Joseph Hardee's
Pension Application

"Joseph Hardee Senior of Horry District, South Carolina. Respectfully sheweth that he became a soldier in the cause of liberty in 1776 in accompany of state troops commanded by Captain Armstrong under Colonel Richard Carwell. That he was present at Gates defeat with Colonel Richard Carwell, that he then joined Lee's Legion at Eutaw Springs, South Carolina and unfortunately received a wound which cost him a leg. It being amputated at the knee and he being prevented from bodily use and he suffered exceedingly as may be expected languishing from the 9th of September to the 28th of January before the wounded limb was cut off and further that he is now in his 76th year and in narrow circumstances and must thoughtly yield to his bodily infirmities.

Your petitioner confidently hopes that your honorable body will not turn a deaf ear to his solicitations but that you will give him a reasonable relief which you have in many cases intreated to the remaining soldiers of the Revolution.

Signed: Joseph Hardee Senior
Dated: 1828
Sworn before William Hardee, Justice Of The Peace.

Joseph Hardee Senior was allowed $60.00 per year as pension and payments were made until his death in 1831. William Todd received this last payment.

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