Will of Joseph Hardee

In the name of god Amen I Joseph Hardee of South Carolina Horry Destrect being of Sound mind and memory do make this my Last Will and testament in manner and form as follows that is to say - first and principally I Recommend my soul to almighty god my creator and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken as to my worldy goods and Estate I give and Despose of in the manner and form following

Item first I will and positively order all my just Debts be paid

Item second I give and bequeath to my Dearly beloved wife penelopy Hardee one Tract of Land from the mouth of Cow Branch Squar a Crous my land and all below during her natural life and no longer - also one negrow gairl named Jude also three cows and calves and my stock of Sheep and hogs Also my house hould and kitchen firnuty and plantation tools The above proerty not to be moved out of the Destrict and at her dearth to be equely devided betwen my two youngest Daugters Mary Jane and Lucretia Hardee

Item third I give and bequith to my daughters Mary Jane and Lucretia Hardee one tract of land from the mouth of quaker branch squar a crofs and all above to the uper Line also one Negro garl named Emily also my old mair but not ther Colt she is in fould with at this Time also three cows and calves one ox and five Stears from three to four years old

Item fourth I give and bequith to my son John Hardee one dollar

Item fifth I give and bequith to my son Joseph D. Hardee one negrow boy - named Jack at the Expration of Eight years from the date of said will labour of said Negrow the Eight years to go to the support of my two daughters Mary jain and Lucretia Hardee

Item sixt I give and bequith to my daughter Avelleah Sessions one Negro bouy by the name of Jacob

Item sevent I give and bequith to my grand-Son Joseph P. Hardee one Tract of land from mouth of Cow branch possom branch also one Negrow bouy by the name of petter

Item Eight I give and bequist to my grand sons Stanford and Isaac P. Hardee one tract of land from possom branch to quaker branch

Item Ninth I give and bequith to my grand Daughter Mary Liser P. Hardee the first Child that my negro woman Cate has from the Date of said will the second Child to my Daughter Avilliah Sessions The ballance of her increas to go to my two youngest Daughter Mary Jain and Lucretia Hardee the said Negro woman Cate is to Remain on the plantion Six years in order to laber for my two youngest Children then to have her Chois to live with my son John or Avilleah Session

Item tenth I give and bequith to my grand son Issaac P. Hardee the fould that my old mair is in fould with at this time it is my will that Stafforld P. Hardee Isacc P. Hardee Mary Liser Hardee them three have one two year heffer Apeace

I commit my Body to the - disgration of my executors to be buried in a Christan maner and form

I appoint Joseph P. Hardee John Hardee and John Lee my - Excutors to the above will which is my last will and Disier as winefs my hand and seal this 25 of January 1831

Joseph Hardee (Seal)
Mark Reaves Witnefs
Joseph A Ludlam Witnefs
X mark of Joshua Anderson Witnefs

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