to persons unknown, gr. to William Singleton, surv. for Thomas Durant. 3 Sep 1803 s/William Carlile, Elizabeth (x) Carlile. W/Thomas Durant#, George Sessions. PS/23 Jul 1806. Recd. 23 Jul 1806.

Indenture 11 Aug 1806 between Robert Chestnut & Wilson Chestnut, loving son. Natural l/a and 35 sh. 3 feather beds and furniture, etc., livestock, tools, crops, retaining life rights. S/Robert Chestnut W/John Hullan#, Matthew Strickalnd. PS/16 Aug 1806. Rece 18 Aug 1806 285 Robert Conway, Shop-keeper. $30 to Elisha Cox for his children, Sarah Ann, Samuel, Elizabeth, William. 4 head cattle. 3 Sep 1806. S/Robert Conway. W/Jon Manning, John B. Conway#. PS/3 Sep 1806. Recd 3 Sep 1806

286 Jonah Lewis. $) to Zachariah Lewis. 50 acres, part of 1000 gr. 7 Feb 1803 to him. 13 Dec 1805. S/.Jonah Lewis. W/Samuel Lewis#, Abraham Skipper. PS/27 Oct 1806. 287 Plat for above [p. 286] S/Josiah Lewis. Recd. 28 Oct 1806. On Brown Sw., bd. by gr. to Davis Causey, gr. to Josiah Lewis

Ear mark aand brand taken by Wm. (x) Smith for his son Daniel. 28 Oct 1806. Recd. 28 Oct 1806

Ear mark and brand. Josiah (x) Buffkin. 14 Nov 1806. Recd. 14 Nov 1806

Ear mark and brand. Wm (x) Smith.d 14 Nov 1806. Recd. 14 Nov 1806

288 Ear mark and brand taken for Lease Buffking by Wm. (x) Smith. 14 Nov 1806. Recd. 14 Nov 1806.

Thomas Sessions, Senír of Bladen Co., NC. $700 to Henry Stephens of same state & co. 2 tracts in Allsaints Parish, Horry District. ddddddddNW side of Little river (one gr. of 300 acres to Beriah Grant 18 Jan 1733, bd. SE on Little River marsh and vacant land; 1 gr. to 375 acres to James Minor 11 Aug 1742, bd. on same marsh, SW by Beriah Grant;s land, NW by Masters Hankins & vacant land) sold at Sheriffís sale in Georgetown 3 Apr 1798 as property of Masters Hanks and purchased by John Rogers, Sr., conveyed to Lewis Hine, then to Thomas Sessions, Senír. 14 Feb 1806. S/Thos. Sessions#, W/T. Sessions#, Robt. Sessions, Isaih [sic] Sessions. PS/Thomas Sessions, Jr. 14 Feb 1806 Recd. 18 Nov 1806

289 John Hardwick. $18 to Samuel Hardwick. 120 acres gr. to Lenvil Hardwick 6 Aug 1798, recíd in Book F#5, p. 355, conveyed by deed to John Hardwick, between Chinnours Sw. & Savanah Cr. and on the meeting house and long branches, bd. NW by Samuel Hardwick and Israel Thompkins, on SE land gr. to Reuben Hartsfield and David Davis. 7 Oct 1806. S/John (x) Hardwick W/John Graham, Junr#, Rebek [i.e., Rebecca] (x) Hardwick. PS/27 Oct 1806. Recd. 18 Nov 1806.

Indenture 8 Jan 1755 between Arthur Baxter, planter, and John Wilson of Prince Georgeís Parish & Croaven Co., planter. 160 lbs. 140 acres in Craven, bd. W by 2 tracts of which 140 is part, with houses, out houses, buildings, barnes, stables, woods, underwoods, timber & timber trees (white pine excepted), ways, paths, water, water courses, profits, commodities, privileges, hereditaments and appurtenances [olat] S/Arthur Baxter, Agnes Baxter. W/John Green,Isaac Roberts. Receipt 8 Feb 1755. PS/15 May 1755. Recd. 18 Nov 1806.

291 Indenture 10 Nov 1756 between John Wilson of Prince Georgeís parish, Co. of Craven, planter, and Isaac Roberts of same. 160 lbs. 140 acres, part of 500 in 2 tracts [See description above] S/John (x) Wilson, Jennet (x) Wilson. W/John Green#, John Jones. Receipt. Plat. PS/15 May 1777. Recd. 18 Nov 1806.

292 Ear mark and brand. 29 Dec 1806 S/Nathel Spivel. Recd 29 Dec 1806

Ear mark and brand for John Gunter, son. 3 Jan 1806. S/Needhom (x) Gunter. Recd. 3 Jan 1807.

Ear mark and brand for son, Samuel Smith. 3 Jan 1806. S/Wm. (x) Smith. Recd 3 Jan 1807

Ear mark and brand 20 Feb 1804. S/Martha (x) Dennis

293 Indenture 22 Dec 1806 between William Smith and Henry Durant, trustee for Daniel Smith, Samuel Smith and William Smith. l/a to his three children, plus 5 sh. His whole estate 337 acres, livestock, household and kitchen furniture to be divided equally, retaining life use. S/William (x) Smith. W/William Johnston, John Beaty#. PS/10 Jan 1807. Recd. 20 Jan 1807.

294 Marion District, SC. Phillip Phillips and Thomas Phillips. 23 Feb 1805. Witnessed that Anthony Sweet, Senír, decd., gave his household and kitchen furniture, 1 horse named Major, riding chair and harness and woman saddle, black cattle to his wife Ruth Prudence Sweet. 4 Oct 1806. S/Phillip Phillips, Thomas Phillips.

Receipt. 14 Aug 1806 from Martha Dennis, w/o William Dennis, full satisfaction for my part of estate of William Dennis. S/Sarah (x) Dennis W/John Sarvis. 20 Feb 1807. Recd 20 Feb 1807

Indenture 19 Feb 1807 between Mary Lee [Senír] and Malichi (xH) Hughes, trustee for John Lee, Mary Hux, Malichi Lee, Samuel Lee, Joseph Lee, Jordan Lee, William Lee, Elly Lee. l/a to named children and for $1. For his daughter Ann and Mary Hux, d/o Abel Hux, all juniper timber; Malichi Lee, cow & heifer; to Samuel 1 cow and yearling; to Joseph 3 yr. old heifer; to Jordan 1 heifer; to William 1 two-year old heifer; to son Elly 2 cows and yearlings; to Joseph bed & bedding; grandchild Ann Lee 1 Heifer and Negro Lidy. Land (100 acres to be sold and money divided among Malichi, Samuel, Joseph, Jordan, and Elly. Mary Lee [younger] to have lifetime use. S/Mary Lee. W/Zebedee Causey, Ebenezer Rhame#. PS/23 Feb 1807. Recd. 23 Feb 1807.

295 Commissioners, John Graham, Senír, Samuel Foxworth, Robert Conway, Thjomas Livingston, William Hemingway, Thomas Fearwell, William Vereen, Samuel Floyd & William Williams. $90.75 to Thomas Crowson. 2 lots #4 and #5 in Conwayborough, incl. fronts across Bay St. 14 May 1803. S/Robert Conway, Thomas Fearwell, William Hemingway, William Foxworth. W/James Dawsey, John Dicks#. PS/4 Mar 1804. Recd. 4 Mar 1807.

296 Rachel Lewis, who binds herself for her youngest dau. Sarah, J. Hemningway, Martha C. Lewis, and Eliza Lewis of SC and James Russ of NC, to heirs of Wm. Henry Lewis, dec. for division of estate. 23 Jan 1807. Div. 16th inst. sRachel Lewis, J. Hemingway, James Russ, Martha C. Lewis, Eliza Lewis. W/John Rogers, Senír# PS/23 Jan 1807. Recd. 7 Mar 1807

297 Robert Conway. 300 lbs. to John Hughes, planter. 500 acres SE side Waccamaw River, adjoining land of Peabody Keyes (formerly of John Wilson, dec.); 150 acres SE Waccamaw R., est. of Alexander Wilson and others; 8 lots in Conway:lot 135 (whereon I now live), 130, 75, 76, 134, 42, 29 (when Daniel & Durant give up lease on 29) 25 Mar 1807. S/Robert Conway W/John Meshoe#, James Bone, Moses MIliken. PS [nd] Recd 25 Mar 1807

298 William Johnston, Deputy Surveyor. 16 lbs, 13 sh., 4 p. to John Russ of Maarion Dist. Deputy Surveyor. 400 acres NE side Little Pee Dee, N side Brownís Sw., part of tract of 1975 acres originally gr. to Benjamin Moore and Edward Russ 5 Apr 1790 (400 acres) conveyed to William Johnston by deed 30 Oct 1802 by Mary Russ, widow of Edward Russ 10 Oct 1805. S/William Johnston W/John Graham, Senír#. S/PS/27 Mar 1807

Elizabeth Johnston, w/o William Johnston quitclaim on above property to James McCracken. 12 Sep 1806. S/Elizabeth Johnston. Recd 27 Mar 1807

299 Peter Lewis of Georgetown Dist., acting for Frederic Lewis, dec. 100 lbs to William Henry Lewis of Horry Dist. 196 @ by james Smith re-survey. Bd. by line running from Sea NW 46_o_, another S 66_o_, W on land bought by William Henry Lewis form Capt. Samuel Price est., line S 44_o_ E to Sea and Sea. 17 Jan 1805 S/Peter Lewis. W/Charles Fullwood, Thos. Hemingway#. PS/28 Mar 1807. Recd. 28 Mar 1807

Charles Skipper and Amy Skipper, for love of God and His people, to James Lewis, Josiah Lewis, John James, Thomas Kirton, Abraham Skipper, Benjamin Sellers, Richard Green, Thopmas Durant and William Hemingway, Methodist trustees. 1 @, pt. of 500@ gr. to Charles Skipper 7 Jul 1800 on NE sie Little Pee Dee, S side of Lake Swamp. 30 Jun 1803. S/Charles Skipper, Amy (x) Skipper. W/Arthur Skipper#, William James. PS/7 Apr 1806. Plat [p. 300] of survey. 25 Jun 1803 S/Josiah Lewis. Recd. 13 Apr 1807.

300 William McQueen and Judith McQueen. L/GS/A to God and people called Methodist, to Richard Galivant, William Palmer, David Rowland, William McQueen, James Galevant, Peter Skipper and Daniel McQueen, trustees. 1 @, pt. of large tract gr. to John Russ, and conveyed through several hands to said William McQueen. NE side Little Pee Dee, N side Savanah C., and on head of Piney Br., a prong of Howells Br. 22 Mar 1806. S/William McQueen, Judith McQueen. W/Ezekial Skipper#, Nathan (x) Hardwick. PS/7 Apr 806. Plat S/D. Rowland 22 Mar 1806. Recd 13 Apr 1807.

302 Josiah Lewis, Dept. Surveyor. $375 to Zebedee Causey & Owen Causey. 2000 @ (1 tract gr. to Ezekiel Hill 500@; 2 gr. to Josiah Lewis 7 Feb 1803 of 1000 each; small piece of 1958@ gr. to David Causey 6 May 1793, piece lying between Bay & Brown Sw. One tract rept. to incl. 100@ gr. to Thomas Parker and part gr. surv. for Benjamin Moore and Edward Russ. Josiah Lewis secured right to these. 13 Jan 1807. S/Josiah Lewis. W/Samuel Lewis#, Abraham Skipper. PS/26 Mar 1807. DowerĒ Mrs. Mary Lewis, w/o Josiah. 14 Aug 1807. S/Mary Lewis. Recd. 27 Oct 1807.

303 William Snow. $30 to Elizabeth Mansfield. 100@ pineland & 120@, part of 1166@ gr. to William Snow. Bd. NW by David Anderson, Jr., other sides by William Snowís land. 27 Oct 1807. S/Wm. Snow. W/John Sarvis#, Richard Green, Senír. Receipt. PS/13 Nov 1807. Plat 100@ surv. 7 Oct 1807 S/Wm. Hemingway. Recd. 13 Nov 1807.

304 Samuel N. Snow of Kingstown Co., planter. $20 to Jesse Alford. 100@ gr. to William Snow, pt. of 1162@ grant, bd. by land surv. for Vard Causey, Grahamís land, & all other sides by William Snow. 9 Dec 1807. S/Samuel Snow W/Christopher (x) Holmes. PS/9 Dec 1807. Plat 28 Nov 1807 S/Wm. Hemingway. Recd 9 Dec 1807.

Edward Connor. Quitclaim to William Hemingway. 200@ on Pleasant Meadow Sw. waters of Little Pee Dee, all sides vacant at time of survey, gr. 7 May 1798. 28 Oct 1807. S/Edward Connor W/Antíy Pawley. PS/7 Dec 1807. Recd. 7 Dec 1807

305 William Snow. $20 to Vard Caseway. 105@, all pine land, prt. of 1166@ gr. to William Snow. 27 Oct 1807. S/Wm. Snow. W/John Sarvis#, Richard Garrell. Receipt. PS/17 Dec 1807. Plat [p. 306] 6 Oct 1807 S/Wm. Hemingway. Recd. 17 Dec 1807.

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