James M. Graham
Pension Application

Horry Co. S. C.
Sept 21st 1909

Mr. W. I. Graham. Waynesville Ga.

Dear Sir Yours of the 16th inst. received last evening. I have had the Pension Blank fixed up the best I know how to. You will observe that there are some blank spaces left unfilled - these I could not fill out myself commencing at Question 11 down the list to 19 these your father will have to fill out. I have answered these questions truthfully and hope that they may aid him in getting his pension. Let me hear from you occasionaly.
Respectfully and in haste
W. C. Ludlam

Excuse blotting & bad writing. I am about 70 years old am all crippled up with rheumatism & can hardle see. W.C.L.

To W.I. Graham
James M. Graham was mustered in to the service of the state of So. Ca. in Dec 1860 before the state seceded was on duty at North Island redoubt on Winyah bay Georgetown Co. So. Ca. for 6 weeks. The company was then ordered home - remained at home 3 days was then ordered to Camp Marion Georgetown to form part of the 10th S C Regt. re enlisted in July 1861 in Confederate service for 4 years or the war was a faithful soldier during these 4 years of service. Some where between Columbia & Charlotte he was furloughed with others myself included for 15 days. Our first Lieut E. J. Lewis was amongst those that were furloughed Some few days before our furloughs expired Lieut Lewis suggested that we start back & try and reach our Command before we were cut off by the enemy some 10 of us including your father reported to Marion ??? to Capt Sandy Ford Commandant of that place whose duty was to furnish transportation tickets and rations to all ??? soldiers he told us that Gen Lee had surrendered 4 days ago & if Gen Jonston had not already surrendered he would in a few days. that the enemy was between us and our command and ordered Lieut Lewis to go back home and await further orders thus with hungry bellies we left Marion some 40 miles to our homes with nothing to eat until we got there. Gen J. E. Jonston surrender 5 days after Gen Lee at Greensboro or Goldsboro N. C. this will explain why we were not present at the surrender.
W. C. Ludlam

Contributed on Monday, February 22, 1999 by Dow L. Graham.

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