Thomas King

To the Honorable the Senate )
and )
House of Representatives of )
the State of South Carolina )

The petition of Thomas King of the Parish of All Saints, Horry District, Respectfully represents That your petitioner entered into the Service of his country during the War of the Revolution, at the early age of Fifteen, that he served for some time in the Company commanded by Capt. Jonah Clarke, that he again served in the Company under Capt. Morrell, and afterwards served under Captain William Alston (now Col. Wm Alston) that he continued in the Service until the peace, undergoing all the sufferings and privations incident to that gloomy period, that he was present at the affair of Quinby Bridge under Col. Horry, then commanded by Genl Marion; —and further that your petitioner is now in his Sixty second year; —and having spent the prime and flower of his existence, in procuring that Liberty which we now enjoy Humbly hopes that your Honorable Body will extend towards him that relief, which you have extended to others in Similar situations—thus enabling him to spend the remnant of his days, in some degree, free from the pressure of poverty— Should your Honorable Body be pleased to grant him this request, your petitioner as in duty Bound will ever pray to be
Thomas King

South Carolina )
Horry District )

Personally appeared before me (Dennis Hankins, Justice of the Quorum for said District) Thomas King and swears the contents of the within petition is truth.
Thomas King

Sworn to before me this
10th December 1826
Dens Hankins, QU

We the Subscribers to hereby Certify that we have been for a long time acquainted with the petitioner Thomas King, and know him to be a man of excellent character—and with pleasure sign this attestation of his merit.
Henry Durant
George Durant, Senr.
Joseph Hardee
William Hardee
B. A. Thomson

[In December 1827 the petition was disallowed by the committee of the House of Representatives to which it was referred.]

To the Honorable the Senate )
and )
House of Representatives of the )
State of South Carolina )

The petition of Thomas King of All Saints Parish Respectfully Sheweth, that Your petitioner joined the armies of his Country at the early age of fifteen years that he Served under Capt. John Clak [sic] at which time he fought in the Battle of Quinby Bridge in State aforesaid from thence removed under the command of Capt. William Allston to Georgetown thence Stationed at Cat Island fort from thence to Waccamaw Neck where he was Stationed One month. [F]rom the great lapse of time that has Intervened he cannot remember every particular in detail that he has never as yet received one cent for his Service, being during the war equiped and furnished at his father's expense. Having through early life been exposed to every peril and Suffering having Spent the prime and Strength of his days in assisting to Secure the Independence of his Country and now being in his 65 year oppressed by bodily infirmity and in narrow circumstances he hopes that the legislature will be pleased to extend towards him that provision wich [sic] has been granted to others enabling him in some measure to pass the remainder of his days without suffering. Should your Honorable Body be pleased to grant his request your Petitioner as in duty Bound will ever pray, etc. (the eighth line was Interlined before signed).
Thomas King

SC )
Horry District )

This is to certify that I have been acquainted with the above named Thomas King, and that during the Revolutionary War and that the facts stated in the above petition are just and true.
Joseph Sessions

SC )
HD )

Personally appeared before me John H. Steele, Justice of the Quorum, Thomas King and make oath that the contents of the within petition is truth.
Thomas King

Sworn to before me this 28th October 1830
John H. Steele

SC )
HD )

This is to Certify that Joseph Sessions the subscribing Witness to the Within Petition is a Gentleman of Unblemished character, and that on his Word the Utmost Reliance can be placed. October 28th, 1830.
John H. Steele

Schedule of the Property of Thomas King

Household & Kitchen furniture worth$100
Farming utentials imbracing an old Set of Blacksmith tools worth$15
3 head of cattle$30
12 head hogs$20
And old mule$20
10 head sheep$10
1 Boat$5
1 old chair & Sulky $40

SC )
HD )

Personally appeared before me John H. Steele, Justice of the Quorum, Thomas King who being duly Sworn deposeth and Saith that the above is a Schedule of what he is worth.
Thomas King

Sworn to before me )
This 28th October 1830 )
John H. Steele )

The Committee on Pensions to whom was referred the petition of Thomas King praying for a pension.

That they have had the same under consideration and respectfully recommend that the prayer of the petition be granted and that Thomas King be placed on the pension lists.
D. R. Evans
[concurred Dec 17, 1830]
[King received his pension of $60/yr until 1842]

To the Honble the Senate & House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina The Petition of Ann King, Widow of Thomas King, late of All Saints Parish, a pensioner of the State aforesaid respectully Sheweth That Your petitioner is in her Eighty fourth Year, that as the Widow of a Revolutionary Soldier she Solicits your attention to her long established claims, and hope that her application to Your Honble Bodies will meet with at least that regard that age, unspotted by even the breath of Suspicion, is fully entitled to receive. In order that the path to the grave may be divested of some of its asperities, and especially those that beset Paths of Aged Poverty, Your aged Petitioner respectfully requests that your liberality may place her upon the "Half Pay List," as per Act of Assembly. Should this her last request be acceded to Your Petitioner will as in duty bound ever Pray.
Ann King
November 6th 1843

SC )
HD )

Personally appeared before me, Mrs. Ann King, who being duly sworn according to Law deposeth and saith that she is the identical person set forth in the above Petition, that she was married to the aforesaid Thomas King in 1789--and that her Husband departed this Life on the 17 day of Novr 1842.
Ann King

Sworn to Before me this 6 day of
November 1843
Peter Vaught (QU)

From the files of Catherine H. Lewis

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