Letters of Administration
John McCracken

State of South Carolina)
Horry District )

To William Williams whereas John McCracken late of said District deceased, letely died intestate having whilst he lived & at the time of his death divers goods, rights & credits, within the District aforesaid by means whereof the full dispotion and proces of granting the said administration of all & Singular the goods, rights & credits of the Said deceased; and also auditing the accounts calculations & reckonings of the Said administration and a final disposition of the same, -- to me is manifestly known to belong: I desiring that the goods rights & credits of the Said Deceased, may be well & truly administrered converted & disposed of do hereby grant unto the said William Williams, in whose fideltiy in this behalf I very much confide full power by the tennor of these presents, to administer the goods rights and credits of the said deceased; which to him in his life time and at the time of his death did belong; & to ask levy recover & receive the same, & to pay the debts in which the deceased stood obliged so far fourth as his goods rights & credits will extend, according to their date and order of law; Being first sworn upon the holy Evangelists of Almighty God, to make a true and perfect inventory thereof & to exhibit the Same into the ordinary office in Horry in order to be recorded on or before the fourteenth day of April now next ensuing; & to tender a Just & true account calculation & reckonings of the Said Administration when thereunto required; and I ordain depute & constitute you, the Said Wm. Williams, Administrator of all and Singular the goods rights & credits of the Said deceased.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto affixed my Hand and Seal at Conway Borough the fourteenth Day of Feb, anno domini 1831 and in the fifty fifth year of the Independence of the United States of America.

John Durant (Seal)
Ord'y H.D.
Ordinary Office
Recorded in Book A
page 44, Feb'y 14, 1831

The inventory given is as follows:
"A Just and true Inventory and appraisement of the personal Estate of John McCracken deceased, shown to us by Admor. march 9, 1831.

One lot of Hogs containing 22 hear ----------------------$ 26.50
1 Loom $1, one lot of trumpary 25 cent ------------------ 1.25
17 head of Cattle @ $5 per head one yoke of oxen & yoke - 111.50
1 Hand mill of $12, one grindstone $3, one Horse $10 ---- 25.00
1 Mare $25, one Saddle & Bridle $4 ---------------------- 29.00
1 Plow & lot of trumpary $5.62 -------------------------- 5.62
1 gun $3.50, one lot of Chairs $2 ----------------------- 5.50
1 lot of Baskits 50 cents ------------------------------ .50
1 Buffet Crockery ware & knives & forks ---------------- 5.00
1 Table glass & trumpary $4 "43 3/4, two (illegible) --- 5.18 3/4
2 trunks & 2 Boxes $3.50, one Spining wheel 75 cts. -- 4.25
3 feather Beds & furniture $60. ----------------------- 60.00
1 (illegible) & books $1, two pots & oven $3. -------- 4.00
Debts due $2.81 1/4 cts., one Negroe $300 ------------- 302.81 1/4

We the appraisers do certify that this is a Just and true Inventory of the property above mentioned appraised by us This 9th of March 1831

William G. Williams
John Manning
David X Hux

Ordinary Office Recorded March 18, 1831 and (illegible) by John Durant Ord'y. H.D.

Contributed by Dianne Moore

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