Estate of Soloman James, Sr.
Petition for Letters of Administration

State of South Carolina) Court of Probate County of Horry)

John M. Smart Ex Parte Petition for Letters of Administration
In Re Estate of Solomon James Sr.

To William E. Hardwick Probate Judge, The Petition of tha above named Petitroner Respectfully showes that on or about year 1896 departed this life Intestate, leaving some small Estate of personell proptery and some real estate, leaving heirs at law entitled to his Estate, names as following, Goodman James, Solomon James Jr., Sarah James now Martin, William James, Joseph James, Helen James, now Baker, these being the Heirs at law The said Intestate was possessed at the time of his death a Small Estate of Personal Property and Real Estate, some debts-unpaid, and due, To the amount of about of about Three or Four Hundred Dollors, There fore your Petition prays that after the pubication of the legal Citation as requried by law letters of administration upon Estate of Solomon James , deceased be granted unto your Petetioner and your Petitioner will ever Pray

John M. Smart, Solomon C. James Jr.

State of South Carolina
County of Horry
Solomon C.James Jr. John M. Smart the Petitioners aboved named being duly sworned says that the foregoing those of his own knowledge and believe the matters stated to be true, Sworn to- before me 4th day of MayAD-1898
Solomon C. James
Wm. E. Hardwick
John M. Smart
Probate Judge H.C.

Contributed by Ruby Campbell

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