This is the Will of John Bellemee (b. 12 Apr 1750 – d. Feb 1826).
He was the son of John Bellamy (b. ca. 1720 – d. ca. 1792) & Elizabeth (b. ca. 1730 – d. ca. 1795).
He married 1st Sarah Frink and 2nd Elizabeth Vaught.


Will of John Bellemee
23 September 1824


In the name of God Amen


I John Bellemie Senr. Of Horry District and State of South Carolina being of Sound and perfect mind and memory (blessed be God) do this twenty third day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty four make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following, that is to say


First I give and bequeath unto my Sons John Dillard Bellemie and Marsden Bellemie the plantation whereon I now live containing Sixteen hundred acres or thereabouts, also a plantation on Waccamaw river containing Six hundred acres, also all my Stock of Horses, Cattle, Hogs and Sheep, also all my Household furniture and plantation tools of every kind both included, also one half part of all my ready money and one half part of all the debts which may be due me at my decease, and also I give and bequeath unto my said Sons John Dillard Bellemie and Marsden Bellemie the following Negroes to wit, Big Sipio Little Sipio, Nero John, Peter, Ben Bayano, Mary, Hannah, Joe, Harriet, Betsey, Nancy, Lydia, Beau, Peggy, Stephen, Ben and Fanny with all their future increase Provided always and it is hereby declared to be my Will that my said sons John Dillard Bellemie and Marsden Bellemie shall be obliged to furnish my Wife Elizabeth during her natural life with a comfortable maintenance and should my said Wife Elizabeth choose to leave the plantation and live elsewhere at any time, the said John Dillard Bellemie and Marsden Bellemie shall Jointly be obliged to give her the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars per annum (in lieu of such maintenance by my said Sons John and Marsden as before mentioned) all the days of her life.  And also it is my Will that if either the said John or Marsden should die during their minority the above mentioned property, real and personal shall exclusively be the survivors and provided both should die before they arrive at the years of manhood then and in that case all the before mentioned property shall be equally divided between my surviving children by my first wife.  And further, my Executors hereinafter mentioned will either retain the negroes aforementioned to work on the plantation during my Sons minority or hire them out as to them shall be to the best advantage.


Second I give and bequeath unto my son Abraham Bellemie a plantation on Waccamaw where he formerly lived containing six hundred acres, also the following negroes to wit: Handy, Sam, Ben, Daphney, Silvey, Lucy, Sarah, Jacob, Willis, and Ben with all their future increase and also one half part of all my ready money and one half part of all the debts that may be due to me at my decease, provided always and I hereby declare it to be my Will that if my said son Abraham should die without lawful ifsue of his body that then and in that case all the property hereby devised to him shall be equally dividend between my said sons John Dillard Bellemee and Marsden Bellemee and to no other of my heirs.


Third I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Mary Bellemee the following negroes to wit Peter, Fortune, Duck, Till, Stephney, Friday, Sillia Hannah, Lucy and Charlotte with their present & future increase now in her pofrsesfsion and also the sum of one dollar at my decease.


Fourth I lend unto my daughter Sufsannah Hughes during her natural life the following Negroes with their future increase to wit, Charles, Allen, Tecy, Pattey, Elsey, Lucy, Stephen, Edney, Mary, Daniel, John, Jim, Amos, Rina, Joe and William.  Provided always and it is my Will that if my said daughter Sufsannah should die without ifsue of her body then and in that case the said negroes with their increase is declared to return and be given unto my daughter Mary Bellemie in exclusion of my other heirs.  Fifth It is my Will that no dispute arise between my heirs before mentioned respecting the property hereby devised but if any such should take place my Executors hereafter to be  named shall appoint three disinterested men who shall finally settle all such disputes or any of them without any proceedings at law.  Lastly I do hereby make and Ordain my Friends James G. Cochran, Thomas Frink and William A. D. Bryan Executors of this my last Will and Testament.


In witnefs whereof I the said John Bellemie Senr have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand and Seal the day and year before written.


                                                                                    John Bellemee




This will was sworn to by the witnesses John Dunn, William Pool, and Martha Smith (Horry Will Book A 24, recorded March 10, 1826)


The estate inventory of John Bellamy was made March 14, 1826, by the executors.  He left a good deal of property on Winyah Bay and the furniture and silver were listed.  Other assets were a herd of 50 wild goats on Pawley’s Island, cash and notes totaling $9,076.13, enumerated by William Gore, Thomas Brantly, and Peter Vaught, the brother of his 2nd wife (Horry Adm. Book, p. 31).  At the sale to settle the estate, Cader Hughes, his son-in-law, was a purchaser.  Others were the Rev. Archibald Peurifoy, William Gore, and A. Benton (Adm. Book for 1803-18, Horry County, p. 16).


John Bellamy’s children were:

(By first marriage to Sarah Frink, b. 1745 - d. circa 1814)

1.     Abraham Bellamy

2.     Mary Bellamy

3.     Susannah Bellamy, who married Cader Hughes


            (By second marriage to Elizabeth Vaught)

4.     John Dillard Bellamy (b. 18 Sept. 1817, d. 31 Aug. 1896)

5.     Marsden Bellamy (died at age 16 at home of Dr. Evans in Marion, SC, while on way   

                                   to his classes at South Carolina College in Columbia, SC)



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