Will of Soloman C. James, Jr.

I, Soloman C. James, of the County Of Horry, in the said State, being of sound and disposing mind and memory,and fully sensible of the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death,do make, publish and declare the following to be my last will and testment, hereby revoking all former wills, if any by meat this time made.

I. It is my will and desire that at my deathmy body be givin a christain burial, and that as soon after my death as may be practable, all my just debts be paid by my executor, here in after named, out of such funds as may come into his hands for such purpose's, or from the sale of such part of my personal property as he may deem advisable, provided same shall not effect the property here in after willed to my son, Henry James.

II. I give and bequeath to my son Henry James, fifty (50)acres of land, more or less, known as my homestead, on which I now reside. andseparted from the remainder of my land by a small branch running across same from north to south- said tract being bounded northward by lands of W.F. Smith. eastwardly by said branch, southwardly by lands of H.F. Smith, and westwardly by lands of Dave Hux, I also give to my said son Henry James, all horses, mules, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, waggons, buggies, and othr vehicles, farm tools-including plows, harness, gears,&c:, of which I may be seized and possessed;at the time of my death also my bed and bedding.

III. I give and bequeth to my son Sol. H.James, and to my daughters, Ellen McCormick, Margarett Lewis, Mary Lee, Sallie James, Renie James, all the remainder of my real estate consisting of about (30) acres, more or less, bounded northwardly by lans of W.F. Smith, eastwardly by by lands of W.F. Smith, southwardly by lands of Burroughs & Collins Co. and westwardly by the branch separating this tract from lands here in willed to Henry James, also to them I give to them all the rest and residue of my personal property, either real, personal or mixed, of which I may be seized and possessed of at the time of my death.

IV. I nominate and appoint my son Henry James as sole Executor of this last will and testment, and request that he not required to give bond under this appointment.

Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the testator, Solomon C. James to be his last will and testament,this 25th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eleven, and in the one hundred thirty fifth year of the Sovereignty and independence of the United States of America.

signed, sealed, published and declared by the testor, Solomon C. James to be his last will and testament, and we in his presence and at his request, and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses to the same,
3 names that are so faded I can't make them out

Contributed by Ruby Campbell

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