A Kingston County Petition

The following is actually two petitions (General Assembly Petitions, numbers 52 and 57) with the same text, but different signers. However, only petition number 52 appears to have actual signatures, number 57 having the names all in the same handwriting. In 1800 Kingston County was made Horry District.

State of South Carolina
A Kingston County Petition

The Honourable the President and Members of the Senate of Sd. State the Petition of Sundry the Inhabitants of Kingstown County Humbly Sheweth that the Situation of Our County is Suchthat the Deficulties of attending Court at Georgetown is So Great the Crimes of anything of a light nature Go unpunishd Rather than Undergo the Dificulties of attending Court to Prosecute the Offenders Beside many Ohter Grievous Inconveniences Prays the wisdom of the Honourable House to take Our Case in Consideration and Grant us the Preveledge of Having a County Court House and Gaol in Our Said County and We Be under the Same Laws and Preveledges as the Other Counties in Said State where County Courts are already Establishd We have Nominated Capt. Samuel Floyd, Capt. Edward Conner, Capt. Ebenezer Rhame, Mr. Joseph Andrews, Mr. Abraham Belleme, Mr. William Watson and John Graham Esqr. Gentlemen to Be by the Wisdom Your Honourable House appointed Commissioners to fix the Most Centrel and Convenient place in said County where said Buildings shall Be Built also to fix the plan they shall Be Built Upon and Your Petitioners Will Ever Pray

(names from Petition Number 52)
James Thompson
John Sugs
William Todd
John Baker[?]
Jerimyah Smith
William Bartley
Robert West
Timethy Harris
Richd Belleme
William x timon
Thomas Ready
Joseph + Prins
Jame + Barnhill
Jno x Brinson
Jesse X Smith
Daniel + Chesnett
Jno Thomas
Simon ? Jr.
Absalom West
Wm Thompson
Fedrick his X mark Norris
Wm his X mark Suggs
Wm his + mark Cartor
Stephen his X mark Fearcoth
Henry Todd
Thomas his T mark Norris
John his J mark Green
Moses Miliken
Nickless Prince
John Belleme
Edward Conner Capt.
John Harris Lt.
Robert Harrisin
Hug[?] Thompson
Joseph Redman
Josiah Barbre
Isaac x Mew
Elmer + Main
Jeves X Mew
Lewis Boyet
Rd. Todd
James Thompson
Abrhm Bellamee
John Bellamee Jr(?)
Arnold Godwin
John Dausay
Wm his X mark Hullum
Thomas Crowson
Simon Godwin

(names from Petition Number 57)
Charles White
John Alford
James Baker
Peter Stone
Henry Anderson
James Woodward
Robert Anderson
Charles Harris
James Beaty
Adam Jordan
Moses Harralson
Shadrach Williams
John Gasque
Solomon James
John McCall
Moses Floyd
Elias Hux
David Hux
John Jones
Daniel McQueen Junr.
Peter Skipper
Joseph Pouns
Jacob Jones
William Pouns
William Richardson
Charles Skipper
Jacob Hoover
David Rowland
Jesse Kenedy
John Holley
Aaron Cooper
John Meshoe
Flin Sellers
Timothy Hatcher
Isom Pouns
Arthur Alford
William Roberts
James Booth
Abraham Skipper
David Henderson
Thomas Crawford
Robert Potter
William Griffin
John Graham Capt.
Hamblen Hillbun
Josiah Ray
Constantine Newton
Shelley Booth

(names from Petition Number 57) No. 2
Edward Conner Capt.
John Harris Lt.
Robert Harris Ensgn
Hugh Thompson
Joseph Redman
Josiah Barbre
Isaac Mew
Jesse Mew
William Anderson
Saml Sarvis
Micajah Pearce
William King
Benjamin Dorman
John Sarvis Junr.
William Alford
Danl McQueen Senr.

(names from Petition Number 57) No 4
Henry Long
Anthony Stuba
Hardy Lewis
Jonathan Lewis
Josiah Harralson

(names from Petition Number 57) No. 5
James Newton
Constantine Newton Sen.
Wm Strickland
John Cook

(names from Petition Number 57) No. 6
John Murphery
Robt Chesnut
John Anderson
Thos Grainger
George Harper
James Prince
Abraham King
William Smith
Aaron Eliot

[second page of names]
Thomas Dawsey
Israel Tomkins Senr.
John Tomkins
John Carrel
Martin Hanche
Jacob Hanche
Micajah Griffen
John Sarvis Esqr.
Ezekiel Chinners
Arthur Heron
Tho Akin Smith
Tho. Booth
James McCracken
Willis James
William Hux
Ezekiel Cooper
Isaac Skipper
Jesse Sikes
George Lewis
John Kelleson[?]
Zebedee Cansey
Samuel Hardwick
Simeon Lewis
Samuel Lewis
William Hughs
John Huges Junr.
William McQueen
Jonathan Russ
William Russ
Henry Gunter
Caleb Howell
Abel Hux
Nathan Hardwick
Redick Skippar
John Lee
Evan Jones
Reuben Heartsfield
Josiah Lewis
James Hullerson[?]
Samuel Cannon
Abemelech Williams
Elmore Mains
Lewis Boyet
Richard Todd
James Thompson
Abraham Belleme
John Belleme Junr.
Arnold Godwin
John Dawsey
William Hullburn
Thos Crowson
Simon Godwin
John Thomas
Absolam West
Simon Parker
William Thompson
Fredrick Norris
William Suggs
William Parker
Stephen Faircloth
Henry Todd
Thomas Norris
John Green
Moses Miliken
Nicholas Prince
John Bellems Senr.
James Thompson
John Suggs
William Todd
John Parker
Jeremiah Smith
William Bartly
Robert West
Timothy Harris
Richard Belleme
William Tilmon
Thomas Reedy
Joseph Prince
James Barnhill
John Brunson
Jesse Smith
Daniel Chup

(names from Petition Number 57) No. 3
Jacob Alford
Joshua Long
John Dennis
Robert Levingston
John Dorman
William Harper
Willis Harper
Harvey Grainger
John Claninger
John Smithart
Richard Fowler
Benjamin Sellers
Zechariah Lewis
Luke Sellers
Jordan Sellers
Ezekiel Duncan
Right Sellers
Moses Hill
John Hardy
Ezekiel Watts
Jacob Crowson
John Foley Junr.
Stephen Foley
John Foly Senr.
Abraham Jurnigan
Thomas Hardy
Joseph Sikes

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