Thomas Durant Sr.'s
Pension Application

[We are grateful to the Rev. Gene Todd of Route 2, Box 124-B, Alto, GA 30510, who provided copies of the following documents from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Ref: AA2106; pp. 2g B, 7g, 8g, 9g, 14g]

To the Honorable the Representatives
of the State of South Carolina:

The Humble petition of Thomas Durant, Sen., resident of the District of Horry, respectfully sheweth that in the beginning of the Revolutionary War, he entered as a soldier in a company of independent Volunteers, foot rangers or Riflemen called "Governor Rutledges life Guard" commanded by Capt. John Alston and Lieutenants Withers and Coachman, that under their command he went to Sullivans Island when the British Ships of War lay at the end of the Island and burnt the [illegible] House and brought off some of the British Sailors prisoners. When the British fleet and army under Clinton and Parker invaded this State he was on Sullivans Island and Haddrells Point when the Officers resigned their Commissions. He then went with Colonel Daniel Horry who commanded a Regiment of Horse to the continental Army commanded by General Lincoln which lay in Purrysburg on the Savannah River--and then to Orangeburg under the command of Col. McDonald and Major Hugh Horry. After the defeat of General Gates General Marion passed thro' the Settlement where I lived with about 25 Men. I voluntarily joined him and was under his command till the end of the War.

As your Petitioner kept no journal he cannot at this time recollect all the circumstances or fatigues he then encountered. He has been in live Battles one at Parker's ferry near Charleston, the other on Waccamaw--and is now 72 years of age--and from his age and infirmities, the pressure of the times and the narrowness of his circumstances--he solicits at your hands such relief as has been extended to others in similar circumstances.

South Carolina
Horry District

Personally appeared before me, One of the Justices for Said District, Thos. Durant, Sen., and Swears on the Holy Evangelist of Almighly God that the above petition is truth According to the best of his knowledge.
(s) Thomas Durant

Sworn to before me this 13th Nov' 1825
(s) Dns Hmikim (QU)

South Carolina )
Horry District )

Personally appeared before me Dens Hankins of the Justices for said District John Beaty and Swears on the Holly Evangelist of Almighty God that from the personal Acquaintance and knowledge of Thos Durant Sen. the petitioner during the Revolutionary War and the Continued Acquaintances ever since do verily believe the above petition to be truth.
(s) John Beaty

Sworn to before me the 12th Novr 1825
(s) Dens Hanklin (QU)

To the Treasurer of the lower Division.-- Sir, please pay Wm. Todd my pension Money, due me by an Act of the legislature passed in 1825. in so doing you will very much oblige your very
Humble Servt &c
(s) Thomas Durant, Sen
May 18th 1826

I do Certify that Thomas Durant Sen of Horty District is now living and are very much in want of the money allowed him for his Services in the Revolutionary War by and [sic] act passed in 1825.
(s) Benjamin Gause
Sheriff HD
Joshua S. Norman
Peter Vaught Sen
May 16th 1826

The Independent Republic Quarterly
Vol.28 No.2; Summer 1994; pp.7-8

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