CONVEYANCES 1811-1837, 1849

Abstracted by Catherine H. Lewis

aff. affidavitbd. bounded
l/a love and affectionl/a/gw love, affection, good will
recd. recordedrect. receipt
PS probate statementS/ signed
W/ witnesses 


1 John Johnston to son John Johnston or heirs (to return to nearest blood heir) GW/A. Slaves, livestock. 2 May 1810. S/James Johnston W/James Johnston, Patrick Lewis. PS/John Johnston, Junr. S/James Johnston 27 Mar 1811. Rect., 23 Jan 1807 for payment of interest of Ann Conway. S/John B. Conway W/Thomas Crowson, Susanah Crowson#. Recd. 28 May 1811.

2 Antony Chanet to Mary Louisa Emile Gerardeau and her two children, Alette and Anthony. Regard and 5 sh. In trust for children. Slaves. 26 Dec 1810 at Little River. s/Catharine Chanet, Anthony Chanet. W/J. Lalanne, Cadet Rollegaignee. PS/2 Jan 1811. Recd 18 Mar 1811

3 Moses Floyd to Joshua Long. Quitclaim to 450 acres, pt. of large gr. to Moses Floyd on both sides Bug Swamp. Bd. by gr. to David Anderson, John Alford, Hilling, William Alford, Joshus Josiah Anderson Long. 21 Jan 1811 S/Mosses (xMF) Floyd. W/James Crouch#, William Alfrod. PS/21 Jan 1811. Recd 28 Mar 1811.

Mosses Floyd and John Sarvis, his beloved son-in-law. Deed of gift for l/a and $1. All my land, one horse saddle and bridle, 2 beds, cattle, equipment, tools. S/Mosses (xMF) Floyd. W/David Durant, Jere Crouch#, Samuel (x) Sing. 29 Dec 1810. Recd 28 Mar 1811.

5 Josiah Lewis, Mary Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Eliner Roberts & Susanna Lewis to John Sarvis. $325. Slave. 21 Jan 1811. S/Josiah Lewis, Mary Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Elender Roberts, Susanna Lewis. W/Joshue Johnston# PS/22 Feb 1811. Recd 28 Mar 1811

6 Mosses Harrelson of Georgetown District and Josiah Harrelson. Indenture. 20 libs. sterling 200 @ NE side Drowning Cr. on the long branch. Bd NE on Josiah Harrelson, being pt. of 3,390 acres gr. to William Norton 4 Jun 1792, conveyed to Moses Harrelson. 15 Aug 1801. S/Moses Harralson. W/William (x) Walker, Josiah Harrelson#, Hardy Lewis. PS/17 Mary 1802 Recd 29 Mar 1811

7 Sarah Harris, widow, to dau. Lovice Brinson. L/A. 156 @ orginally gr. to Charles Harris (deceased husband), set on Kingston Lake & White Oak Sw., being widown’s _1_/_3_ or 78 acres and _1_/_2_ of rest purchased from Moses Milligan by deed 28 Jun 1807 and from James Barnhill, deed 21 Jun 1807 of 39 @ each. For drink, washing and lodging for life and support of daughter, cloe Harris. 10 Jan 1811. S/Sarah (x) Harris W/Wm. Hemingway, George B. Smith# PS/15 Jan 1811. Recd 30 Mar 1811

8 Josiah Rogers to Mrs. Mary McIlroy. Interest in deed made by John Rogers, Senr. of Brittons Neck to his sons Joseph, William, Jesse, Jonah and Silas, also claim to estate of John Holmes of Waccamaw District, also shot gun. 22 Mar 1811 S/Josiah Rogers W/Ebinezer Singleton# PS/All Saints Parish 4 Apr 1811 Recd 6 Apr 1811

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