Isaiah Stalvey Estate

Part I

State of South Carolina
County of Horry
Court of Probate

Ex Parte Sarah M. Stalvey
Albert D. Stalvey
Petition of Letters of Administration
In Re Estate of Isaiah Stalvey, deceased

To Hon. William E. Hardwick, Probate judge:

I. The petition of the above named petitioners respectfully shows: That on or about the 3rd day of April A.D. 1878, Isaiah Stalvey, late of this county and state aforesaid, departed this life intestate, leaving him surviving as his heirs at law and entitled to his estate your petitioners Sarah M. Stalvey, his widow, and 18 children, viz: Mrs. N.A. Jones, George Stalvey, Mrs. Eliza C. Stalvey, Mrs. K. R. Hucks, Mrs. Annie Clardy, Mrs. Martha A. Jones, Mrs. I.S. King, Mrs. A.E. Goldfinch, Prichard Stalvey, A.D. Stalvey, B.H. Stalvey, Georgie A. Stalvey, who are of age, and the following who are minors: Rutilla R., Wilson S., Archie B., Mary W., John W.K., and Wade Hampton Stalvey. (1-9-1886, under guardianship of A. D. Stalvey, released 1885.

II. That said intestate was possedsed, at the time of his death, of personal estete of the probably value of between four hundred dollars and five hundred dollars.

III. That there has been no administration upon the estate of said intestate. Wherefore your petitions pray that, after the publication of the legal citation as required by law, letters of administration upon the estate of said Isaiah Stalvey, deceased, be granted unto your, petitioners. And your petitioners will ever pray etc.

Johnson andQuattlebaum
Attys. pro Petitioners
Sept. 27th, 1885

A. D. Stalvey, one of the petitioners above named being duly sworn says that the foregoing petition is true of his own knowledge, except as, to the matters therein stated on information or belief, and as to those matters he believes the same to be true.

Part II

Judge of Probate, Horry Co., S. C., File 18-C Estate #13

A true and perfect inventory and just appraisement of all and singular the goods and chattles, sights and credits belonging to the Estate of Isaiah Stalvey deceased late of Socastee. County of Horry and state of South Carolina to wit.

1 hand mill, round top$ 5.00
1 hand mill, flat top5.00
1 corner cupboard3.00
1 covered box hinges broken.05
1 tin 4 gal saw withoutcover.05
1 sugar bucket without pail.15
2 wooden piggins.20
1 bread tray.25
2 yellow earthen bowls.50
2 dishes one round one flat.60
3 plates.25
1 molasses pot tin.05
1 pine dining table1.00
1 stone jar with cover.50
1 spinning wheel2.00
2 country made chairs.50
1 lancet.50
4 four gallon jug.50
1 three gallon jug broken.05
1 three gallon jug.20
one qt. jug.05
1 one funnel.05
1 mollasses Bbl..50
1 loom and (site?) of loom harness2.00
1 long bench (pine).15
3 hives of bees   @1.504.50
2 nut trays1.00
2 old pork barrels.40
1 grape grinder.10
1 pot 3/4 bushel1.00
1 oven broken.25
1 oven without cover.50
1 old grindstone.10
2 pieces old iron at mill.75
1 flat sugar pan broken in garden3.00
1 molasses scuttle #1 in furnace2.00
1 molasses scuttle #2 in furnace10.00
1 cain mill and fixterris30.00
1 jug under shed.10
1 cider press frame.10
1 pr broken cast wheels5.00
1 horse cart wood axles8.00
1 roller for planting rice.25
1 old cotton plow.50
1 lot of old iron and springs.50
1 rice mortar and 4 pessels1.00
3 old hoes and one shovel.25
2 pitch forks.25
1 lot of harness wood and iron1.00
1 ox yoke.10
1 monkey wrench.50
3 augers one compass and t square.50
1 oak barrel as barn.25
4 pine bedsteads hand made4.00
3 wool matresses15.00
2 feather beds6.00
4 feather pillows2.00
2 wool bowlsters1.00
6 quilts9.00
1 sideboard or slab2.00
1 clock.50
1 omaer hand lamp.15
3 vol Bensons commantarys5.00
2 vol fletchers clercks2.00
2 old family bibles1.00
1 Life of Christ1.00
1 Bible looking glass2.00
1 Watsons dictionary.50
1 Wesleys sermons.50
12 other books2.00
1 old trunk.25
1 wash stand.50
1 cow bell.25
1 white ox named Toni15.00
2 cows and two calves25.00
3 cows and three calves at Pritchards37.50
4 heifers 2 years old20.00
1 steer 2 years old5.00
1 bull 2 years old5.00
1 old white bull10.00
6 dry cows60.00
3 steers 3 years old30.00
1 larger red steer16.00
2 three year old heifers in woods20.00
1 Bar mare Kate50.00
1 Bay mare colt50.00
78 head of sheep in woods78.00
4 head of hogs14.00
Less error on one calf at

The Independent Republic Quarterly
Vol.3 July 1969 No.3; Pgs 6-7

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