CONVEYANCES 1811-1837, 1849

Abstracted by Catherine H. Lewis


1 Atlantic Coast Lumber Co. Bill of sale & assignment. Special Master and others. Samuel Norris Purchaser [Book RR Page 500, 7 Sep 1903] Indenture, George H. Moffitt, Special Master, first part, Freeman S. Forr, Alfred P. Thom & Edward J. Hawthorne, Receivers of ACL, second part, ACL, third part, Samuel Norris, purchaser, 4th part. $50,000 and assumption of outstanding debts. S/all parties. W/Charles Mac Veagh, Allen Wardwell.

19 Samuel Norris to Atlantic Coast Lumber Corporation. [Book RR, p. 520] Bill of sale and assignment. $1 and other valuable considerations. All assets conveyed in Masters sale. 20 Aug 1903 W/Hall Park McCullough, Vivian Spencer.

27 Jane Cawsey, Senior, widow, to Josiah Lewis. $400. 2000 acres purchased by Zebedee & Owen Causey from Josiah Lewis 13 Jan 1807. 24 May 1814. w/Owen Causey, Samuel Lewis. S/ Jane (x) Causey.

28 Statement by John Beaty, Senr, and John Mishoe Senr that they witnessed conveyance of title to land on Brown Swamp that Zebedee & Owen Causey purchased from Josiah Lewis. 30 Dec 1816.

29 Moses Barker, Senr. L/a to son Moses Barker, Junior. 100 acres (upper part of 200 acre tract sold by Absalom Sessions to Moses Barker, part of 900 acres sold by James & Thomas Atkins to Jacob Volk, Jr.) on SE side of Kingston Lake Sw. 20 Nov 1816. S/Moses (x) Barker. W/John Durant, Thomas Durant. AFF. Thomas Durant, Jr. 27 Sep 1817. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

30 Moses Barker. Senr. L/a to son-in-law Robt. Anderson, dau. Mary Anderson, his wife. 100 acres (lower part of 200 acres, see above] SE side Kingston Lake Sw. 20 Nov 1816. S/Moses (x) Barker. W/ John Durant, Thomas Durant. Aff. Thomas Durant 27 Sep 1817. Recd 13 Oct 1817. 31 N. Dennis. Stock mark: swallowfork in each ear and underbit in one ear. 13 Oct 1817. S/N. Dennis. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

John Paul. Stock mark: swallowfork and underbit in each ear. 13 Oct 1817. S/ John (x) Paul. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

Abraham King, Snr. of Georgetown District to James Prince. ____ Pounds Sterling. 100 acres on Pleasant Meadows Sw. (granted to John Edwards 24 Jun 1793) S/ Abraham King, Esther King. W/ Isaac Skipper, Abraham King. Aff. Abraham King, Jr. 7 May 1794. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

32 James Prince and Ruth Prince. $125. Quitclaim to Nicholas Prince, Senr. Tract on Pleasant Meadow, surv. for John Edwards. 24 Apr 1801. S/ James (x) Prince, Ruth R. Prince. W/ Rd. Todd, John Smithart. Aff. Rd. Todd 30 Jul 1801. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

33 James Smith, surveyor of Brunswick Co., NC, to Nicholas Prince of Prince George Parish, Kingston Dist., SC. 17 pounds sterling. 169 acres (gr. to James Smith 2 Jul 1787) in Georgetown Dist., bd. SE by William King, other by vacant lands S/ James Smith. W/ Wm. (x) Davis, James (x) Prince. Aff. James (x) Prince 25 Aug 1791. Recd. 13 Oct 1817.

34 William Richardson, Sen. to Richard Singleton. $150. 575 acres (gr. to Josiah Lewis 4 Jul 1803) lying on NE side of Little Pee Dee River in Gunters Islands on Millers Grave Sw, Boggy Sw, Blacks Bluff. 26 May 1817. S/ William Richardson. W/ Robert R. Sessions, A. Jordan, Jr. Aff: Robert R. Sessions 26 May 1817. Dower: Mary (x) Richardson, wife of William Richardson. 2 Jun 1817. Recd. 13 Oct 1817.

36 Charity Reynolds. Deed of gift for l/gw/a to dau. Annis Reynolds. $200. 14 Oct 1817. S/ Charity Reynolds. W/ Samuel (x) Causey, Isham Reynolds. Aff: Isham Reynolds 13 Nov 1817. Recd. 13 Nov 1817.

37 Robt. Daniel to John B. Watson of NC. Mortgage for $300, due 1 Nov 1817. One negro man named G. Buss, about 25. 22 May 1817. S/ R. Daniel. W/ Wm. D. Bryan, J. P.

Promissory note R. Daniel to John B. Watson $300. 22 May 1817. Promissory note R. Daniel to John B. Watson $10.50. 22 May 1817. Aff: Wm. D. Bryan 14 Jun 1817.

38 Amelia Hankins to Robert Daniel, Jr. $400. Negro man Sam. 14 Oct 1815. S/ Amelia Hankins. W/ John Bessent, Jr. Aff: John Bessant, Junr., All Saints Parish. 17 Oct 1815. Assigned to Joseph Watts. __ Sep 1817. Recd. 21 Nov 1817.

Charles Skipper to John Mains. $25. 100 acres (part of tract of 500 acres gr. to Charles Skipper ;7 Jul 1?00. 14 Oct 1817. S/ Charles Skipper. W/ John (x) Lamb, Sory (x) Redman. Recd 18 Dec 1817. Aff: John Lamb 10 Dec 1817.

39 John Beaty, Sheriff, to Richard Singleton. $25. 300 acres [Josiah Collins’ old field in Socastee], sold for debt to William Johnston of $30 plus $6.15 ¾, damage & costs). 3 Oct 1814. S/ John Beaty. W/ John B. Conway, Henry Durant. Aff: John B. Conway 2 Feb 1815. Recd. 21 Dec 1817.

41 Spicey Thompson to John Thompson. $125. 375 acres (part of gr. of 1,000 acres to John Cox, 1792, on Buck Creek Sw.), bd. by Ann Cox, John Thompson, Olivers Camp Branch, Stephen Faircloth. 20 Feb 1818. S/ Spicey (x) Thompson. W/ James G. Cochran, Edward G. Conner. Aff: Edward G. Conner 9 Mar 1818. Recd. 10 Mar 1818.

42 James Barnhill to Linnell & Winslow of Mass. Mortgage for $130 on 253 acres and livestock due 25 Dec 1818. 30 Mar 1818. S/ James (x) Barnhill. W/ James Edge, Elijah Crosby. Aff: James Edge 30 Mar 1818. Recd. 6 Apr 1818.

43 Reuben Tomkins to brother William Tomkins. L/gw. [Livestock]. 15 May 1809. S/ Reubin Tomkins. W/ Samuel Lewis, Susannah Lewis, Elizabeth (x) Tomkins. Aff: Samuel Lewis 1 Apr 1818. Recd 13 Oct 1818.

44 Magdilena Larymore to dau. Duesdemoney Larymore. L/a/gw. 139 acres on which she resides on Socastee, plus [livestock and household goods]. __ ___ 1818. S/ Magdelena (x) Larymore. W/ Philip Elkes, James Holmes. Aff: Philip Elkes 24 Oct 1818. Recd. 29 Oct 1819.

Matthias Vaught, Jr. to son John Vaught. L/a. [Livestock, household & kitchen furniture]. 12 Oct 1818. S/ Matthias Vaught. W/ John Thompson, Jordan (x) Hughs. Aff: John Thompson 14 Nov 1818. Recd. 20 Nov 1818.

46 Nathaniel Bell of Jefferson Co., GA. to John Bellamy, Jr. $350. 247 acres on Little River (formerly owned by Alexander Dunn, decd.) bd. by John Bellamy, Little River, Atlantic Ocean and marsh (formerly owned by Alexander Dunn; his widow Hannah, now Hannah Bell, wife of Nathaniel Bell, and Alexander and Horace Dunn, inf. sons, dying without issue intestate). S/ Natha_l_ Bell. W/ Richard Green, Sr., Wm. Gore. Aff. Wm. Gore 18 Nov 1818. Recd 20 Nov 1818.

47 James Altman, Sr. to John Maining. $100. 100 acres (orig. gr. to Martha Jayroe 2 Jul 1792) on NE side Little Pee Dee River on Dwights Sw. 30 Oct 1818. S/ James (x) Altman. W/ S. G. Singleton, Isaac Ludlam. Recd. 20 Nov 1818.

48 Drury Pitman to Benjamine Dorman. $40. 150 acres (part of tract gr. to Hardy Garrett 7 Aug 1797) on Howton Branch, Cow Camp Branch. 19 Mar 1813. S/ Drury Pitman. W/ John C. Grainger, John McPherson. Aff: John C. Grainger 11 Oct 1815. Recd 20 Nov 1818

49 George B. Smith and Charity, his wife. Separation and divorce. 17 Apr 1819. S/ George B. Smith, Charity (x) Smith. W/ R. R. Sessions, Joseph Sessions.

50 Thomas S. King & Maria King, his wife, marriage agreement; Silvius Sweet, trustee. 400 acres, bd. by David Durant, Joseph Durant, James Singleton, bethel Durant & John Durant, plus [slaves, livestock, and property of Henry Durant, minor, son of Maria King by previous marriage. 22 May 1823. S/ Thomas S. King, Maria King, Silvius Sweet. W/ Henry Durant, Martha Durant. Aff: Henry Durant 6 Jun 1823.

53 Thomas S. King to Maria King, his wife, permission to become sole and separate trader. $100 paid by Silvius Sweet. 22 May 1823. S/ Thomas S. King, Maria King, Silvius Sweet. W/ Henry Durant, Martha Durant. Receipt for $100 by Thomas S. King. 22 May 1823. Recd. 7 Jun 1823. 56 Joseph Jenkins set free olf negro man named Sambo 1 Nov 1816. W/Wm. Johnson (Johnston), Joseph Lewis S/ Joseph Jenkins. Recd 4 Feb 1817

57 Abimblick Williams, Sr. to son Abimblick Williams, Junr. $250. 500 acres (upper part of 4,000 acres gr. to William Timmons) NE side of Little Pee Dee River, bd. by Daniel Pipkins, George Skinner, land claimed by Sothern Alford, John Williams, land sold to William Sineath by R. Wm. Timmons. 22 Jan1816. S/ Abimelek Williams. W/ John Manning, Francis Sineath. Aff. John Manning 30 Oct 1817. Recd 30 Oct 1817.

58 Thomas Maye to John Thompson. $50. 100 acres (part of gr. to John Cox, 20 Jul 1792) S side Buck Creek at Camp Br. 2 Oct 1815. S/ Thomas Maye, Elizabeth Maye. W/ Jacob Johnson, Spicey (x) Thompson. Aff. Jacob Johnson 5 Jul 1817. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

James Woodward, Senr., planter to James Woodward, Jr. $100. 300 acres W side of Waccamaw River, bd. by river, William H. Gregory’s land, M. Smith, unknown, Richard Green. 7 Apr 1817. S/ James Woodward, Sr., Mary (x) Woodward. W/ David Williams, Benjamin Singleton. Aff: Benjamin Singleton 2 Jun 1817. Recd 2 Jun 1817.

60 John Skipper, planter, to Redick Skipper. $50. 100 acres (part of gr. to Constantine Newton 3 Oct 1719 (!), sold to John Skipper 12 Oct 1811) NE side Little Pee Dee River on Chinners Sw., bd. by Abraham Skipper, Arthur Skipper, rest of large tract. 20 Mar 1813. S/ John (x) Skipper. W/ Allen Allen , _____ Johnston, Sam Lewis. Aff: Samuel Lewis 6 Oct 1817.

61 Willis Rawls to Thomas Gerrall. $700. One negro boy, Elick, age 18. 16 Sep 1819. S/W. Rawls, Margaritte (x) Rawls. W/ Samuel Floyd, Minr., Arthur H. Crawford. Aff: Samuel Floyd 24 Sep 1819. Recd 25 Sep 1819.

Bryant Jernigan to John Grainger. $410. 400 acres (part of two tracts: 50 from 300 acres surv. for David Page 25 Sep 1784; 350 from 600 acre tract surv. for David Page 16 Apr 1788, adj. plantation where David Page formerly lived) NE side of Drowning Creek near Gapway Sw. on Poplar Branch, a br. that runs through John Rawl’s plantation. 20 Sep 1817. S/ Briant (x) Jernigan. W/ David (x) Jernigan, Goldesberry Grainger. Aff: Goldesberry Grainger 27 Jan 1818.

63 Willis Rawls to Thomas Garrell. $600. [315 acres total] 100 acres on S side of Lake Swamp (gr. to John Woodbury, Sr.) and 67 acres (part of gr. to James Dawsey) plus tract on S side Lake Sw. 148 acres. 17 Mar 1814. S/ Willis Rawls. W/ John Graham, Samuel Graham. Aff: John Graham 14 May 1818. Recd. 14 May 1818.

64 Samuel Floyd to dau. Ara. GW/a. Negro girl Edith. 12 Apr 1818. S/ Samuel Floyd. W/ Francis Floyd, Cornelius Floyd. Aff: Frs. Floyd 12 Apr 1818. Recd 14 May 1818.

65 [Joshwa Stephens & Mary (x) Stephens, his wife] receipt to Elisha Tillman for interest in estate of Archibal Stewart, decd., requesting Joseph DeWitt, adm. of estate, to settle with Tillman. S/ Joshwa Stephens, Mary (x) Stephens. W/ William Mikelduff, John Tillman. Aff: William McKelduff 13 Apr 1818.

Receipt of Elisha Tinor to Joseph DeWitt, Jr., adm. of estate of Arch_d_ Stewart, for negro wench Patience, drawn by Joshwa Stephens in division held this day, also 2 head of cattle, by name Whiteback and a calf and cow named Harp. S/ Elisha Tinor. Recd 14 May 1818.

Joseph Jenkins, Esqr. to James Ellis of Columbus County, NC. 825 acres in different tracts: 100 acres (part of 350 acres gr. to Thomas Jenkins 14 Jul 1771); 12 acres (part of 150 acres gr. to Ruben Hardsfield); 46 acres (surv. 18 Mar 1816 for Joseph Jenkins); 332 acres (part of 2777 acres gr. to Moses Floyd 5 Sep 1791); 104 acres (gr. to Joseph Jenkins 1 Apr 1793), all NE side Little Pee Dee River N side of Chinners Sw. 15 Oct 1816. S/ Joseph Jenkins. W/ Josiah Lewis, Willis James. Aff: Josiah Lewis 16 Mar 1818. Recd. 14 May 1818. [plat drawing]

68 Abraham Page to John Grainger. Mortgage for $104.25, due 1 Jan 1820. 837 acres in 2 surveys: 500 on NE side of Drowning Cr. near head of Poplar; 337 acres NE side of Drowning Creek, S side of Gapway Sw. Tupelo Br. 24 Mar 1818. S/ Abraham Page. W/ B. Buffking, Goldsberry Grainger. Aff: Benjamin Buffking 5 Sep 1818.

69 Thomas Wallace, cooper to Zecariah Allen, planter. $50. 130 acres (part of 1,000 acres gr. to Josiah Lewis 2 Dec 1805), bd. by John Jordon, Zecariah Allen. __ Jul 1818. S/ Thomas Wallace. W/ John Mishoe Jr., Jonathan Baker. Recd 20 Jun 1818. Aff: Jonathan I. Baker 25 Jul 1818. Recd. 18 Jul 1818.

70 Elizabeth King to dau-in-law Jain [Jane] Branton. L/A. [Livestock and household goods] 1 Jul 1818. S/ Elizabeth (x) King. W/ Richard Green, Joel Bishop. Recd. 23 Jul 1818. Aff: Richard Green 13 Jul 1818.

71 Alexius Mador Forster of All Saints Parish, Horry Dist. to Solomon Sessions of Georgetown. $1,390. [603 acres in tracts lying between Little River and the Atlantic Ocean in Frinks Neck] 247 acres (formerly owned by Alexander Dunn, decd., bd. by G. Dwight, Atlantic Ocean & marsh, Vard Forster, Little River), 200 acres, bd. by land formerly belonging to estate of Harris & Harrot, the Sound. 156 acres, bd. by Little River, land owned by Tomas Clarday. 25 Aug 1817. S/ Alx_s_ M. Forster. W/ Josias T. Sessions, James C. Darby. Dower: Elizabeth Forster, wife. 20 Apr 1818. S/ Eliza A. Foster. Recd 23 Jul 1818.

72 Josiah Lewis. Stock mark: poplar leaf in left ear & slit and underbit in right, which mark I have given 30 years or more. 18 Sep 1818. Recd 18 Sep 1818.

73 Elizabeth King to dau-in-law Mary Brunton. L/a. [Livestock and Household goods] 13 Jul 1818. S/ Elizabeth (x) King. W/ Richard Green, Joel Bishop. Recd. 23 Jul 1819. Aff: Capt. Richard Green 13 Jul 1818.

Richard Garrell to Joseph Vaught. $700. One negro woman Handy. 23 May 1818. S/ Richard Gerrel. W/ D. M. Edge, Thomas D. Todd. Aff: Daniel M. Edge 28 Jan 1819. Recd 12 Mar 1819.

74 James Smith, Jr., planter, to Thomas Smith, Snr. $125. 200 acres (part of 400 gr. to Col. William Walles known as Macks old field, conv. to sundries & lastly bought by James Smith, Jr.) 24 Jan1818. S/ James Smith. W/ J. B. Bruord, Samuel Sellers. Aff: J. B. Brouard, Jr. 17 Oct 1818. Recd 29 Oct 1818.

75 Lydia Rials to children Handy Rials, Daniel Rials, William Rials, Biggars Rials and Mary Main. [Division of goods] Brother Daniel Chestnut appt. guardian. 5 Jan 1818. S/ Lidian (x) Rials. W/ Thomas Thompson, Isaac Ludlam. Aff: Thomas Thompson “saw Lidia Barnhill” sign. 23 May 1818. Recd 25 May 1818.

76 Sarah Tomkins, Snr., widow of Sarah (sic) Tomkins, late of Horry Dist., decd., Elizabeth Tomkins, Zilphah Lewis, William & Susannah Newton, & Sarah Tomkins, Jr., heirs of Israel Tomkins, decd. to William Tomkins. Quitclaim to 100 acres on Brunson Sw., his share of estate. S/ Sarah Tomkins, Elizabeth Tomkins, Zilphah Lewis, William Newton, Susanah Newton, Sarah Tomkins. W/ Josiah Lewis, James Booth. Aff: Josiah Lewis 7 Sep 1818.

77 James D. Ellis to William Gore. $50. 200 acres in 2 tracts: Hickman’s tract in Brunswick Co., NC; tract bd. on John Standland’s land, purchased at Sheriff’s sale. 21 Mar 1818. S/ James D. Ellis. W/ Wm. D. Bryan, Thos. S. Clardy. Aff: Thomas S. Clardy 13 Oct 1818. Recd 29 Oct 1818.

79 Rebakeh Green to Wm. Gore, Sr. One negro man named Friday. 3 Mar 1813. S/ Rebekah Green. W/ Joseph H. Atwater, William D. Bryan. Aff: Wm. A. D. Bryan 17 Oct 1818. Daniel Thompson to William Gore. $350 “some years past”. Negro woman Affy. 17 May 1815. s/ Daniel Thomas. W/ Lydia Green, Thomas Frinks. Aff: Thomas Frinks 19 Oct 1818. Recd 22 Oct 1818.

81 Elizabeth Bigelow of City of Charleston to William Gore. $125. 500 acres in All Saints Parish, bd. by William Gore, William Bryant. 3 Jun 1816. S/ Elizabeth Bigelowe. W/ J. B. Brouard, John Julius Gause. Aff: J. B. Brouard 17 Oct 1818.

82 Thomas Singleton of Georgetown Dist. to William Gore. 60 pounds sterling. 100 acres Cedar Cr. branch of Little River (gr. to James Elkes, conv. to James Stanland, to Thomas Singleton) bd. by Spears, John Vaught, Masters Hankins, Cyprian Begelow. 5 Jun 1816. S/ Thomas Singleton. W/ William D. Bryan, Josias Bessant. Aff: William D. Bryan 17 Oct 1818.

83 Daniel Thomas to William Gore. $700. Negro boy about 7 named Tom, girl named Polly, about 5. 2 Oct 1818. S/ Daniel Thomas. W/ Thomas Smith, Wm. D. Bryan. Aff: Wm. A. D. Bryan 22 Oct 1818.

84 Daniel Thomas to William Gore, Sr. $400. One negro man Cleor. __ ___ 1815. S/ Daniel Thomas. W/ Lydia Green, Thos. Frink. Aff: Thos. Frink 27 Oct 1818.

85 Daniel Thomas, formerly of Horry Dist., to William Gore, planter. $400. One negro boy about 15 named Jacob. 13 Mar 1816. S/ Daniel Thomas. W/ Josiah Bessent, Jonathan J. Gore. Aff: Jonathan J. Gore 12 Oct 1818.

86 Benjamin Buffkin to John Grainger. Mortgage for $155 due 1 April 1818 [sic]. 188 acres on fork of Tupelo Br., bd. by Wm. Hill and [stock and goods] 1 Apr 1818. S/ B. Buffkin. W/ Samuel Grainger, Goldsberry Grainger. Aff: Samuel Grainger 15 May 1817.

87 Dennis J. Standland and James Standland, farmer to Elias Standland, planter. $60. 10-0 acres on Waccamaw, bd. by James Smith, Jr., Bigelow, Robt. Daniel (formerly Jacob Stanley, Sr.). 2 Feb 1818. S/ Dennis (x) J. Standland, James (x) Standland. W/ A. R. Smith, Jacob J. Standland. Aff: A. Smith 13 Apr 1818.

88 Samuel Johnston to John C. Grainger. $300. One small negro girl Silva. 20 Oct 1818. S/ Samuel Johnston. W/ Felix Powell, Gilbert Powers. Recd 27 Oct 1818.

John Litchfield and Mary Brown, Ebenezer Singleton, trustee. Marriage settlement concerning property from the will of her grandfather John Singleton, now in possession of her mother, Mary Brown, Sr. S/ John Litchfield, Mary (x) Brown, Ebinezer Singleton. W/ William McKilduff, John (x) Brown. Recd. 2 Nov 1818. Aff: John Brown 23 Jun 1819. Recd 23 Jun 1819.

90 Daniel Kirton to James D. Ellis. $75. 400 acres (part of 1500 gr. to William Skipper 1 Aug 1791) E side of Little Pee Dee in Gunters Islands above Black’s Bluff. 9 Sep 1818. S/ Daniel Kirton. W/ Thomas Kirton, Wm. James Ellis. Recd. 13 Aug 1819. Aff: Thomas (x) Kirton 31 Jul 1818.

Daniel Kirton to James D. Ellis. $23. Land on road from Galivants Ferry to Chinners Sw. bridge, bd. byJoseph Jenkins, Orchard’s old field. 9 Sep 1818. S/ Daniel Kirton. W/ Wm. J. Ellis, Thomas Kirton. Recd. 13 Aug 1819. Aff: Thomas (x) Kirton 31 Jul 1819.

91 John Cosway, planter, to John Brunson, planter. $100 for 200 acres, land surv. for Wm. Hendrick on Todd Sw. 17 Dec 1818. S/John Causey. W/Joseph Hardee, Benjamin Milligan#. PS/21 Dec 1818. Recd 21 Nov(!) 1818

92 Josiah Lewis to grandson Josiah Lewis Roberts. Stock mark: 2 underbits in each ear. 2 Sep 1819.

Josiah Lewis to grandau. (Matilda) Mataldyene Lewis. Stock Mark: a slit and underbit in each ear. 6 Sep 1819.

Samuel Garrell to William McQueen, Junr. $200. Negro girl Esther Johann. 15 Oct 1812. S/ Samuel Garrell. W/ Daniel McQueen, Daniel Johnston. Aff: Daniel Johnston 15 Oct 1812. Recd 2 Nov 1819.

93 Willis Rawls to John Hall. $300. Negro boy Tom. 3 Nov 1812. S/ W. Rawls. W/ John Harlee, William McQueen. Aff: William McQueen 5 Nov 1819. Recd 5 Nov 1819.

94 James Graham to wife, Elizabeth. Gw/a. All land & household goods, certain slaves. To dau. Jane, slaves; to dau. Maretia, slaves; dau. Elizabeth, slaves; son John, claves; son William, slaves, dau. Sarah Ann, slaves. 6 May 1817. S/ James Graham. W/ William H. Grice, John Gunter. Aff. Wm. H. Grice. 22 Oct 1817. Recd 5 Nov 1819.

95 William T. Elsworth of All Saints Parish to Arthur R. Smith. $35. 100 acres W side Inyed (?) Br., bd. by Arthur R. Smith, Bigelow, province line. 22 Aug 1818. S/ William T. Elsworth. W/ Wm. A. D. Bryan, John Bellamee, Senr. Aff. William A. D. Bryan 2 Nov 1818. Recd. 29 Oct 1818.

96 John (x) Paul. Stock mark: swallowfork and underbit in each ear. 25 Nov 1818. Recd. 25 Nov 1818.

Isaac Skipper to John Gunter. $24. 25 acres (pt. of 450 acres gr. to James Dawsey 5 Sep 1791) NE side Little Pee Dee River. 23 Oct 1819. S/ Isaac Skipper. W/ Peter Skipper, Jr., Duke Skipper. Aff. Peter Skipper, Jr. 20 Nov 1819. Plat.

97 Survey of 25 acres (pt. of tract of 450 acres gr. to James Dawsey 5 Sep 1791) NE side of Little Pee Dee River. 21 Oct 1819. S/ Josiah Lewis, D. S. Recd 2 Nov 1819.

Willis Rawls to Thomas Garrell. $700. Negro boy Elick, age 18. 16 Sep 1819. S/ W. Rawls, Marguritte (x) Rawls. W/ Samuell Floyd Min_r_., Arthur H. Crawford. Aff. Samuell Floyd 24 Sep 1819.

98 John Thompson to Jonathan Linnell, survivor of Linnell and Winslow. $99.61 mortgage for debt. 500 acres (gr. to Wm. Moye 1 Jul 1801, sold by Benjn. Moye to William Smith, Jr. 15 Jan 1815, by said Smith to Thompson) on Little Buck Cr, less 100 acres sold to Edward Conner. 16 Jun 1820. S/ John Thompson. W/ P. Vaught, John Harris, Jr. Aff. P[eter] Vaught 17 Jun 1820. Recd. 17 Jul 1820.

99 Daniel Vareen, All Saints Parish, planter, to William McHelduff. $55. 200 acres on Long Bay, bd. by est. of John Holmes, Mr. Withers. On death of Mrs. Mary Vereen, widow of my brother Charles Vereen, who left me the land by his will. 16 Aug 1817. S/ Daniel Vereen. W/ Masters Russ, T. Hemmingway. Recd. 6 Mar 1820. Aff. T. Hemingway 17 Apr 1818. Dower: Ester (x) Vereen, wife of Daniel Vereen. 3 ___ 1818. Recd. 6 Mar 1820.

100 James Gramham to wife Delisle during widowhood, then to heirs [not named]. L/gw/a. 407 acres where I now live”, [slaves, livestock, kitchen and household furniture, work tools]. 8 Apr 1820. W/ William Gramham, Robert Gramham.

101 Jesse Jones to daus. Dolly and Nancy. L/gw. [household goods] __ Feb 1820. S/ Jessie Jones. W/ Evant Brooks, William Graham, James Graham.John Clark of All Saints to John Manning, planter. $100. 640 acres (gr. to my father Henry Clark, decd.) on Pawley Swamp waters of Little Pee Dee River. 4 Apr 1820. S/ John Clark. W/ George Durant, John Durant. Recd. 5 Apr 1820.

102 Elizabeth Beigelow of City of Charleston to William Vaught of All Saints. $125. 500 acres (gr. to William Nesbitt, Esqr.) between Little River & Waccamaw River, bd. by Dennis Hankins. 17 Nov 1819. S/ Elizabeth Bigelow. W/ Rachel Flagg, Thomas Randall. Aff. Thomas Randall 6 Dec 1819.

103 Joseph Cooper, marriage covenant with Rachel Mishoe, relinquishes rights to property coming to her from Isaac Mishoe, decd. S/ . W/ William (x) Alford, James (x) Cooper. “I do certify that the within Cooper and Rachel Misho was married after this date by me James Singleton. P.S.S. Pee Dee Church.” Aff. James (x) Cooper 6 Apr 1820. Recd. 10 Apr 1820.

104 John Bellamee, Sr. to Josias Bessent. $613. 450 acres (1 acre excepted where John Cains’ house now stands) on seashore, knowns as Cedar tree tract, bd. by James Bessent, Little River Sw., Hankins, Cains, Burnt Pond [etc.] 29 Jan 1820. S/ John Bellamee. W/ Joseph B. Watts, William Creed. Dower: Elizabeth Bellemee, wife. 9 May 1820. Aff. Jos. B. Watts 8 May 1820.

105 Samuel Johnston to benjamin Stephenson. $300. Negro boy Bethal. 15 Feb 1816. S/ Samuel Johnston. W/ Wm. H. Grier. Aff. Wm. H. Grier. 14 May 1816. Recd 13 May 1820.

106 John Bellame, Sr. to Benjamin Stevenson. $400. Negro Josiah [Jacob] about 20 years old. 26 Mar 1818. S/ John Bellame. W/ Wm. A. P. Bryan, Moses Harrelson. Aff. Moses Harrelson 30 Oct 1820. Recd. 13 May 1820.

107 Elizabeth or Betsyann Murphey to Solomon Strickland. $10. 90 acres (pt. of gr. to James Parker, sold to Benjamin Murphey by Jesse Page 22 Oct 1815), bd. by Solomon Strickland in Fifteen Mile Bay. 20 Aug 1816. S/ Ephraim (x) Tailor. W/ Tekil Tailor, William (x) Tailor. Aff. Tekill Tailor 29 Feb 1820.

108 William Strickland to Absalom Strickland. $50. 1150 acres (part of 2 tracts gr. to William Strickland 3 Dec 1804, gr. to Mary Foxworth, gr. to William Strickland 3 Apr 1793) on Ready Br., along Potato Patch Bay, bd. by Isaac Stevens. 22 Jan 1820. S/ William Strickland. W/ Tekil (x) Taylor, Josiah Ga, William Stuba. Aff. Tekiel (x) Taylor 29 Feb 1820.

109 Mary Brown, Senr., to John Brown, son of Mary, and Mary Litchfield, Dau. of Mary Brown, indenture. L/a and $20 from each annually for support and maintenance. All slaves given by my father John Singleton. S/ Mary (x) Brown. W/ Sam_l_ Willson. Aff. Sam. Willson 23 Aug 1820.

110 Mary (x) Litchfield to her brother John Brown, quitclaim to slaves given to him by my mother Mary Brown. 13 Apr 1820. s? Mary (x) Litchfield. W/ Sam _l_ Willson. Aff. Samuel Wilson 23 Aug 1821. Recd 23 Aug 1821.

Adam Jordan, Jr. of Columbus Co., NC, to Thomas Jordan of NC. $900. 3 Negroes Steward, Phoeby & Fanny. 10 Oct 1819. S/ A. Jordan. W/ Wm. L. Day, John Porter. Aff. Wm. L. Day 20 Jul 1821. Recd. 23 Aug 1821

111 Elisha Burgess to James Woodward. $100. [Household goods, tools, etc.] 5 Jul 1821. S/ Elisha (x) Burgess. W/ Richard Singleton, G. Singleton. Aff. Richard Singleton 21 Aug 1821. Recd. 21 Aug 1821.

112 Henry Hemmingway to George Durant of Georgetown Dist. $150. 3 lots [330, 223, 239] in Conwayborough.Jul 1821. S/ Henry Hemmingway. W/ Richard Singleton, Thos. Durant. Aff. Richard Singleton 10 Aug 1821. Recd. 10 Aug 1821.

113 John W. Pawley of Georgetown District & John Rogers of Horry, articles of agreement. $1000 pd. by John Rogers by bond & mortgage signed by Paul Trapier, Esq. for 500 acres, lying on Pee Dee River in Georgetown. 24 Jul 1821. S/ John W. Pawley. W/ Richard Singleton, Robert Conway.

114 Thomas Jordan to John Sarvis. $100. 800 acres (pt. of gr. to Thomas Jordan 7 Aug 1820) on road from Conway Borough to Potato Bed ferry, both sides Holders Sw., bd. by John Sarvis land, John Cross, Nathaniel Dennis. 9 Apr 1821. S/ Thos. Jordan. W/ Richard Singleton, John Graham. Aff. Richard Singleton 7 Sep 1821. Dower: Mary (x) Jordan, wife, 7 Sep 1821. Recd. 7 Sep 1821.

116 David Causey to Owen Causey. $50. 240 acres (pt. of gr. to David Causey 6 May 1793, plat laid out for John Tomkins & Ezekiel Bill on Permenter Sw.) 15 Oct 1814. S/ David Causey. W/ Zebedee Causey, Duke Wm. Canady. Aff. Zebedee Causey 10 Sep 1821. Recd. 10 Sep 1821.

117 Elias Stanaland to William Gore of All Saints Parish. $100. 100 acres (pt. of 200 acre tract sold by Josias Alston to Jacob Stanaland & by his heirs to Elias Stanaland __ ___ 1819), S side of Waccamaw River. S/ E. Stanaland. W/ Samuel M. Meek, Mary Meek. Aff. Mary Meek, widow of Saml. H. Meek, 3 Mar 1821.

118 William L. Day to William Gore. $250. 500 acres (gr. to Robert Daniel, sold at Sheriffs Sale) on br. of Little River called Mullet Cr., bd. by NC line, est. of Josias Allston, John B. Breward. 8 Mar 1821. S/ Wm. L. Day. W/ S. B. Daniel, James Arnold. Recd. 29 Oct 1821.

119 John Mishoe, planter to Zachariah Allen. $100. 150 acres (pt. of gr. of 830 acres to John Baker 2 Apr 1792), bd. by Brown’s Bay, Paul Mishoe, Zachariah Allen. 28 Dec 1821. S/ John Mishoe. W/ Jonathan I. Baker, John Jordan. Aff. Jonithan I. Baker 31 Dec 1821.

120 Daniel Thomas to William Gore, quitclaim. $1147.47, mortgage given on negroes, stock. 26 Feb 1820. S/ Daniel Thomas. W/ James G. Cochran, Samuel H. Meeks. Aff. James G. Cochran 22 Oct 1821. Recd 7 Jan 1822.

121 William Strickland to Solomon Strickland. $50. 1140 acres in 2 tracts: 840 (gr. of 1000 acres to Wm. Strickland 3 Dec 1804, less land gr. to Mary Foxworth), 160 (gr. of 2114 to William Strickland 3 Apr 1793) on Reedy Br., Potato Patch Bay, Isaac Stevens, Wm. Strickland. 22 Jan 1820. S/ William Strickland. W/ Tekil (x) Taylor, Josiah Gay, William Stuba. Aff: Tekel (x) Taylor 29 Feb 1820. Recd. 7 Jan 1822.

122 John Graham to Henry Avant. $250. 653 acres, two tracts: 375 & 278 acres (the plantation on which I now live and the other the water grist mill belonging to the Graham land gr. in 2 large surveys, one to Wm. Dawsey, Jr. & other to Moses Floyd or his agencies, Abraham Skipper and George Lewis, who conv. premises to Thomas Dawsey, who conveyed them to me.) 18 Sep 1820. S/ John Graham. W/ Willis Rawls, Richard Gallivant. Aff. Richard Gallavant 1 May 1821. Recd 9 Oct 1821.

123 John L. Rhuark to James Woodard. $46, mortgage due 1 Jan 1823. 1000 acres W side Waccamaw River, bd. James Woodard, Senr., Rheuben Smith. 26 Oct 1821. S/ John L. Rhurark. W/ Richard Singleton, Thomas Durant. Aff. Richard Singleton 6 Oct 1821.

124 Samuel Floyd, Senr. to sons Harmon Floyd & Sam_l_ Floyd. L/gw. To Harmon land S side branch & to Saml, land S side branch. 12 Mar 1821. S/ Saml. Floyd. W/ Levi Alford, William (x) Hill. Aff Levi Alford 29 May 1821. Recd 7 May 1822.

125 Saml Floyd to dau. Avy Johnston. L/gw. Negro girl Mary. 12 Mar 1821. S/ Saml Floyd. W/ Levi Alford, William (x) Hill. Aff. Levi Alford 29 May 1821. Recd 7 May 1822.

126 James Bessant, survey & plat of 398 acres surveyed 27 Sep 1822 by Josiah Lewis. Land sold him by John Bellemee, Sr. in Little River Neck.

127 Francis Gotties Deliesseline of Georgetown, merchant. 350 pounds pd. to Jeremiah Vereen, Junr. of Little River, planter. 400 acres in All Saints Parish, Craven Co., bd. by Josias Allston, Mullet Cr., SW br. of Little River (pt. of 490 acres gr. to Josias Allston 7 May 1767) 1 Jan 1797. S/ Francis G. Deliesseline. W/ Myer Massey, John Dozier, Jr. Dower: Ann Deliesseline, wife, 6 Nov 1797. Aff. Jno Dozier 4 Apr 1810 [Recd Book D, page 151, 29 Jan 1823]

128 John Manning to Reddin Cannon. $35. Rights to est. of James Tindall conveyed to me by John Fitch Correy on waters of Little Pedee. 12 Jan 1813. S/ John Manning. W/ John Williams, Samuel (x) Cannon. Recd. 15 Dec 1823. Aff. John Williams 13 Dec 1823.

129 John C. White to James Woodward. $400. Negro man Nero. 1 Mar 1824. S/ John C. White. W/ Benjamine Singleton, Jeremiah (x) Singleton. Aff. Benjamine Singleton 6 Mar 1824. Recd. 15 Mar 1824.. Benjamin Singleton 6 Mar 1824. Recd 15 Mar 1824.

130 John Bellemee to Michael Clardy & Thomas Clardy. Plat & survey of 717 acres, found to be only 708, 351 of which is laid out by agreed lines to Thomas. Clardy. Little River Neck, W side Little River, bd. by Elexer Fosster, Michael Clardy, Dunn’s Cr. 27 Jan 1817. S/ Josiah Lewis, D.S. Recd. 21 Jan 1824.

131 Michael Clardy to Michael Clardy. Quitclaim to division of 717 acres sold by John Bellamee, Senr. to Michael Clardy “and my heirs”, 8 Mar 1815. 29 Jan 1817. Further agree that rail timber be held for benefit of each brother’s plantation. S/ Michael Clardy. W/ Josiah Lewis, John T. Green, Jr. Aff. John T. Green. 5 Jan 1824. Recd. 12 Jan 1824.

132 John Thompson, Junr. to Robert Harris, Junr., planter. $200. 500 acres near head of Little River, bd. by George Paulley, Wm. Gause, James Smith, sea. S/ John (x) Thompson, wife Magary (x) Thompson. W/ Thomas R. Harris, Isaac Ludlam, Junr., Ann Todd. Recd. 15 Mar 1824. Aff. Thomas R. Harris 10 Feb 1824.

133 Josiah Harrelson to John Hodges. $10. 25 acres (pt. of Hullum tract) on Little Long Br., Meeting House Br. S/ Josiah (x) Harrelson. W/ Jas. Singleton, Pompy (x) Stevens. 8 Sep 1823. Aff. Penelope Stevens 12 Jun 1824. Recd 15 Jun 1824. 134 Rheubin Smith to Jeremiah Cannon. $350. One negro girl Kate. 15 Apr 1823. S/ Reuben Smith. W/ Richard Green, Samuel Branton.

[From this point the records are typewritten.]

136 Robert Jordan to William W. Jordan. $40. 225 acres [plat] in 3 tracts: 70 (pt. of 150 gr. to Adam Jordan 1 Jan 1787), 75 (pt. of 209 gr. to Adam Jordan 3 Mar 1804), pt. of 910 gr. to Thomas Akin Smith 6 Jan 1804) on Hunting Sw (formerly called Jenkins Sw.) 9 Sep 1820. S/ Robert (x) Jordan. W/ Josiah Lewis, John McCracken. Aff. John McCracken 18 Dec 1820. Recd. 15 Mar 1821.

137 Ann Pinner (Mrs.) to Joseph Vaught. $125. 200 acres (pt. of gr. to William Thomas on Little River), bd. by Joseph Vaught, James Bessant, Mills. 13 May 1822. S/ Ann (x) Pinner. W/ William Vaught, Elizabeth (x) Pierce. Aff. William Vaught 4 Nov 1822.

[From this point records are again handwritten.]

138 Danl. B. Holmes to Henry Buck. $200. Slave Hester. 27 Jul 1837. S/ Daniel B. Holmes. W/ B. A. Thomson. Aff. B. A. Thomson 8 Aug 1837.

Benjn. Holt to Henry Buck. $180. Negro Jimmy. 1 Aug 1837. S/ Benjn Holt. W/ B. A. Thomson. Aff. B. A. Thomson 8 Aug 1837. Recd 8 Aug 1837.

James H. Rogers to William W. Durant. $500. “Well known plantation called Glass Hill”, bd. by Waccamaw River, Conwayboro Lake, Serine (?) (ref. to title made by Thos. F. Gause to Wm. W. Durant, Durant to W. Rogers, Rogers’ heirs to me 7 May 1833) 27 Apr 1837. S/ _____ W/ T. H. Holmes, James N. Stephens. Aff. James H. Stephens 8 Aug 1837. Recd 10 Aug 1837. S/ S. N. Stevenson [!] Recd 10 Aug 1837.

139 Margaret Keys, indenture to Rev. William Whitby & Saml. M. Stevenson. $50. 7 negroes in trust for use of 4 grandchildren: Margaret [Jane] Graham White, Hannah Hudson White, Julian Campaign White & Stephen Peabody Keys White until Stephen comes of age, then to be divided among them, to support children & educate them (Hannah & Julian for 3 months each & Stephen for at least 12 months) 2 Aug 1837. S/ M. Keys. W/ Josiah Woodward, Wm. Smith, C. B. Sarvis. Aff. C. B. Sarvis 10 Aug 1837. Acceptance by W. Whitby 10 Aug 1837. Aff. C. B. Sarvis 10 Aug 1837. Recd 10 Aug 1837.

140 Margaret Keys, indenture to Rev. W. Whitby & Saml. M. Stevenson. $50. 9 negroes in trust for benefit of dau. Margaret L. Kenedy, wife of Zebedee C. Kenedy, & her heirs. 2 Aug 1837. S/ M. Keys. W/ Josiah Woodward, Wm. Smith, C. B. Sarvis. Aff. C. B. Sarvis 10 Aug 1837.

141 Margaret Keys, indenture to Samuel M. Stevenson & C. B. Sarvis. $50. 13 negroes in trust for heirs of my dau. Percy W. Whitby, wife of the Revd. Wm. Whitby, for l/a all land to Percey W. Whitby, [livestock, household goods], provided that at death of M. Keys she take charge of 4 grandchildren [Margaret Jane Graham White, Stephen Peabody Keys White, Annah Hudson White, Lelian Campaign White] until they reach 21 or marry, Rev. Wm. Whitby & Samuel M. Stevenson to take charge of notes & accounts & settle debts, surplus to be handed to dau. Percy Whitby. S/ M. Keys. W/ Joshua Woodward, Wm. Smith, John Ludlam. Aff. John Ludlam 10 Aug 1837.

142 James Beaty to C. E. Ludlam. $125. Store house in Conwayborough in front of court house, E. side Main St. 6 Sep 1837. S/ James Beaty. W/ J. A. Burbage, Benjn. Bruton. Aff. J. A. Burbage 8 Sep 1837. Recd 8 Sep 1837.

143 Charles Lewis to dau. Rachel Lewis. L/a. Negro Fanny. 20Sep 1837. S/ Charles Lewis. Q/ Josiah Cox, 7Elizabeth Cox. Aff. Josiah Cox 29 Sep 1839[!]. Recd. 2 Oct 1837.

144 John S. Thomas. Stockmark: crop & upper bit in left ear & a hole in the right ear. 3 Oct 1837. Recd. same day.

William H. L. Hemingway and William V. Dewett. Agreement that Hemingway will board, support, maintain DeWitt for life in return for 4 negroes. If Dewitt should recover & wish to leave, to pay $100 for each year. 25 Mar 1837. S/ W. H. L. Hemingway, William V. Dueitt. S/ Jno. E. Vereen. Aff. Jno. E. Vereen 2 Oct 1837. Recd 5 Oct 1837.

145 Benjamin Gause of Marion District to Benjamin Holt. $1000. 1520 acres W side Waccamaw (pt. of div. of est. of Benjamin Gause, decd. between myself & Richard Woodbury Gause, inf. s/o John I. Gause, decd., plat made by Dennis Hankins 17 Jan 1829) bd. by Bethel Durant, decd., Waccamaw R., known as Glass Hill, Josias Sessions, Josias T. Sessions & John Durant. 17 Apr 1834. S/ Benjamin Gause. W/ S. M. Stevenson, John Woodbury. Aff. Samuel M. Stevenson 25 Aug 1834.

146 Benjamin Holt to ______________. Value Received. Above premises. 4 Oct 1837. S/ Benjn. Holt. W/ S. M. Stevenson, John Readman. Aff. S. M. Stevenson 4 Oct 1837.

John R. Whitman, Wm. W. Newton, and Elizabeth Whitman to Samuel Whitman. $100. 250 acres on Halfway Br. between Waccamaw River & Pedee River (surv. for George Smith 12 Sep 1791, sold to Thomas Davis, by Davis to Francis Smith, by Smith to William. 27 Jun 1832. S/ John R. Whitman, William W. Newton, Elizabeth P. (x) Whitman. W/ Corn_l_ B. Sarvis, Isaac C. Newton. Aff. C. B. Sarvis 5 Oct 1837. Recd 6 Oct 1837.

148 Joseph Johnson to John Manning. $500 mortgage due 1 Jan 1839. Security Negro Jack [and household goods] Note drawn 1 Nov 1837. S/ Joseph B. Johnson W/ Wm. A. Bessent, Thos. Sesisons. Aff. Thos Sessions 4 Nov 1837. Recd. 4 Nov 1837.

Thomas Sing & Wm. Murrow of All Saints to S. B. Rheuark. $150. Tract known as Rheuark’s Landing, 701 ½ acres (gr. to Sing & Murrow 25 Nov 1829) 14 Mar 1835. S/ Thomas Sing, William Murrow. W/ I. N. Rheuark, Amos (x) McDilday. Aff. Amos (x) McDeldey 13 Nov 1837.

149 Jas. B. W. Foster to Amon Thompson. $650. Negro Peter. 13 Nov 1837. S/ Jas. B. W. Foster. W/ R. Munro. Aff. Robert Munro 22 Nov 1837. Recd. 22 Nov 1837.

150 Cornelius B. Sarvis to Sarah Martin, wife of James Martin. $45. 100 acres [plat], W end Roberts Bay. 6 Sep 1837. S/ C. B. Sarvis. W/ John Martin, Caleb Howell. Aff. John Martin 30 Oct 1837. Recd. 4 Dec 1837.

151 Robert Boyd to Argent Grainger. $60. 50 acres (gr. to Joseph Prince 7 May 1798, pt. of tract surv. for John Patterson 3 Feb 1809) on Thompson Savanah br. 4 Oct 1837. S/ Robert (x) Boyd. W/ Solomon Smith, James G. Patterson. Aff. James G. Patterson 31 OPct 1837. Recd. 4 Dec 1837.

152 James Beaty, Sheriff, to John Gore, Esq. $22 (bid) 360 acres sold to settle debt of R. Seawell, R. Harris, Senr. & R. Harris, Jr. for $190, land of R. Harris, Jr., N side Waccamaw River, ½ mile above Harris ferry or Red Bluff, generally known as the Ready Place. 24 Nov 1837. S/ James Beaty. W/ C. E. Ludlam, J. N. Stevenson. Aff. C. E. Ludlam 5 Dec 1837. Recd 5 Dec 1837.

153 Sam’l Whitman to Elizabeth Woodward. $100. 250 acres on Halfway Br. between Waccamaw & Pedee Rivers (surv. for George Smith 12 Sep 1791, conv. by Smith to Thos. Davis, Davis to Francis Smith, to William Whitman, his heirs (John R. Whitman, Wm. W. Newton, Elizabeth P. Whitman) to Saml. Whitman. 5 Oct 1837. S/ Sam’l Whitman. W/ John Readmon, C. B. Sarvis. Aff. Cornelius B. Sarvis 1[!] Oct 1837. Recd 5 Dec 1837.

154 C. E. Ludlam to Jehu Causey. $125. Storehouse on street in front of court house. 22 Nov 1837. S/ C. E. Ludlam. W/ Benj. Holt, James Beaty. Aff. James Beaty 7 Dec 1837. Recd. 7 Dec 1837.

Josias G. Waller to James Beaty & A. J. Willson. Indenture for mortgage, $600 due 1 Jan 1838, 5 slaves (his share of his father’s est.) 13 Oct 1837. S/ Josiah G. Waller. W/ Joseph B. Johnson, Josiah T. Sessions. Recd. 9 Dec 1837.

156 John Lee, Jr. Stock mark: Swallowfork and underbit in each ear. 1 Jan 1838. Recd. 1 Jan 1838.

157 Robert Harris, Jr. to John Parker. $1350. 7 negroes. 19 Feb 1834. S/ Robert Harris. W/ Robert Harris, Sr., John Lay. Aff. John Lay 30 Oct 1837. Recd 2 Jan 1838.

Benjamin Singleton. Stockmark: swallowford & under bit in the right ear & hole in left ear. Recd 8 Jan 1838.

William Smith, Junior. Stockmark: crop and underbit in right ear and an under square and under nick in the left ear. S/ Wm. Smith, Junior. Recd. 8 Jan 1838.

158 James Newton to John Beaty, Sr. $20. Lots 55, 56, 57 in Conwayboro. 19 Sep 1825. S/ James Newton. W/Wm. W. Newton, James P. Newton, Jr. Aff. Wm. W. Newton 1 Jan 1838. Recd. 16 Jan 1838.

Isaac Joiner. Earmark: underbit in each ear. 1 Dec 1837.

159 Brunswick Co. NC. Mary Durant, widow of Thomas Durant of Brunswick to Charles Murrell. $1. Lots 4, 5, 6, & 8 in Conwayboro. 12 Jan 1838. S/Mary Durant. W/ Jas. W. Murrell. Aff. James W. Murrell. Recd 17 Jan 1838.

Abraham Bellamy. Earmark: swallowfork in right ear, underbit in left ear. 17 Jan 1838.

Dorcas Sessions to Benjn. Stevens. $275 Negro girl Harriet, formerly property of Benjamin E. Sessions. 30 Dec 1837. S/Dorcas Sessions. W/ John Hardee, John N. Lee. Aff. John Hardee 22 Jan 1838. Recd. 6 Feb 1838.

160 Levi Tompkins. Earmark: crop & a split & underbit in left ear. 20 Feb 1838.

Jackson Litchfield. Earmark: smooth crop in right ear, undersquare inleft. 22 Feb 1838. Recd 23 Feb 1838.

Wm. H. L. Hemingway to Samuel B. Stanaland. $600. Negro Ben, about 25. 26 Jun 1838. W/ Peter Vaught. Aff. P. Vaught.

161 Josias T. Sessions to John W. Durant. $75. 389 acres on Maple Sw, bd. by John Durant, Kingston Lake, James Singleton, David Durant. 27 Sep 1837. S/Josias T. Sessions. W/ Vairdamon Alford, F. J. Sessions. Aff. Vaird Alford 22 Feb 1838. Dower: Mary F. Sessions. 22 Feb 1838. Recd 23 Feb 1838.

162 Garret Gowin, SHD to Wm. G. Uptegrove. 130 acres in All Saints Parish, public sale of est. of N. Dennis, decd. 5 Mar 1838. S/ G. Gowin, SHD. W/J. B. Johnson. Aff. Joseph B. Johnson 5 Mar 1838. Recd. 5 Mar 1838.

163 Ann Beach to Owen G. Kenedy. $250 Negro boy, Nat, age 11. 27 Jun 1833. S/Ann Beach. W/ John Beach, Daniel M. Johnston. Aff. John (x) Beach 28 May 1836. Recd. 19 Mar 1838.

Jos. B. Johnson, D. S., resurvey for Abraham W. Bessent. 301 acres that fell from lands of his father James Bessent, decd. 10 Oct 1837.

James B. W. Foster to John W. Durant. $900. 3 Negroes, Ann, Arthur & Dick. 13 Sep 1837. S/Jas. B. W. Foster. W/[Miss] Mascanda May, G. Gowan. Aff. Garrett Gowin 2 Oct 1837. Recd. 4 Apr 1838.

164 Elizabeth Sweet to J. W. Durant. $300. “for the Pardias Marcey of a certain negro man Robin” 1 Jan 1838. S/Elizabeth Sweet. W/S. M. Sweet. Aff. S. M. Sweet 4 Apr 1838

Henry Anderson to J. W. Durant. $800. Negro man Irfry. S/Henry Anderson. W/C. E. Ludlam, S. N. Anderson. Aff. Samuel N. Anderson 5 Apr 1838.

165 John Manning to Robert Lowrimore, Sr., Robert I. Lowrimore, Richd. Green, S. M. Stevenson, John H. Beaty, Joseph B. Johnson, George Durant, Thomas Jenkins & C. B. Sarvis, trustees. 25¢. 1 acre on Gravelly Br. waters of Hunting Sw., branch waters of Little Pee Dee for Methodist Episcopal Church. 13 Mar 1838. S/John Manning. W/Samuel Smart, Wm. I. Lowrimore. Aff. Samuel Smart 24 Mar 1838. [plat surv. S/C. B. Sarvis D.S.]

167 Honor Harris to William Lee. $300. 6 Negroes. 7 Jun 1838. S/Honor (x) Harris. W/William Todd, Jr. Aff. William Todd, Jr. 11 Jun 1838. Recd. 11 Jun 1838.

168 Early Co., GA. Francis M. Cox to John Cox of Horry District. $300. 800 acres (incl. 150 on Tillies Lake) S/Francis M. (x) Cox. W/John Milligan, Jos. D. Hardee. Recd. 17 Jul 1838.

169 John W. Durant to Thomas Hemingway, trustee for Henry D. Hemingway & his heirs. $300. 300 acres on Maple Sw (gr. to James Chappel, 1770, sold to John W. Durant by Mrs. Mary Fay, d/o James Chappel 24 Apr 1837) 30 Jan 1838. S/J. W. Durant. W/J. Benjamin Johnson, G. Gowin. Aff. J. B. Johnson 3 Feb 1838. Recd 3 Aug 1838.

170 J. H. Sarvis to Robert M. Anderson. $50. 500 acres on Maple Sw. (part of gr. 16,362 acres to Moses Floyd 1792) bd. by Sarvis, Chappell, Cartright, David Durant. 25 Jan 1838. S/H. Sarvis. W/Jordan Smith 6 Aug 1838. Recd. 17 Aug 1838.

171 Thomas Fearwell, decd., division of slaves. Heirs: Samuel Hodges, Margaret Ann McRae, John Alexander McRae, Mary R. McRae, Catharine A. McRae. 14 Mar 1834. Receipt from Colin McRae for negroes belonging to minor McRaes. 30 Mar 1835. S/15 Mar 1835 Solomon Sweet, John Durant, Benjamin Gause. W/B. A. Thompson. Aff. B. A. Thompson. 7 Aug 1838. Recd 7 Aug 1838.

172 Jonathan Linnell of Mass. to Benjn. Baker. $75. 550 acres sold as prop. of Calvin Hardee at the suit of J. Linnell, N side Waccamaw R., bd. by John Lee, Jr. & Thomas Hemingway. 23 Apr 1827. S/Jonathan Linnell, Jr. W/J. R. Whitman, James Beaty. Aff. James Beaty. 11 Oct 1838. Recd. 1 Oct 1838.

174 [blank. Hereafter entries are copies from Book K. The page references to Book K are given in parentheses.)

175(K1) Plat, surv. by Benjn. Johnson, D. S. 1 acre for Salem Church. 21 Jan 1838. John Green to Methodist Society. $____ & love. 1 acre (from gr. to James Bell), SE side Waccamaw on Sterits Sw. 22 Mar 1838. S/John Green, Easther A. Green. W/Thomas King, Solomon King.

176(K2) James Johnston to Cochran Tompkins. $50. 150 acres (part of gr. to Wm. Johnson) N side Brunson Sw. 18 Feb 1832. S/Wm. Johnston. W/Joseph Johnson, Ebenezer D. Skipper. Aff. Joseph Johnson 27 ___ 1832. Recd. 11 May 1838.

177(K3) William Johnston to Wells Tompkins. $30. 150 acres (part of gr. to Wm. Johnston) S side Brunson Sw. 18 Apr 1832. S/Wm. Johnston. W/Joseph Johnston, Ebenezer D. Skipper. Aff: Joseph Johnston 27 Jul 1832. Recd. 11 May 1838.

178(K4) Wm. Johnston to John Tompkins. $50. 100 acres on Brunson Sw. 18 Apr 1832. S/Wm. Johnston. W/Joseph Johnston, Ebenezer D. Skipper. Aff. Joseph Johnston 27 Jul 1832. Recd 12 May 1838.

179(K5) John Thompson to John G. Gore. $200. 200 acres on Buck Creek bd. by Biggars Norris, Jordan Cox, AmonThompson, John Thompson, plus 5 acres bd. by William Hickman, Bacon Pond, John G. Gore. 7 Nov 1825. S/John Thompson W/Thos. Frink, William Hickman. Aff. Thomas Frink 2 Apr 1826. Recd. 16 May 1838.

180(K7) Wm. Hickman, exor. of Samuel Todd, to John G. Gore. $200. Negro boy George from est. of Samuel Todd.May 1834. S/William Hickman. W/Gustavias A. Belcher, James N. Stevenson. Aff. G. A. Belcher 2 Nov 1834. Recd. 16 May 1838.

181(K7) Josias T. Sessions, SHD, to A. W. McCrae. $100. 4 Negroes, prop. of Neil McMillan at public sale. 20 Oct 1829. S/Josias T. Sessions, SHD. W/Robt. Munro, Sen. Aff. Robert Munro 4 Oct 1831. Recd. 18 Jun 1838.

A. W. McRae to ch/o Neil McMillan by his present wife Sarah McMillan: Malcom, Margaret, John, Elizabeth & Cortlow and all other legal issue of Sarah. $101 pd. by Samuel Willson. 4 Negroes [see above]. 20 Mar 1830. S/A. W. McRae. W/Daniel Guilchrist. Aff. Daniel Guilchrist 28 Oct 1831.

182(K9) Riachard M. Todd to Garet Gowin. $1500. 2 Negroes, Jonah and Mary, security on promissory note to Thomas D. Todd, adm. of Amelia Todd, decd., for $1546.62 ½ due 1 Jan 1839. 5 May 1838. S/R. M. Todd. W/R. J. Todd, B. (x) Barker. Aff: Benjn. Barker. 3 Jul 1838. Recd. 18 Jul 1838.

183(K10) John Smith to John R. Thompson. $130. 300 acres on Maple Sw (part of grant of 1000 acres to George Smith 2 Jul 1792) 4 Mar 1837. S/John Smith. W/Arthur H. Crawford, Clarky B. Crawford. Aff. A. H. Crawford 30 Aug 1838. Recd. 18 Sep 1838

. 184(K11) James H. Smith to Solomon Sessions. $70. 200 acres (from gr. to George Smith, Sr. 2 Jul 1791) on Maple Sw. 12 Dec 1828. S/James H. Smith. W/Hiram Boatright, Arthur H. Crawford. Aff. A. H. Crawford 30 Aug 1838. Recd. 18 Sep 1838.

185(K12) George H. Pawley to John W. Smith. $150. 580 acres resurveyed (residue of gr. to Horey Pawley of 1000 acres, 500 sold to Mrs. S. Tate of Georgetown) on Buck Cr. 26 Jun 1838. S/G. H. Pawley. W/W. W. King, Dan’l C. McLeod. Aff. Dan’l C. McLeod 3 Jul 1838. Recd. 18 Oct 1838.

186(K14) William H. Johnston to Eliza Mary Benjamin, d/o Edward A. Benjamin and Hariet J. Benjamin, his wife (part of gr. to George Skinner) below Potato Bed Ferry Rd., adj. Aaron Daniel) 22 Oct 1833. S/Wm. H. Johnston. W/Wm. J. Ellis, Dan’l M. Johnston. Dower: Mary Ann Johnston 10 Jul 1834. Recd. 19 Oct 1838.

187(K16) Robert Graham to Cornelius E. Ludlam. $00. Negro Nelson. 22 Oct 1838. S/Robert Graham. W/B. Holt, Thomas Sessions. Aff. Benjamin Holt. 22 Oct 1838. Order to turn Negro over to Joseph A. Ludlam. 20 Mar 1837. Recd. 23 Oct 1838.

188(K17) Wm. D. Bryan to Daniel Stanaland. $800. 218 acres in Little River Neck. 20 Mar 1837. S/Wm. D. Bryan, Harriet W. Bryan. W/William Chalker, Samuel Dusenbury. Dower: Harriet W. Bryan 20 Mar 1837. Aff. William Chalker 29 Oct 1838. Recd. 12 Nov 1838.

190(K19) Cader Hughs to Daniel Stanaland. $330. 156 acres in Little River Neck bd. by M. Clarady est. 20 Dec 1830. S/Cader Hughes. W/Jos. Vaught, Wm. D. Bryan, Qu. Aff. Wm. D. Bryan 20 Dec 1830. Recd 12 Nov 1838.

191(K20) Thomas Hemingway to Moses Anderson. $75. 100 Acres (gr. to Wm. Singleton 5 Jun 1768) on Kingston Lake Sw. S/Thos. Hemingway. W/Gaeorge Durant, Abraham Smith. Aff. George Durant 12 Nov 1838. Recd 12 Nov 1838.

192(K22) Zachariah Eliott and Margaret Sessions to Wm. G. Uptegrove. $200. 208 acres on Waccamaw R. in Allsaints Parish. 31 Mar 1838. S/Zachariah Eliott, Margaret H. Sessions. W/H. Buck, H. L. Thomas. Aff. H. L. Thomas 31 Mar 1838. Dower: Mary Elliott 31 Mar 1838.

193(K24) O. G. Kenady to Wm. G. Uptegrove. $400. 838 acres called Turkey Bluff (gr. to George Sessions 1816), bd. by Peter Nicholson gr., James Brown. 26 May 1838. S/O. G. Kenady. W/Wm. L. Thomas, Robert R. Hines. Aff. Robert R. Hines 26 May 1838.

194 Garet Gowan, SHD, to Wm. G. Uptegrove. $ . 130 acres known as Gravley Gully by public sale of land of N. Dennis, decd. 5 Mar 1838. S/G. Gowin, SHD. W/J. B. Johnston. Aff. Joseph B. Johnston 5 Feb ?. [Appears to duplicate entry on p. 162.]

195(K26) Penelopy Avant, Mary Avant, Henry C. Avant, Juliann W. Avant, Elizabeth J. Avant & Penelopy S. Avant,heirs of Henry Avant, decd.) to John H. Roberson. 178 acres on Dawsey Sw. bd. by Henry Avant, John Graham, James Dawsey, Thomas Dawsey (grants to William Dawsey, Sr. & Jr., Sep 1789, conv. by Dawseys to John Graham, Jr., then to David Roland, to Martin Huschey, to John James, to Henry Avant). 18 Oct 1838. S/Penelope (x) Avant, Mary G. (x) Avant, Henry C. Avant, Julian W (x) Avant, Elizabeth J. (x) Avant, Penelope S. (x) Avant. W/Abraham B. Skipper, Patrick B. Skipper. Aff. Abraham B. Skipper 18 Oct 1838.

196(K28) Simon Godwin to Robert Chesnut. $120. 750 acres (gr. to Robert Chesnut, Sen. 24 Jun 1794, gr. to William Jordan Crowson 24 Oct 1798) on Mill Br. waters of Lake Sw. 25 Sep 1835. S/Simon Godwin. W/Thos. A. Beaty, J. J. Prince. Aff. Thos. A. Beaty 3 Dec 1838. Recd. 3 Dec 1838.

197(K29) Simon Godwin to Phereby Roberson, my only child. L/a. Negroes, stock, household and kitchen furniture, retaining lifetime use for himself and wife Edith. 30 Jul 1838. S/Simon Godwin. W/Joel B. Skipper, Sr., Ebenezer Skipper, Elisabeth Skipper. Aff. Ebenezer Skipper 18 Oct 1838. Recd. 3 Dec 1838.

198(K31) Simon Godwin to Pherebe Roberson, only child. L/gw. 601 acres on which I live on Pee Dee River (gr. William Ramsey 7 Jan 1736, adj. gr. to William Dawsey, Sr. 14 Nov 1791), retaining lifetime right to self & wife Edith. 30 Jul 1838. S/Simon Godwin. W/Joel B. Skipper, Ebenezer Skipper, Elisabeth Skipper. Aff. Ebenezer Skipper 18 Oct 1838. Recd. 3 Dec 1838.

199(K33) Margaret H. Sessions to Wm. G. Uptegrove. $250. 130 acres (gr. to Margaret Hemingway Sessions 21 Jul 1837 and 4 Feb 1828) bd. by Stephen Ford, Chapman, swamp between Socastee cr. & Waccamaw R. 7 Jul 1838. S/Margaret H. Sessions. W/Thos. S. Pickett, George King. Aff. Thos. S. Pickett 7 Jul 1838.

200(K34) Wm. W. Durant to Jos. A. Burbage. $150. Lots 48, 49 (former office or old store house of late Henry Durant) in Conwayborough. 3 Nov 1838. S/W. W. Durant. W/J. N. Stevenson, John J. Ludlam. Aff. James N. Stevenson 6 Nov 1838.

201(K36) Wm. Rabun, Jr. Stockmark: undersquare in right ear, 2 underbits in left. 31 Dec 1838. Recd. 31 Dec 1838.

202(K36) John Barker to Robert Anderson, Jr. $400. 500 acres (2 tracts, purchase by Moses Barker from Absolom Sessions 9 Dec 1799, given by deed of gift ½ to John Barker, ½ to Elisha Barker 23 Apr 1819; purchase from Henry H. Durant 20 Feb 1834, bd. by A. Smith & D. Chesnut) 22 Dec 1838. S/John Barker. W/Edward Brunger, Benjamin Dunkin. Aff. Edward Brunger. 22 Dec 1838. Recd. 1 Jan 1839.

203(K38) Samuel H. Wilson to James G. Patterson. Power of attorney to collect debts. 1 Jan 1839. S/Samuel H. Wilson. W/John Readmon. Aff. John Readman 4 Jan 1839. Recd. 5 Jun 1839.

204(K39) James Beaty to Wm. Moore. $2400. Interest, right and title in sawmill on Tilly’s Sw. in All Saints Parish. 3 Jan 1838. S/James Beaty. W/Robt. Munro, Josias T. Sessions. Aff. Josias T. Sessions 4 Jan 1839. Recd. 9 Jan 1839.

205(K40) John E. Verene and William Lee to Robert Levingston, planter. $1000. 1460 acres (4 tracts), incl. Star Bluff and surrounding lands. 30 May 1838. S/Jno. E. Verene, William Lee. W/Wm. Montgomery, Thomas Vaught. Receipt 30 May 1838. Dower: Frances Verene, Sarah Lee. 10 Oct 1838. Aff. Thomas Vaught 11 Oct 1838. Recd. 10 Jan 1839.

206(K42) John D. Jordan. Stockmark: undersquare, underbit in right ear, swallowfork & underbit in left. 9 Jan 1839. Recd. 10 Jan 1839.

207(K42) Absalom Sessions of Brunswick Co., NC, to Moses Barker of Kingston Co., SC. 20 lbs. sterling. 300 acres (part of gr. to Alexander Crumbe, conv. to James Alkin, to Jacob Valk, to Absalom Sessions) 9 Dec 1799. S/Absalom Sessons. W/George Sessions, Robert Sessions. Recd. 10 Jan 1839.

208(K43) John W. Pickett agreement with Thomas S. Pickett and Samuel N. Cannon (late of Wilmington, NC) to operate steam saw mill at Hillens Landing on Waccamaw River without compensation until they reimburse him sufficient money for 1/3 interest each. 12 Dec 1838. S/John W. Pickett, Thos. S. Pickett, Saml. N. Cannon. W/Benjn. Holt. Recd. 10 Jan 1839.

210(K46) Samuel Hickman of Columbus Co., NC to son, Wm. Hickman. L/a. 2 Negroes. 18 Jun 1829. S/Samuel Hickman. W/Thos. Frink. Aff. Thomas Frink 13 Apr 1830. Recd. 7 Feb 1839. (K47) David R. Newton, Sarah Newton to William Hickman. $350. Negro Betty. S/David R. Newton, Sarah Newton. W/John H. Cade. Aff. John H. Cade. 27 Mar 1839. Recd. 7 Feb 1839 [!]

211(K48) Richard Bellamy, arbitration and division of estate of [15 slaves]. Peter Vaught, Wm. Lee, Wm. D. Bryan, Charles Murrell, B. A. Thomson & Jas. Beaty, arbitrators. Heirs: Widow E. Bellamy, Jos. Bellemy, John G. Bellemy, James Bellemy, Mrs. Sarah Newton, Mrs. Ann Suggs, Richd. Bellemy, Abm. Bellemy, Wm. G. Bellemy. 27 Jan 1839. S/ Peter Vaught, Wm. Lee, Wm. D. Bryan, Charles Murrell, B. A. Thomson & Jas. Beaty. W/Jos. Murrell, Robt. Munro. Recd. 7 Feb 1839

212(K49) William W. Durant to John A. Mccrae and other children of Sophie Mccrae. $600 pd. by John Collins. 850 acres on Crab Tree Sw. (gr. to William Mctleduff 7 Dec 1818) 10 Aug 1838. S/Wm. W. Durant. W/Wm. H. Grice, A. McIntyre. Dower: Julia M. Durant. Aff. Wm. H. Grice 7 Dec 1838. Recd. 7 Feb 1839.

213(K51) Robert Jordan to Jane G. Jordan & Harriet Macrackin and their heirs. Gift. Livestock, household and kitchen furniture, except 1 feather bed, lifetime rights reserved to self and wife Ann. 19 Jan 1839. S/Robert (x) Jordan. W/Wm. W. Jordan, Jas. Singleton. Aff. Wm. W. Jordan 2 Feb 1839. Recd. 9 Feb 1839.

214(K52) Robert Jordan to Wm. W. Jordan, beloved son. Gift. 620 acres (3 tracts, gr. to Adam Jordan, Srnr., toAiken Smith, gr. dated 3 Mar 1794), after death of self and beloved wife Ann Jordan. 12 Jan 1839. S/Robert (x) Jordan. W/Robert McCrakin, James Singleton. Aff. Robert McCracken. 2 Feb 1839. Recd. 9 Feb 1839.

215(K54) John H. Cade to Daniel Boyd. $150. 200 acres E side Pleasant Meadow Sw. bd. by John R. Thompson, Spring Branch, Conner, Wattis. 26 Jan 1839. S/John H. Cade. W/Mark Reaves, J. J. Reaves. Aff. Mark Reaves 11 Feb 1839. Rec. 5 Mar 1839.

216(K56) Samuel Roberts, James B. Roberts, atty. for John Roberts of Territory of Floridy, power of attorney to John Durant to receive any balance due from estate of John Roberts, decd. 23 Feb 1838. S/Samuel Roberts. W/James B. (x) Roberts. W/James Beaty. Recd. 8 Mar 1839. (K62) Receipt from Thos. W. Booth to Adm. of est. of James Booth for Negro girl and 200 acres on Maple Sw (Alford & Squires land), 1 bed & furniture. W/John J. Booth. 4 Apr 1839. Recd. 29 Apr 1839.

217(K56) George Durant and John Durant, surety bond of $2000 to John Readmon against Mary Ann Durant, wife of George, claiming her dower in 750 acres sold to Readmond by George Durant 17 Oct 1838. 15 Jan 1839. S/George Durant, John Durant. W/Samuel A. Waller. Aff. 9 Feb 1839.

218(K58) Zebedee C. Kenedy to Henry Buck. $150. Right, title, interest in Keyes Plantation and adjoining Bucks Mill. 27 Aug 1838. S/Z. C. Kenedy. W/E. A. Benjamin, G. Gowen. Aff. G. Gowen 17 Mar 1839. Recd. 27 Mar 1839.

219(K59) Josias T. Sessions, SHD, to Margaret Keyes. $150. 600 acres, public sale of alnds of Stephen P. & Isaac L. Keyes, bd. by Richard Green. 2 Aug 1830. S/Josias T. Sessions, SHD. W/B. A. Thomson, Solomon Sessions. Aff. Solomon Sessions 3 Nov 1831. Recd. 27 Mar 1839.

220(K61) William Sloan, Senr. of Darlington Election Dist. to Peabody Keyes. $150. 500 acres (gr. 5 Nov 1798) on Waccamaw R., bd. by Jesse Badenhope, Nathaniel Blundell, James Woodward, Samuel Wragg. 10 Mar 1801. S/William Sloan. W/David Sloan, Mary (x) Sloan. Aff. David Sloan 30 Oct 1818.

221(K63) John Lee to Benjamin Stevens. $300. 1 Negro Jacob, 5 or 6 years old. 25 Jan 1839. S/John Lee. W/John Lee, Junr., James (x) Barnhill. Aff. John Lee, Junr. 29 Apr 1839. Recd. 5 May 1839.

222(K64) John J. Ludlam to C. E. Ludlam. $500. Right/title/interest in est of my father Isaac Ludlam, decd., and my grandmother Jane Ludlam, decd. 22 Feb 1839. S/J. J. Ludlam. W/ James Beaty, John Chesnut. Recd. 5 May 1839.

Wm. A. D. Bryan to Wm. D. Bryan, son. L/a. 2 tracts known as huncyse hook and Clemons. 21 Jun 1834. S/Wm. A. D. Bryan. W/Nancy Smith, Needham Stanaland. Aff. Needham Stanaland 9 Apr 1839. Recd. 7 May 1839.

223(K65) Wm. A. D. Bryan to Wm. D. Bryan. $500. 3080 acres in Round Swamp, incl. his house & improvements. 21 Jun 1834. S/Wm. A. D. Bryan. W/Needham Stanaland, Nancy Smith. Aff. Needham Stanaland 9 Apr 1839. Recd. 7 May 1839.

224(K67) J. G. Waller. Stockmark: swallowfork in each ear. 27 May 1839. Recd. 29 May 1839.

225 Levi Moore of Marion District to William Squires of Horry Dist. $150. 300 acres (gr. to William Bulton 9 Sep 1774, gr. to Benjamin Moore 4 May 1793) Plat. __ ___ 1822. S/Levi Moore. W/David Durant, James Altman. Aff. David Durant 15 Mar 1822.

226(K70) William Squires to John Lowrimore. $150. 300 acres (gr. to Wm. Britton, gr. to Benjamin Moore) on Spring Sw. on Dog Bluff to Conwayborough Road. 7 Jun 1839. S/Wm. (x) Squires. W/Zebedee Causey, Benj. (x) Jordan. Aff. Zebedee Causey. 7 Jun 1839.

227(K72) William Squires to Robert Squries and William McHenry Squires. Gift 300 acres. 28 Jun 1824. S/Wm. (x) Squires. W/Zebedee Causey, John Squires. Aff. Zebedee Causey 8 Jul 1824. “Endorsed Registers Office July 8th 1824” Recd. 14 Jun 1839.

228(K73) William Small to John Small. $49. 260 acres (gr. to Joel Lewis 3 Mar 1802) bd. by Henry Long, Moses Harrelson, Benjamin Garrell, Richd. Garrel. 26 Feb 1839. S/William (x) Small. W/Thos. A. Beaty, Solomon (x) Strickland. Aff. Thos A. Beaty 27 Apr 1839. Recd. 28 Jun 1839.

229(K75) William Squires and Olif Squires, wife, to Thos. A. Beaty. $200. 250 acres (gr. to Benj. Stevenson 1 Dec 1794, gr. to Hugh Stevens 1 Dec 1794) bd. by Warren, Moye, Enoch Stevens, Isaac Stevens, lands conveyed by Enock Stevens to Jerusha Squires, d/o William & Olif, decd. 16 Mar 1839. S/Wm. (x) Squires, Olif (x) Squires. W/Gilbert Johnson, Alfred H. Richardson. Recd. 28 Jun 1839.

230(K76) James Beaty to David Durant. $21. 200 acres from public sale of Solomon Sessions land on Poplar Sw. (gr. of 1000 acres to G. B. Smith, conv. to James H. Smith, son of G. B. Smith. 24 Aug 1835. S/James Beaty. W/Thos. H. Holmes, Thos. Hemingway. Aff. Thos Hemingway 3 Aug 1839.

231(K78) David Durant to John R. Thompson. $60. 200 acres [same as above entry]. 13 Jan 1837. S/David Durant. W/Arthur H. Crawford, Silas Todd. Aff. Arthur H. Crawford 3 Sep 1838. Recd. 3 Aug 1839.

233(K80) Jos. J. Richwood to William Moore. $44.04. House in Conwayboro in rear of Capn. Bucks store house on W side of street leading on to J. Beaty’s where I now reside. 22 May 1839. S/Jos. J. Richwood. W/James Beaty 3 Jun 1839. Recd. 5 Aug 1839.

234(K81) Indenture between Peter Vaught and Jessee G. Duette and his wife Martha R., late Martha R. Verene for lands that fell to Sarah E. L. Verene, Martha R. Verene from the estate of their father Daniel Verene. The earlier division report was lost & Sarah conveyed her portion to Peter Vaught (orig. gr. to Charles Verene except one tract purchased from W. H. Lewis & Rachel his wife. Charles Verene wills to his brother Daniel all his lands on Little Buck Island Sw. & on Singleton or Verenes Swash and the Ocean. The div. was certified on plat by J. B. Johnson, D. S. 28 Sep 1837, 318 acres went to Jessee G. Duette & wife. 3 Aug 18389. S/Peter Vaught, Jessee G. Duette, Martha R. Duette. W/William Mathews, J. G. Waller. Aff. J. G. Waller [n.d.] Recd. 5 Aug 1839.

235(K83) J. N. Stevenson to S. M. Stevenson. $125. 3 Negroes. 9 Feb 1839. S/J. N. Stevenson. W/H. Buck, J. D. Bruton. Aff. J. D. Bruton 8 Jun 1839. Recd. 6 Aug 1839.

236(K84) M. W. Strickland to S. M. Stevenson. Release of claim to 2 Negro children. 9 Feb 1839. S/M. W. Strickland. W/H. Buck, J. D. Bruton. Aff. John D. Bruton 8 Jun 1839. Recd. 6 Aug 1838 S. M. Stevenson to M. W. Strickland. $25. Negro girl. 9 Feb 1839. S/S. M. Stevenson. W/H. Buck, J. D. Bruton. Aff. John D. Bruton 8 Jun 1839.

237(K86) Plat. Richard Green to John H. Beaty, Alexandria J. Willson, Samuel M. Stevenson, Thomas Sessions & Saml. G. Singleton, trustees of M. E. Church. $1. 5.1 acres on Conwayborough to Georgetown Road at fork of old road to Little Pee Dee. 3 Sep 1839. S/Richard Green. W/John H. Grant, J. Benjamin Johnson. Aff. John H. Grant 3 Sep 1839.

239(K89) E. A. Benjamin to William Woodbury of Marian District. $8000 penal sum for $4000, mortgage dated 22 Jul 1839 of land and steam saw mill on Bull Creek near ferry, due 1 Jan 1840. 22 Jul 1839. S/E. A. Benjamin. W/T. M. Grier, Thomas Saunders. Aff. Thomas Saunders 23 Sep 1839. Recd. 9 Oct 1839.

241(K91) Peter Vaught, SHD, to Arthur Alford, planter. $25.25. 300 acres, public sale of land of William Snow, decd. (gr. of 1166 acres 2 Apr 1792, 300 acres previously sold to David Anderson, Junr., George B. Smith & James Holmes) on Play Card Road. Wm. Snow was indebted to John Callum, exor. of David Snow who was exor. of George Snow. 2 Dec 1816. S/Peter Vaught, Sheriff. W/Richd. Singleton, Needom Moore. Aff. Richard Singleton 11 Jun 1817.

243(K93) Arthur Alford to Suthrin Alford. $0. 394 acres (part of gr. to Wm. Snow. 10 Mar 1792, sold by Sheriff 2 Dec 1816). 20 Aug 1817. S/Arthur Alford. W/Vairdamon P. Alford, William Singleton. Aff. Vairdamon P. Alford 22 Apr 1818. Recd. 9 Oct 1839.

244(K95) A. H. Crawford, D. S. Plat for Sothren Alford. 521 acres (part of gr. to Capt. William Snow for 1166 acres 2 Apr 1792), resurveyed 26 Dec 1838. Recd. 9 Oct 1839.

245(K96) George R. Grissett to Peter Vaught. $1450. Negroes Dinah and 3 children. 9 Feb 1819. S/Geor. R. Grissett. W/William Todd. Aff. William Todd 3 Apr 1821.

246(K97) Solomon Vaught, Wm. Vaught, Joseph Vaught, Francis D. Price & wife Mary, Thomas D. Todd & wife Sarah, Henry C. Williams & wife Elizabeth, John Dunn & wife Mantha, Peter Cox & wife Rebecca, to Peter Vaught. $150. 1745 acres in Dogwood Neck (gr. to George Cross 26 Jul 1774, conv. to Horatios Moore, to Enos Lay, to Matthias Vaught; gr. to Matthias Vaught 2 Dec 1786, 1 Dec 1800, 5 Mar 1832; gr. to John Parker 1 Dec 1800, sold. by Andrew Hardee who married Parker’s dau. to Matthias Vaught) 11 Jan 1835. S/Jos. Vaught, Thos. D. Todd, Sarah Todd, F. D. Price, Mary Price, John Dunn, Martha Dunn, H. C. Williams, E. Williams, Wm. Vaught, Solomon Vaught, Peter Cox, Rebecca Cox. Dowers: Mary Price, Rebecca Cox, Sarah Todd, E. Williams, Sarah M. Vaught, Martha Dunn. 5 Feb 1836. Recd. 10 Oct 1839.

248(K99) Charles Bullock to Elisha Bullock. $3250. 850 acres (4 tracts. Names mentioned: Mourning Tylor, David Page, Joshua Barefield) 21 Dec 1832. S/Charles Bullock. W/John Granger, Eli Bullock. Aff. John Bullock 4 Jul 1839. Recd. 13 Nov 1839.

249(K101) Thomas D. Todd to Peter Vaught. $30. 680 acres on Price’s Sw. & Long Branch (gr. to Thomas D. Todd 5 Jun 1826) 3 Oct 1838. S/Thomas D. Todd. W/David R. Newton, Wm. A. Beasant. Aff. Wm. A. Beasant 4 Nov 1839. Recd. 3 Dec 1839.

250(K102) Sarah E. L. Vereen to Peter Vaught. $120. 427 acres (quitclaim to half of the estate of her father Daniel Verene, who inherited it from his brother Charles, which went to Jessee G. Duett who married Martha Rebecca, d/o Daniel Verene) 27 Dec 1836. S/Sarah E. L. Vereen. W/Silas Sessions, Jos. J. Vereen. Aff. Silas Sessions 4 Nov 1839. Recd. 3 Dec 1839.

251(K104) Thomas Frink to Rebekah Frink, beloved wife. Gift. Negro girl. 13 Apr 1830. S/Thos. Frink. W/D. C. W. Conner, Edward Conner. Aff. Daniel C. W. Conner 13 Apr 1830.

252(K106) Richard Green, survey for John W. Pickett. 8 ¾ acres on Waccamaw [plat] (gr. to Wamuel Wragg of 470 acres 14 Oct 1774) at Hillings Landing on River & Chappels Lake. 11 Aug 1838. S/Richard Green. W/J. Benjamin Johnson, C. B. Sarvis. Aff. C. B. Sarvis 29 Nov 1839. Recd 3 Dec 1839.

254(K108) John W. Pickett to Beula H. Jacobs, trustee under postnuptial agreement of 1839 between Archibald Collins & Mary Eliza Collins, his wife. One undivided ¼ interest in 8 ¾ acres (gr. to Samuel Wragg 14 Oct 1774 of 470 acres) called Hillings Landing, conv. by Richard Green to John W. Pickett 11 Aug 1838 and steam saw mill & other buildings. 9 Sep 1839. S/John W. Pickett. W/C. B. Sarvis, Abraham Corl. Aff. C. B. Sarvis 29 Nov 1839. Dower: Helen P. Pickett 29 Nov 1839. Recd. 3 Dec 1839.

256(K110) Henryetta Paisley, Thomas Sessions, guardian, to Henry Buck. $500. Lot 359, mortgage for $250 due 8 Jul 1840. 8 Jul 1839. S/Henrietta (x) Paisley, Thomas Sessions, guardian. W/Benj. Bruton, B. A. Thomson. Aff. B. Bruton 2 Jan 1840. Recd 6 Jan 1840.

257(K111) Garret Gowan, SHD to William A. Bessent. $1050. Sale of lands of Mary Hughes, decd. under a partition order. 6 Jan 1840. S/G. Gowen, SHD. W/Peter Vaught, Robt. Munro. Aff. Peter Vaught 7 Jan 1840. Recd. 7 Jan 1840.

258(K113) William Raburn, Senr. to John Raburn. $30. 300 acres (750 acre gr. to William Raburn, Senr. & Isaac Mishew) bd by Levy Sollomen, Clark, Samuel Carrell, on Sand Hill Bay & Bug Sw. 3 Dec 1825. S/William (x) Raburn. W/Hezekiah Catret; Arthur (x) Misshew, Sam’l (x) Raburn. Aff. Hezekiah Catret 3 Dec 1825. Recd. 6 Feb 1840.

259(K114) James Beaty, SHD to John Alford. $30. 200 acres. Suit brought by exors. of Moses Harrelson against John Rabon’s land on Log Br., between Bug Sw. & Sand Hill Bay, bd. by widow of Sam’l Carrell, Solomon. 6 Jul 1835. S/James Beatty, SHD. W/H. D. Hemingway, T. A. Beaty. Recd. 7 Feb 1840.

260(K116) John Rabon to William Raburn, son of John Raburn. $44. 150 acres (part of 750 acres gr. to William Raburn, Senr. and Isaac Meshoe) bd. by Samuel Carrel, Little Bug Sw., Piney Bay Br., Levy Solomon, Clark. 19 Sep 1831. S/John (x) Raburn. W/Joshua A. J. Long, Bary (or Barney) (x) Mishew, Jamima (x) Raburn. Aff. Joshua Andrew Josiah Long 19 Sep 1831. Recd. 7 Feb 1840.

261(K117) William Rabon to John Alford. $50. 150 acres [same as above]. 20 Nov 1836. S/William Rabon [Jr.]. W/James Holmes, John Alford, Jr., John (x) Rabon. Aff. James Holmes 3 Apr 1837. Recd. 7 Feb 1840.

262(K119) John Alford, Sr. to John Alford, son. Gift for l/a. 350 acres (part of gr. to William Rabon Cener & Isaac Mishoe 27 Oct 1837) S/John (x) Alford. W/H. D. Hemingway, David Durant. Aff. H. D. Hemingway 13 Nov 1838. Recd. 7 Feb 1840.

263(K120) James Beaty, SHD, to John Alford. $6. 250 acres. Suit brought by exor. of Moses Harrelson against John Rabon. 1 Jun 1835. S/James Beaty, SHD. W/C. B. Sarvis, Benj. Singleton. [PS has blanks for witness and day] Feb 1840. Recd. 8 Feb 1840.

265(K122) Elizabeth Bryan. Release of security to Edward B. Wheeler and Robert Harlee for bond of $20,600 for payment of $12,600 payable to William A. D. Bryan 27 Oct 1836 for house & lot in Marion + negroes. 20 Feb 1840. Order for delivery of mortgage & receipt for mortgage. Recd. 29 Mar 1840.

266(K123) Elizabeth Bryan, extx of will of William A. D. Bryan, decd., and W. D. Bryan to Jos. Vaught, guardian of Jno. D. Belleme & Marsden Bellamy. Mortgage $12,818.19 for payment of $649.48 on Cherry Grove [500 acres], Bostick tract [1000 acres] + 15 Negroes. 2 Nov 1838. S/Elizabeth Bryan, ext., W. D. Bryan. W/Jos. Beaty, Thos. Randall. Recd 28 Mar 1840.

268(K126) William Fullwood to W. H. L. Hemingway. $350. 300 acres on White Point Cr. waters of the Ocean (part of grs. to John Lessene and William Gause) bd. by Josiah Cox, Charles Lewis, Joseph V. Smith, Atlantic Ocean, shown on div. plat of est. of Wm. H. Lewis. Mortgage due 1 Jan 1846. 28 Feb 1840. S/Wm. Fulwood. W/Peter Vaught, J. J. Dunn. Dower: Rebecca (x) Fullwood 5 Mar 1840. Aff. J. J. Dunn [i.e., Joseph] 28 Feb 1840. Recd. 9 Jul 1840.

270(K128) John Jordan to son, David Jordan. L/a. 335 acres on each side of Poplar Sw. & Galavants Ferry Road (part of gr. to Moses Floyd 5 Mar 1792), bd. John D. Jordan, Jonathan J. Baker, Long Bay Island Br., which empties into Poplar Sw., Calvin Allen, Zechariah Allen. At death of self & wife Hannah Jordan. 10 Aug 1839. S/John Jordan. W/John G. Jordan, William Hardee. Aff. John G. Jordan 20 Aug 1839. Recd. 9 Jul 1840.

271(K130) John Jordan to son, John D. Jordan. Gift l/a. 300 acres each side Poplar Sw. (part of gr. to Moses Floyd 5 Mar 1792), bd. Sarah Stone, Calvin Allen, Island Br., Zechariah, Jonathan J. Baker, Polecat Br. 2 Aug 1839. S/John Jordan. W/Samuel N. Anderson, Silvious S. Anderson. Aff. Samuel N. Anderson 2 Aug 1839. Recd. 9 Jul 1840.

272(K131) William W. Newton to Zechariah Elliott. $150. 120 acres (part of gr. to James Newton 4 Nov 1805) on W side of Waccamaw, part which fell to Isaac Newton not included. 3 Dec 1839. S/William W. Newton. W/Robt. H. Beaty, Wm. L. Thomas. Aff. Robt. H. Beaty 3 Dec 1839. Dower: Sarah Newton 13 Dec 1839. Recd. 9 Jul 1840.

273(K132) William W. Newton to Capt. William L. Thomas. $150. 120 acres (lower half of gr. to James Newton 4 Nov 1805, part falling to Isaac Newton not included] 3 Dec 1839. S/Wm. W. Newton. W/Zachariah Elliott, Robt. H. Beaty. Aff. Robt H. Beaty 3 Dec 1839. Dower: Sarah Newton 13 Dec 1839. Recd. 11 Jul 1840.

275(K134) Harmon Williams of North Carolina to Jordan Cox. $342.50 to Jordan Cox. Negro girl. 23 Sep 1828. S/Harmon Williams. W/Isaac Etheridge, Isaac G. Long. Aff. Isaac G. Long 27 Jun 1838. Recd. 14 Jul 1840.

276K135) Ann Cox to Jordan Cox. $50. 78 acres on boggy br. of Buck Cr., bd. by NC line, Frederic Norris, James Thomps9on, Ann Cox. 28 May 1824. S/Ann (x) Cox. W/Needham Stanaland, David Cox. Aff. Nedham Stanaland 29 May 1824. Recd. 15 Jul 1840.

277(K136) John Thompson to Jordan Cox. $75. 33 1/3 acres [1/2 of 1/3 of 200 acr gr. to John Thompson on Buck Cr. & Boggy Br.), bd. by Wm. Hickman & John Thompson, Biggars Norris, Ann and Jessee Cox, Amon Thompson, in Tory Island & on Boggy Br. 9 Sep 1822. S/John Thompson, Duke Blackburn, Robert (x) Main. W/Jessee Cox, Semantha (x) Mane [Main in PS]. Aff. John Thompson 25 Nov 1822. Recd. 15 Jul 1840.

278(K138) William Allen to John Rabon. $50. 300 acres on Kingstown Lake Sw., Buckhorn Br., bd. by William Carlisl, William Singleton. 31 Dec 1831. S/William (x) Allen. W/Robt. Anderson, Joseph P. Hardee, Aaron (x) Cooper. Aff. Joseph P. Hardee 2 Jan 1831. Recd. 15 Aug 1840.

279(K139) Levi Alford. $40. 300 acres [same as above] 10 Aug 1831. S/Levi Alford. W/Solomon Todd, Senr., John R. Thompson. [no PS] Recd. 5 Aug 1840.

280(K140) Olive Magby and James Singleton. Quitclaim to William Singelton of Anson Co., NC. on ___ acres at mouth of Buckhorn Br. “making out of Kingston Lake Sw.”, bd. by William Carlile, gr. to William Singleton 20 Dec 1791. 31 Dec 1822. S/Olive Magbee, James Singleton. W/John N. Singleton, James Singleton, Jr. Recd. 5 Aug 1840.

281(K141) William N. Singleton of Anson Co., NC to Ebenezer Singleton. $25. 300 acres [same as above]. 29 May 1830. S/William N. Singleton. W/Solomon R. Singleton, Mary Singleton. Recd. 5 Aug 1840.

282(K142) Daniel E. Singleton to Levi Alford. $24. 300 acres [same as above] 27 Nov 1830. S/Daniel E. Singleton. W/Silas Todd, Mary A. Ludlam. Aff. Silas Todd 4 Aug 1840.

283(K144) John Rabon to Robert Anderson. $50. 300 acres [same as above] 27 Nov 1832. S/John (x) Rhabon. W/Thomas Sessions, Daniel B. Holmes. Aff. Thomas Sessions 11 Feb 1833. Recd. 5 Aug 1840.

284(K145) Robert Anderson to Silas Todd. $37.59. 300 acres [same as above]. 28 Aug 1834. S/Robert M. Anderson. W/Robert Chesnut, Henry (x) Anderson. Aff. Robert Chesnut 28 Aug 1834. Recd. 5 Aug 1840.

285(K146) Silas Todd to Aihmon Thompson. $100. 300 acres [same as above] 9 Feb 1836. S/Silas Todd. W/Benjamin Bruton, James N. Stevenson. Aff. James N. Stevenson 4 Aug 1840. Recd. 5 Aug 1840.

286(K148) John Thompson to Spicy Thompson. $120. 375 acres (gr. to John Cox 1792) on Buck Cr. Sw., bd. by Ann Cox, late John Thompson, Olivers Camp Br., Stephen Faircloth. 18 Feb 1819. S/John Thompson. W/Edward G. Conner, Amon Thompson. Recd 5 Aug 1840.

287(K149) John Thompson to Amon Thompson. $70. 300 acres (part of 1000 acrew gr. to John Cox) between Buck Creek, Camp Br., Hull Island, Conner line. 22 Sep 1826. S/John Thompson. W/William Hickman, Duck Blackburn. Aff. Duke Blackburn 21 May 1827. Recd. 5 Aug 1840.

288(K150) John Thompson to Marma Duke Blackburn. $50. 100 acres at fork of Camp Br. & Buck Cr. and Halfway Br, by name of Sal hill. 22 Sep 1826. S/John Thompson. W/Amon Thompson, William Hickman. Aff. Amon Thompson 21 May 1827. Recd. 6 Aug 1840.

289(K151) Marmaduke Blackburn to Amon Thompson. $100 acres [sae as above] 4 Oct 1830. S/Marmaduke Blackburn. W/Benjamin Hudson, Thos. Frink. Aff. Thomas Frink 6 Feb 1840. Recd. 6 Aug 1840.

290(K152) Robert Heriot, Comm. in Equity, Georgetown Dist. to Henry Reynolds. $575. 2 Negro slaves, property of est. of Alexander W. McRae. 29 Oct 1832. S/ Robt. Heriot. W/John Thompson. Title assigned to William King by purchase 26 Jun 1833. S/Henry Reynolds. Recd. 6 Aug 1840.

291(K154) William King to Amon H. Thompson. $650. [same slaves] 17 Feb 1835. S/William King. W/John J. Hamlin. Recd. 6 Aug 1840.

292(K155) Robert Harris to John Parker. $200. Negro girl. 14 Nov 1833. S/Robert Harris, Jr., Robert Harris, Senr. W/Dixon J. Doyle, William Todd, Jr. Receipt $500 [same slave] to Amon Thompson. S/Saml. Gasque 1 Jun 1839. W/Henry C. Legget. Recd. 6 Aug 1840.

293(K156) John W. Durant to James B. W. Foster. $400. 400 acres. 30 Sep 1837. S/John W. Durant. W/[Miss] Merinda (x) Moy, G. Gowin. Dower: Sarah G. Durant 6 Feb 1838. Aff. Garret Gowen 13 Nov 1837. Recd. 6 Aug 1840.

294 James B. W. Foster, mortgage due 1 Dec 1837 to Henry Buck. $42.85. 498 acres. 13 Nov 1837. S/James B. W. Foster. W/G. Gawin, John Readman. Transfer of interest in instrument to Amon Thompson [n.d.] S/Thomas H. Holmes [agt.] for H. Buck. W/James Beaty, Neil McMillan. Aff. James Beaty 4 Aug 1840. Dower: Mary (x) Foster 6 Feb 1838.

296(K159) David Durant to John W. Durant. $150. 328 acres (excluded from 428 acre parces are 50 acres where Silas Todd lives & 50 acres where Elizabeth Durant lives) 27 Sep 1837. S/David Durant. W/Thos. W. Booth, H. D. Hemingway. PS with blanks, 1840. Dower: Mary Durant __ ___ 1840 [plat surveyed by Josiah Lewis, D. S. 5 Jun 1823 for div. between Thomas Durant, Jr. & David Durant, only sons of Thos. Durant, Senr.

298(K162) John W. Durant to Aihmon Thompson. $200. 389 acres on Maple Sw. bd. by John Durant, Kingston Lake, James Singleton, David Durant. 6 Feb 1838. S/John W. Durant. W/J. N. Stevenson, J. S. Norman. Aff. James N. Stevenson 6 Feb 1838. Dower: Sarah G. Sweet w/o John W. Durant. 6 Feb 1838. Recd. 12 Aug 1840.

300(K164) Robert Heriot, Comm. Ct. of Equity to Josias T. Sessions. $50. 414 acres in fork of Maple Sw. Suit brought against est. of Alexander W. McRae. 29 Oct 1832. S/Robert Heriot. W/D. A. Bokee, E. Waterman. Recd. 12 Aug 1840.

301(K166) William Johnston, Senr. to Wm. H. Johnston. $3000. 9 Negroes. 25 Apr 1838. S/William Johnston, Senr. W/James Singleton, Mary Singleton. Aff. James Singleton 23 May 1839. Recd. 22 Aug 1840.

302 William Johnston, Senr. to Wm. H. Johnston. $100. 696 acres (gr. to Daniel Pipkin 7 Jul 1794) NE side Little Pee Dee. 25 Apr 1838. S/William Johnston. W/James Singleton, Mary Singleton. Aff. James Singleton 23 May 1839. Dower: Elizabeth Johnston __ ___ 1838. [no signature]

303(K168) Elizabeth Williams to William H. Johnston. $100. 400 acres (gr. to Wm. Timmons Feb 1791) NE side Little Pee Dee R., sold by Wm. Timmons to Ahimeleck Williams 15 Dec 1835. S/Elizabeth (x) Williams. W/Wm. J. Ellis, Sam. N. Norman. Recd. 22 Aug 1840.

304(K170) John Jordan, Senr. to Henry D. Jordan. $50. 90 acres (2 tracts, parts of gr. to John Cooper, bd. by run of Brinson Sw. & Cooper Br.; gr. to Moses Floyd). 31 Jul 1839. S/John Jordan. W/Samuel N. Anderson, Silvius S. Anderson. Aff: Samuel N Anderson 30 Mar 184_. Recd 7 Sep 1840.

305(K172) Henry L. Williams to John Maning. $150. 140 acres (rem. of tract Francis Davis purchased from Richard Woodbury, gr. to Lewis Dupree in Britton’s Neck) NE side Great Pee Dee, bd. by Henry Williams, John Richardson. 17 Feb 1835. S/H. L. Williams. W/Rhoda Tindal, Larkin F. Hughes. Aff. Larkin F. Hughes 7 Sep 1840.

306(K174) Mrs. Jane Norman agreement with George Fisk for $15 per year rent of lot #9 (60 x 40) in Conwayborough to build store house. Title invested in George R. Condan, trustee for Jane Norman for life and then her 3 daus.; Condan is decd., another to be appt. & will give written agreement. 6 Jun 1840. S/Jane Norman, George Fisk. W/Jane Beaty. Statement of concurrence: Charlott C. Condon, H. Buck, Francis N. Buck, C. E. Ludlam, Margeret Ludlam. W/W. P. Condon, B. A. Thomson, Jos. J. Richwood. Recd. 27 Oct 1840.

307(K176) William Johnston to Daniel M. Johnson. $1000. 1900 acres (grs. to William Johnson, Andrew Johnson, W. Roberts, Robert Dunnam, James Tylare) E side Little Pee Dee, N side Pometto Sw. 24 Jul 1847. S/Wm. Johnston. W/Joseph Jordan, Benjamin Hawkins. Aff. Joseph Jordan 28 Aug 1840. Recd. 28 oct 1840.

309(K177) Hinant Faulk to William Griffin, both of Columbus Co., NC. $400. 648 acres (4 tracts: (1) Gapway Sw., E. side Drowning Cr., bd. Meredith Watson. (2) Drowning Creek. (3) gr. to William Griffin and Meredith Watson. (4) NE Drowning Cr. & Gapway Sw. 12 Aug 1830. S/Hinant Faulk. W/Arch. McKay, Colin McRae. Aff. Archd. McKay 29 Apr 1832.

310(K179) Edward Grantham to Hinant Faulk. $105. 575 acres between Gapway Sw. & Drowning Cr., bd. by Marmaduke Rawls, Meredith Watson & Wm. Griffin. 2 Feb 1828. S/Edward (x) Grantham. W/ ARchd. McKay, D. McRae. Aff. Archd McKay (Mackay) 31 Oct 1840. Recd. 20 Nov 1840.

311(K181) William Johnston. Release of rights of self & children to lands gr. to Benjamin Moore & Edmund Russ. 9 Sep 1818. S/William Johnston. W/Jeptha Jones, William Moore. Aff. William Moore 12 Oct 1840. Recd 17 Nov 1840.

312(K182) Belinda Gerrell, widow of late Thomas Gerrell to Cader Hughes, planter. $900. 1/3 of 2089 acres on Loosing Sw. 2 Jun 1840. S/Belinda Gerald. W/Joel B. Skipper, Thomas Sessions. Aff. Thomas Sessions 31 Oct 1840. Recd 30 Nov 1840.

313(K184) James Lambert, blacksmith to Cader Hughes. $1000. 200 acres known as Gallavants Ferry (gr. to John Elvis) and 330 acres (gr. to Richard Gallavant 6 Jan 1817) purchased by Lambert from heirs of Henry Avant, decd. 8 Nov 1838. 7 Oct 1840. S/James Lambert. W/Ed. B. Wheeler, Thomas Sessions. Dower: Zilpha Lambert 8 Oct 1840. Aff. Thomas Sessions. 31 Oct 1840. Recd. 30 Nov 1840.

315(K186) Edward Grantham to John Johnston. $500. 574 acres (3 tracts, incl. gr. to Wm. Griffin 6 Jan 1812) 31 Sep 1830. S/Edward (x) Grantham. W/ R. E. Price, Rheuben Jolly. Aff. Robt. E. Price 11 Dec 1840. Recd. 12 Dec 1840.

316(K188) Edward Grantham to John Johnston. $200. 375 acres NW side Drowning Cr. (surv. for Thos. Jernican, gr. to Benjn. Fatheree 2 Feb 1801, gr. to Benjn. Fatheree 2 Feb 1802, gr. to Meredith Watson & William Griffin, Senr. 29 Nov 1811) NW side Drowning Cr. above Shingleton Landing. 30 Sep 1830. S/ Edward (x) Grantham. W/ Robert E. Price, Rheuben Jolly. Aff. Robt. E. Price. 11 Dec 1840. Recd. 12 Dec 1840.

317(K190) James Grantham to John Johnston. $25. 100 acres E side Lumber R. (gr. to Jas. Jernigan 1 Oct 1787. 30 Sep 1830. S/ James (x) Grantham. W/ Robert E. Price, Rhubin Jolly. Aff. Robert E. Price 14 Dec 1840. Recd. 12 Dec 1840.

318(K191) G. B. Granger to John Johnston. $400. 690 acres (4 tracts, gr. to Joseph Price 1 Aug 1785, David Page 1 Aug 1785, Joshua Barfield 5 Jan 1789, Obid Fatheree 6 Jan 1812, Thomas Jenigan 1 Oct 1787). 8 Dec 1832. S/ G. B. Granger. W/ John Granger, Robert E. Price#. Aff. 14 Dec 1840. Recd. 12 Dec 1840.

319(K192) James Grantham to John Johnston. $200. 100 acres N side Gapway Sw. (gr. to Joseph Prince 15 Sep 1784). 30 Sep 1830. S/ James (x) Grantham. W/ Robert E. Price#, Rheuben Jolly. Aff. 14 Dec 1840. Recd. 12 Dec 1840.

320(K193) John Thompson to John Johnston of Marion. $60. 400 acres (gr. to Wm. Fathree 26 Apr 1793) W side Drowning Cr. 17 Nov 1831. S/ John (x) Thompson. W/ Robert E. Price#, Elizabeth Johnston. Aff. 14[!] Dec 1840. Recd. 12 Dec 1840.

321(K195) Jonah C. King to John A. Clark. $500. 2 Negroes, surety for bonds of 60 lbs. each. 4 Jan 1841. S/ J. C. King. W/ James Beaty#. 11 Jan 1841. Recd. 11 Jan 1841.

322(K196) David Hill to John Johnston. $10. 100 acres (Water Mellow Bluff gr. to Wm. Fatheree 26 Apr 1793 in Marion Dist, w. side Drowning Cr.) 19 Jan 1836. S/ David Hill. W/ William (x) Hill, Robert E. Price#. Aff. 14[!] Dec 1840. Recd. 12 Dec 1840.

323(K198) J. A. Burbage to Wm. D. Watts. of Georgetown Dist. $150. 2 lots (48, 49) in Conwayborough (former office & old store house of late Henry Durant). 3 Nov 1840. S/ J. A. Burbage. W/ Silas Todd#, Margret G. (x) Todd. Aff. 11 Jan 1841. Recd. 16 Jan 1841.

324(K199) William Johnston to William W. Johnston. $100. ___ acres (gr. to William Johnston) bd. by John Johnston, William Johnston at John Lee old field on Andrew Johnston land, Levy Moore, Joseph Johnston. 19 Nov 1831. S/ Wm. Johnston. W/ John H. Johnston, Daniel M. Johnston, John Johnston#. Aff. 17 Sep 1838. Recd. 16 Jan 1841.

325(K201) James Beaty to Henry Buck. $4000 chattel mortgage for Negroes for $2000 debt. 20 Apr 1840. S/James Beaty. W/ John D. Bruton#. Aff. 7 May 1840. Recd. 16 Man 1841.

326(K202) G. Gowin, SHD, to Francis Vereen. $410. 1200 acres on Todd Sw. near Harris Ferry (gr. to John Rogers 1 Jun 1789) public sale of land of Robert Harris, Senr. Suit by Peter Vaught, admr. debonis non of F. A. Brantly & James Beaty, admr. of Robert Harris, Senr. deft. 1 Jan 1841. S/ G. Gowin, SHD. W/ J. Beaty#, Robt. Munro. Aff. 9 Feb 1841. Recd. 9 Feb 1841.

328(K205) G. Gowen, SHD to Francis Vereen. $36. 1000 acres (1) All saints Parish, bd. by Waccamaw R. & Pig Pen Lake (gr. to Robert Harris 3 Jun 1805); (2) where Wm. Todd, Jr. formerly lived N side Waccamaw R. adj. John Lay, the Messrs. Royal, public sale of land of Robert Harris, Senr. 5 Jan 1851. S/ G. Gowin, SHD. W/ James Beaty#, Robt. Munro. Aff. 9 Feb 1841. Recd. 9 Feb 1841.

330(K208) Sarah Conner to John W. Pickett. $500. Negro man. 20 Fb 184? S/J. F. Livingston, agt. for Mrs. Sarah Connor. W/ Thos. S. Pickett#. Aff. 22 Feb 1841. Recd. 24 Feb 1841.

331(K209) Sylvester S. Jolly to James L. C. Floyd. $75. 100 acres between Cartwheel & Fifteen Mile Bay (gr. to Mary Foxworth, sold to William H. Grice, then to Benjamin Stevens, then to Enoch Stephens, then to Jolly. 9 Nov 1840. S/ Silvester S. Jolly. W/ Zadoc Bullock#, Isaac Minsey, James E. Newsom. Aff. 3 Dec 1840.

332(K210) G. Gowin, SHD, to Peter Vaught. $25. 500 acres on Todd’s Sw. near Harris Ferry (gr. to Fitch Harris 4 Mar 1799), public sale of lands of Robert Harris, Senr. decd. Suit by Peter Vaught, admr. debonis non of F. A. Brantly. 5 Jan 1841. S/ G. Gowin. W/ James Beaty#, Robt. Munro. Aff 7 Jan 1841.

334(K213) Abel B. Hux to Robert W. Lambert, Ann J. Lambert and James W. Lambert. $150. 125 acres NE side Little Pee Dee, N side Treadwell’s Sw., E side Wild Cat Bay, old Mill Sw., incl. Longs Staple, bd. by Reubin Treadwell, John Elvis, Martin Hunchey, Sandy Run Br. 12 Oct 1840. S/ A. B. Hucks. W/ B. S. Davis#, P. Floyd. Aff. 19 Oct 1840

335(K214) John Thompson to Robert W. Lambert, Ann Lambert & James W. Lambert. 653 acres (gr. to Wm. Dawsey, Jr., Moses Floyd or his agents, Abraham Skipper & George Lewis). 13 Oct 1840. S/ John Thompson. W/ Samuel F. Avant, Robert R. Taylor#. Aff. 13 Oct 1840.

336(K215) James L. C. Floyd to Lewis Floyd. $1000. 8 Negroes. 2 Apr 1839. S/ James L. C. Floyd. W/ William Lewis, Jackson (x) Floyd#. Aff. 29 Mar 1841. Recd. 30 Mar 1841.

337(K216) Thomas A. Durant to Charles Murrell. $500. 4 lots (4, 5, 6, 8, surv. by Josiah Lewis 20 Jul 1821) in Conwayboro. 30 Mar 1831. S/ Thomas A. Durant. W/ J. W. Pickett, J. N. Stevenson#. Aff. James N. Stevenson 3 Apr 1841.

338 Enos J. Jones to Lemuel Floyd. $350. Negro boy Daniel. [n.d.] S/ Enos J. (x) Jones. W/ Abm. B. Skipper, E. B. Jones#, J. R. Jones. Aff. 11[!] Dec 1841. Recd. 3 May 1831.

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