Henry Clay Moore
Pension Application

Application for Pension: Class No. C.4 Honor Roll

State of South Carolina )
County of Horry )

To the County Pension Board:

The undersigned applies for enrollment under the Act of 1910. I am the widow of H. C. Moore who enlisted in Company B Manigault's Battalion, Captain John Smith, on the 16 day of April, 1864, and served in that command until the 26 day of April 1865. He was discharged from the service at Near Goldsboro, NC on the 26 day of April 1865, and was at that time a member of Company B, Regiment of Manigault's Battalion of S.P. Smith, Captain. I was married to him 23 day of Sept., 1869. My husband did not desert the service of the Confederate States nor of this State. My husband died on the 3rd day of Jan'y, 1919. My income from all sources does not exceed $500.00 -- does ......exceed $1,000.00. The valuation of all my property does not exceeed $500.00 -- does......exceed $1,000.00. I am 78 years of age. I reside at Conway in Horry County, S.C., and have lived there since the 21 day of April 1919.

I have not been on the pension roll of South Carolina, nor any other State, nor of the United States. Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 14 day of March (also showed April) 1919
E. M. Moore

J.S. Vaught
Probate Judge

Handwritten Notation: We refer you to his record already with the Pension Board.

State of Sourth Carolina, )
County of Horry )

Personally appeared before me J. G. Boker & W. Sessions who being duly sworn, each of them deposes and says that they know E. M. Moore, who is an applicant for a pension, and they have read the said application; that they know of their own knowledge that her husband, named H.C. Moore was a soldier in Company B Regiment of (illegible), and that he rendered services as therein stated; that she has resided in this State all his life years. Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 14 day of March (April) 1919 W. J. Sessions Company B Regiment (illegible)
John G. Boker Company B Regiment 10th S.C.
J. S. Vaught
Probate Judge

Official Information From This or Any Other State I, J. S. Vaught Probate Judge of County of South Carolina, submit the following evidence from official sources as to services rendered by the applicant..........................................................................................................................
To all of which I hereby certify:
Witness my hand and seal this 14 day of April 1919
J. S. Vaught
Probate Judge of Horry County

State of Sourth Carolina )
County of Horry )
We, the undersigned County Pension Board of Horry County, do certify that we have made a careful examination of the application of E. M. Moore. We are of the opinion that the said applicant is entitled to a pension thereunder for the following reasons:
(1) That her husband H. C. Moore was a bona fide Soldier in the late war between the State.
(2) That she is -- years of age, and was married prior to 1890.
(3) That her income does not exceed $500.00 from all sources.
(Here state any other reasons which influenced the Board to grant or reject this petiton.)
Has nothing. Dependent on her children.

J. H. Jollie
J. ?. Vereen
J. G. Baker
County Pension Board

Contributed by Dianne Moore
NOTE: E.M. Moore (Emeline McCracken) is the widow of Henry Clay Moore.

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