Cane Branch Baptist Church

[The following history was prepared for the centennial of the church and is reprinted from the. bulletin for Nov. 3, 1968. - Ed.]

Cane Branch Baptist Church began its existence about the year 1868 in a small log school house located in a sparsely settled community near where the church is now located. The church began with just a few charter members, probably about, ten members in all. From that beginning it has grown to a present membership of 271 in 1968.

At that time there were few people living in the community and with no church nearby. Three courageous citizens very much advanced in age, the first two being Mr. Billie Boyd and Mr. Sam Todd, also an aged uncle by the name of John Tyler, came together and organized a Sunday School at the little log school house. This Sunday School progressed for some time in this manner and these leaders contacted a Baptist minister by the name of Scarborough as he passed through the community on his way to some other church of which he was the pastor. He would stop over and hold services for them on Sunday nights at the school house. After he had preached for several months, the noble leaders decided to organize a church. When they organized the church they named it Cane Branch with Rev. Scarborough as the first pastor. A short time later they built a church building and used it for worship until about 1898, when the congregation required a more spacious building. The first grant of land for the church was donated by Sister Louise Suggs, covering the church lot and a cemetery. The additional lot of land necessary for the new church building was donated by her son, L. G. Suggs.

It is interesting to note that the first church building had a sand floor and wooden windows. One bit of information in reference to the first building was passed on to us by the beloved Rev. Hughie Fowler who said he attended services and remembered sifting sand through his toes in the sand floor. We built a second church building with one room and glass windows which was used until 1934. In this same year another building was constructed under the supervision of Rev. T.M. Tyler and Rev. A.D. Harrelson, as pastor. This building consisted of a large sanctuary and four educational rooms. After a period of twenty years, however, this became inadequate and in need of repairs.

It was then, under the pastoral care of Rev. N.E. Tyler, that the members began talking and planning the construction of the present building. The work was actually begun in October 1954, during the pastorate of Rev. Donnie Stevens and was practically carried out on a "pay as you go" plan. Cash donations paid for the materials and the members did the labor, plaster by a Mr. Hinson. Another point to note was the fact that during part of the work the ladies of the church prepared food and served it to the workmen on the job.

On the first Sunday of June, 1958, the first service was held in the new sanctuary with C.R. Tyler as superintendent, Lennie Gerald as music director, Rev. N.E. Tyler making comments, and Rev. G. Clyde Prince, pastor. This building has a large sanctuary and balcony with seventeen educational rooms. The church is equipped with central heating and air conditioning and will be carpeted next month.

This has been a brief history of One Hundred Years With God at Cane Branch Baptist Church.

The following is a list of the pastors that have served this church since November, 1907:

Rev. G.W. Harrelson
Nov. 1907 to Nov. 1908

Rev. J.W. Todd
Nov. 1908 to Nov. 1910

Rev. C.P. Bullock
Nov. 1910 to Nov. 1912

Rev. P.B. Coats
Nov. 1912 to Nov. 1914

Rev. T.H. Patterson
Nov. 1914 to Nov. 1917

Rev. J.K. Todd
Nov. 1921 to Nov. 1923

Rev. P.B. Coates
Nov. 1923 to Nov. 1925

Rev. J. Robert Carter
Nov. 1925 to Nov. 1926

Rev. J.W. Todd
Nov. 1926

Rev. Hughie Fowler supplied
April 1928 to Nov. 1928

Rev. P.B. Coates
Nov. 1928 to Nov. 1929

Rev. Roy Arnette
Nov. 1929 to Nov. 1933

Rev. A.D. Harrelson
Nov. 1933 to Nov. 1936

Rev. W.V. Simmons
Nov. 1936 to Nov. 1938

Rev. A.D. Harrelson
Nov. 1938 to Nov. 1944

Rev. Thomas Hughes
Nov. 1944 to Nov. 1948

Rev. Harry Nobles
Nov. 1948 to Nov. 1949

Rev. N.E. Tyler
Nov. 1949 to Nov. 1954

Rev. Donnie Stevens
Nov. 1954 to Nov. 1957

Rev. G. Clyde Prince
Nov. 1957 to Nov. 1964

Rev. Eldon Grainger
Nov. 1964 to present

Cemetery Listing

The Independent Republic Quarterly
Vol.12 No.2; Spring 1977; pp 17-19

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