Ledger of the Congdon Store, Conwayborough

June 19, 1856 - 20 December 1858

Submitted by Catherine H. Lewis

(George R. Congdon, Jr. was known as Conwayborough George to distinguish him from the merchant of the same name who had a business in Georgetown. His father, George R. Congdon, Sr., came from Kent, RI to Conwayborough and married Charlotte Caroline Norman on 19 March 1834. She was a granddaughter of John Beaty III, daughter of Sarah Jane Beaty and Joshua S. Norman. He was born in 1808 and died 23 October 1839. He and Charlotte (c1815-19 June 1845) are buried in the churchyard of Conway First United Methodist Church.

The names of George R. Congdon's customers are given below. The fullest form of each name is shown, whether from the index or the accounts themselves. Accounts on pages missing from the back of the book are marked by and asterisk. Most accounts with outstanding balances on 20 December 1958 have the notation: "By transfered to Holmes' Ledger". The accounts of Major Thomas H. Holmes disclose that Congdon owed him $8,518.11 when the transfer was made.

Anderson, Levi Jordan, Col. D. W.
Anderson, Moses King, Jonah C.
Anderson, Robt. Jr. King, Thomas
Anderson, Robt. Sr. Kirton, Jas. J.
Anderson, S. N. Kirton, Joseph P.
Anderson, Sylvius S. Lee, E. V. B.
Anderson, William T. Lee, John N.
Barber Wm. G. Lee, Willis
Barnhill & Perkins Long, Isaac G.
Barnhill, S. D. Long, John
Beaty, Bethel D. Long, Wm. H.
Beaty, James Lowrimore, Robt. J.
Beaty, James C. Ludlam, John J.
Beaty, John R. Mahoney, Rev. Jas.
Beaty, Thomas W. Marlowe, Joseph J.
Bellamy, Abram Martin, Isaac
*Bellamy, Mrs. C. Mathews, William
Bellamy, Seth McCormack, John, Sr.
Bellamy, Wm. Luther minor (Wm. Mathews, Guardian) McCormack, Thomas
Best, William McCrackin, Jas. B.
Bond, W. T. McQueen, A. W.
Bratcher, James McQueen, Cornelius
Briant, W. D. McQueen, George W.
Briant, Wm. A. D. McQueen, Mrs. Susan
Brown, Samuel McQueen, William, Estate
Buck & Beaty Melson, William
Buck, Capt, Henry Meshow, P. W.
Buck, William H. MoIloy, C. F.
Burroughs, James S. Molloy, Charles W.
Butler, Daniel M. Montgomery, J. J. V.
Carter, James A. Moore, John N.
Causey, Jehu Moore, Samuel L.
Clarady, Jos. A. Munro Robt., Jr.
Clarady, Wm. A. Murrell, Alexander
Clewis, Curtis Newton, David R.
Commissioners of Public Buildings Nichols, Robt. T.
Congdon, George R. Nixon, P. H.
Congdon, Miss E. J. Norman, Dr. James Henry
Congdon, Miss M. P. Norman, Mrs. Jane
Cook, Samuel Oliver, Daniel W.
Cook, Thomas B. Parker, William H.
Cooper, John R. Perkins & Barnhill
Cooper, Timothy Pinner, B. H.
Cox, Helen M.O. Wilson Lewis, Guardian) Pope, Capt. Samuel
Cox, M. D. Pouncy, J. A.
Cox, Thos. P. Powell, E. C.
Cox, William P. Privette, William H.
Cuckon, W. K. Readman, John
Darby, John Readman, John (deceased)
DeLettre, Capt.U. A. Readmon, Albert L.
Dusenberry, C. L. Readmon, Miss Frances
Dusenberry, Samuel Readmon, Miss Mollie E.
Eaton, Otis Rheuark, Wm. J.
Edge, Jos. B., Jr. Richerson, E. D.
Ellis, William J. Ricks, E. T.
Evans, Rev. A. J. Roberts, W. W.
Faulk, James H. Royals, Asa
Fipps, Elijah Royals, Biggus
Fisk, George Sarvis, C. B.
Floyd, Joseph Sessions, Benj. E.
Floyd, William Sessions, Francis I.
Fowler, Jackson *Sessions, Silas
Freeman, W. R. Sessions, Thomas
Gilbert, Cephas, Jr. Shackleford, S. W.
Gillespie, Frank S. Shackleford Thomas C.
Gillespie, T. F. Singleton, Benj. J.
*Godbolt, Alex Skipper, A. B.
Graham, Abram J. Skipper, Arthur B.
Graham, Hosea A. Smart, Samuel, Sr.
*Graham, Jno. Smith, Abram, Sr.
Graham, Samuel F. Smith, Jessie M.
Graham, W. I. Smith, Sam Sr.
Granger, H. J. Spivey, William A.
Grant & Harrell Standlan, D. E.
Grant, James E. Standley, S. P.
Grant, John H. Steamer, Barnet
Green Swamp Co. Stevens, Benj.
Green, P. W. Store #1, Holmes
Griffin & Holliday Taylor, Wm. H. B.
Grissette, George D. Thompson, Jas. A.
Grissette, R. G. W. Thompson, John R.
Gurganus, B. H. Thompson, Jos.
Hardee, Henry Thompson, Miss Martha
Hardee, Thomas L. Thompson, Mrs. Jno. W.
Harrall, Dr. Jos. F. Todd, Chestnut
Harrison, E. F. Vaught, Peter, Sr.
Hemingway, Thos. Vereen, Sam P.
Hemingway, Thos., Estate Vereen, Wm. P., Estate
Holliday, J. W. Wade, Kencha
Holmes, Daniel B. Walsh, J. T.
Hucks, David, Sr. Ward Capt. George W.
Hughs, Elly Whitfield, G. T.
Jacobs, J. J. Williams, Isaiah
*Jarold, Wm. I. Williamson, Alfred M.
Jenritte, P. P. *Willson, Geo. B.
Johnson, Jos., Jr. Willson, John A.
Johnson, Randolph S. Willson, S. William
Johnson, Sam C. Willson, Sam. J.
Johnson, Wm. H. Willson, Samuel A.
Jones, William H. Woodard, Rev. Jno.
Jordan & Williams Wright, H. H.

The Independent Republic Quarterly
Vol.26 No.3; Spring 1992, pp 21-22

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