Horry County
Cenfederate Pension Data

Dedication Statement: Dedicated to the memory of the valiant sons of Horry County that served their country, the Confederate States of America, the best way that they knew how, of which too many did not return or returned never to be the same again, from the horrors of war.

Carol Causey-Harper
great-grand-daughter of:
Private Asa Garden Causey
26th S.C. Volunteers Infantry Regiment
Co. A, Henry Lee Buck's Company

Horry County Confederate Pension data was donated by: Julian & Carol Causey Harper
Transcribed by: Princess A. Lovell-Bigwhip

This information was reproduced from documents in the S.C. Dept. of Archives and History Columbia, S.C.

Research Hint

When making a request to the S.C. Dept. of Archives be sure to request a "Board of Honor" and "Comptroller's List" search of pension applications. Ask that they not only search by using the index but to go through the boxes and search. About 2 years ago the Horry County Probate Judge's office just sloppily boxed up the material and sent them to Columbia and the archives allegedly doesn't have enough staff to go through the "Honor Board" applications and they won't unless you ask specifically for them to do so, as they haven't bothered to sort and organize the "Honor Roll" pension material. It is well worth the effort to get the application material but now that you can proof that they have your ancestor's files, it makes it harder for them to just dismiss your request.

S.C. Dept. of Archives and History Columbia, S.C.
8301 Parklane Road
Columbia, SC 29223-4905

Rules for the guidance of the county pension boards, as authorized by act approved 19th February 1900.
Columbia, December 5th, 1900

(1) The County Pension Boards will meet as required by law in January at the County seats, for the purpose of examining the applications of the ex-Confederate soliders and saliors and widows who are applicants for pensions under Act approved February 19th, 1900. Said applications must have have the approval of the County Board before the State Board will approve.
(2) The attention of the County Pension Boards is directed to the certificate of the two witness, which requires that they shall not be on the pension roll. That is a change from the old form and too much attention cannot be given to it.
(3) Do not send to this office disapproved applications for pensions.
(4) Do not use old blanks, but those prepared under Act 1900 They will be designated by "Application under Act of 1900."
(5) It will be nessary for every old pensioner to make a new application, exactly as if they were applying for the first time.
(6) The County Boards are cautioned to provide the applicants with blanks suitable to his or her individual case. The State board will not consider applications where this rule has not been observed.
(7) Class A- Those who as a result of wounds received in the war are physically helpless, or who while in such service lost both arms, or both legs, or sight; or who are disabled by paralysis and are able to make a living, and whose income does not exceed $150.00. This does not include soldiers whose disabilities arise from diseases and causes arising since the war.
Class B- Those who have lost one arm or leg and whose income does not exceed $150.00.
Class C, No.1- Those soliders and saliors disabled by wounds during the war whose income does not exceed $150.00.
Class C, No.2- Those who have reached the age of sixty (60) years and whose income does not exceed $100.00.
Class C, No.3- Widows of those who lost their lives while in the service of the State or Confederate States, and whose income does not exceed $100.00.
Class C, No.4- Widows above the age of sixty (60) years whose income does not exceed $100.00.

County Board cannot be too careful in these matters of "income" and "physical condition." He is a very poor man whose gross income from labor, rent, and other sources does not exceed $75.00, or poor lands, if any, that will not produce this amount gross. Property sufficient to produce $75.00 in applicant's or his wife's name debars him. Where soldiers or widows dispose of their property by giving or selling to thier children, they are debarred. Widows of pensioners who re-marry are not entitled to pensions. Pensioners who have moved to another County must have their names transferred and draw their pension from that County.

Please note very carefully the following: Let County Boards act promptly and fairly, giving the State Board full information, with compete reports by Townships for each County, writing the names alphabetically, full and clear, begining with Class A, and giving their reasons for approving. In making reports to the State Board, the reports should be signed by each member of the County Pension Board.
J.P. Derham
Comptroller-General, Chm'n
W.D. Starling
W.E. James
F.H. McMaster
W.H. Hardin
State Pension Board

Attest: Kate F. Maher
Pension Clerk

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