Horry County, South Carolina

Index to Horry Co. Wills, Volume 1 (1799-1853)

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from "South Carolina Wills" by M. L. Houston
(orginially copied by Mrs. John D. Rogers.)

Before the Revolution, residents of the area filed their wills in Charleston. Check in State indexes for these earlier wills. Wills after the Revolution were filed in Georgetown until Kingston or Horry was formed, but these have been lost to fire or other destructive causes.

Name Section/Page
Alford, Arthur A-47
Anderson, David C-18
Anderson, Henry C-37
Anderson, Robert From files - 1
Atwater, Joseph A. From files - 3
Beaty. Thomas C-41
Bellemee, John A-25
Bessant, James A-57
Blanton, Moses C-2
Brovard, John B. A-50
Brunson, John C-47
Bryan, Wm. A. D. A-77
Bryan, Wm. D. From files - 4
Cannon, Redden A-6
Carrel, William C-1
Clardy, Michael From files - 6
Conner, Sarah C-35
Cox, John A-85
Cox, Joseph A-16
Cox, Josiah A-39
Daniels, Robert From files - 8
Dawsey, Samuel From files - 10
Dewitt, Jesse G. C-3
Dewitt, Joseph Jr. A-15
Dewitt, Martha R. C-
Durant, Bethel A-29
Durant, Henry A-80
Durant, John C-16
Durant, Thomas A-43
Edge, William C-28
Elks, James From files - 12
Foley, John From files - 14
Forbes, John W. B-2
Foxworth, Samuel From files - 16
Gause, Benjamin Sr. A-18
Gause, Bryan W. FROM FIL18ES/
Gause, John J. A-23
Gore, William Sr. A-52
Graham Elizabeth C-21
Graham, John Sr. From files - 21
Graham, William Sr. A-10
Grainger, John Sr. From files - 23
Grainger, John A-35
Grainger, Samuel From files - 25
Grainger, Thomas From files - 27
Hardee, Isaac C-45
Hardee, Joseph A-62
Hardy, John From files - 29
Harrelson, Josiah A-8
Harrelson, Moses A-58
Hemingway, Thomas B-5
Hemingway, Thomas C-12
Herick, John A-60
Herl, William C-14
Hucks, David B-9
Hughs, Cadar C-23
Johnson, Joseph A-65
Johnston, William A- 92
Jordan, Henry d. C-30
Jordan, William A-32
Jordan, Robert From files - 31
Jordan, William Sr. From files - 34
Keyes, Peabody A-1
King, Thomas From files - 36
Lawrimore, Robert A-82
Lee, Noah A-44
Lewis, Charles C-4
Lewis, Daniel H. From files - 58
Lewis, Josiah O. A-66
Lewis, Rachel From files - 40
Lewis, William From files - 42
Lewis, William Henry From files - 45
Livingston, Thomas From files - 46
Livingston, Thomas A-55
Lorimore, Robert Sr. A-82
Lowe, William A-81
Lowremore, Robert Sr. From files - 48
McCracken, Robert C-6
McKelduff, David From files - 51
McKilroey, Mary A-33
McQueen, Daniel Sr. From files - 53
McQueen, William C-53
Milliken, Charity B-1
Nicholson, Peter From files - 55
Norman, Samuel W. C-20
Norton, William Sr. From files - 57
Oliver, William A-4
Parker, William From files - 59
Phips, William From files - 60
Pinner, Arthur From files - 61
Pipkins, Daniel A-12
Pitman, Joel From files - 63
Prince, Nicholas A-90
Rabon, William C-43
Ready, Thomas From files - 64
Reaves, Mark B-3
Rogers, John A-37
Rogers, John From files - 66
Sarvis, John A-73
Singleton, John A-13
Singleton, Richard From files - 69
Skipper, Abraham A-64
Smith, Thomas A-3
Snow, William From files - 71
Stevenson, Benjamin A-48
Stickland, Matthew C-9
Tilman, Josiah From files - 74
Tindal, John Sr. A-21
Vaught, Matthias Sr. A-68
Vereen, Charles W. A-72
Vereen, Charles From files - 76
Vereen, Hester A-70
Vereen, John E. A-86
Vereen, William Jr. From files - 79
Waller, William From files - 81
West, Robert A-40
Whitman, William A-51
Williams, Jacob A-28
Woodward, James Sr. B-7

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